TBT – Black Sheep “The Choice Is Yours”

TBT – Black Sheep “The Choice Is Yours” The Classic Hip hop duo knows as Black Sheep is made up of Andres “Dres” Titus and William “Mista Lawnge” McLean. Dres and Mista Lawnge are both from Queens, NY but actually met as teenagers in Sanford North Carolina where both of their families had relocated. The two men joined together in 1989 and created the group Black Sheep. They were affiliates of Native Tongues which included a few other big names such as the Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, and De La Soul. The debut of their first album dropped in 1991 and was titled “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. The album was released under the label Mercury/PolyGram. The album was talked about for its unique rhythms and intelligent lyrics. The hit song from the album was “Flavor of the Month” and it gained them recognition in the hip-hop community, but in the long run it ended up being another single “The Choice is Yours” that made a huge impact on the hip-hop industry. In 2008 it was named #73 on VH1’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs. Questlove named his top 50 greatest hip-hop songs and ranked the jam at # 28. “The Choice Is Yours” has been used in a few video games from True Crime: New York City to NBA Street Vol.2 and Aggressive Inline. It has also been featured in such films as Step Up, You Got Served and Lakeview Terrace. As of recently is was a Kia commercial with dancing hamster’s that gave the song a huge surge in downloads. Enjoy this “Throw Back Thursday” jam and if you want to check out the entire debut album click on “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”


Here they come yo, here they come (repeats)
This or That? (repeats over)

[Verse 1]
Who’s the Black Sheep, what’s the Black Sheep?
Know not who I am, or when I’m coming, so you sleep
Wasn’t in my realm, or wasn’t in your sphere
Knew not who I was, but listen here
Dres, D-R-E-S, yes I guess I can start
If it’s all right with you, I’ll rip this here joint apart
Back, Middle, to the front, don’t front
Wanna a good time, gonna give you what you want
Can I hear a hey? (Hey)
Can I get a yo? (Yo)
You got a ‘hat? (Huh)
It’s for the hoes (Oh)
The styling is creative, Black Sheep of the Native
Can’t be violated, or even decepticated
I got brothers in the Jungle, cousins on the Quest
Dead departed uncles, in pea porridge, may they rest
Guess, which way, what, when, how
Mista Lawnge, Dres, Black Sheep slam… NOW
Know you’ve heard the others, phonies to the lovers
Then of course, the choice is yours

You can get with this, or you can get with that
You can get with this, or you can get with that
You can get with this, or you can get with that
I think you’ll get with this, for this is where it’s at
You can get with this, or you can get with that
You can get with this, or you can get with that
You can get with this, or you can get with that
I think you’ll get with this, for this is kinda phat

[Verse 2]
Where’s the Black Sheep, here’s the Black Sheep
Even if we wanted to, the flock could not be weak
Watch me swing like this, why should I swing it like that
Because in fact, on me it might not attract
Therefore I ignore, do as I feel inside
I live with me, I’ve got my back tonight
Ya know what I’m saying
Yo Black, I’m not playing
Need to go with this, or go with this with no delay and
See, in actuality, one be can it be
I made it look easy, because it is to me
Any time capacity was filled, tried to rock it
Any time a honey gave us play, tried to knock it
Never was a fool, so we finished school
Never see us sweat, and you’ll never see us drool
Out to rock the globe while it’s still here to rock
Don’t punch girls, and we don’t punch a clock
Gotta go, gotta go, see you later by the cat
And you can’t beat that with a bat


Engine, Engine, Number Nine
On the New York transit line
If my train goes off the track
Pick it up! Pick it up! Pick it up!

[Verse 3]
Back on the scene, crispy n’ clean
You can try, but then why, cause you can’t intervene
We be the outcast, down for the settle
Won’t play the rock, won’t play the pebble
Open the door, you best believe, we’re sliding through it … sssswiftly
Niftily, we can make it hip to be what we are
Cause what we be, be the epitome, Doo, Dah, Dipitty
So now I dwell just to say you’re plainer
Hold your cup, cause I got the container
Pass a plater, cross the fader
Black Sheep get play like the Sony Innovator
Never the traitor, party inflater
And you can get a scoop … later


Written by Johnny V 5/7/15

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  1. First heard flavor of the month on new York. Bought the cassette tape in California after I saw the choice is yours video. 1991 was a good year for early hip hop

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