Ludacris “Ludaversal” Album Review

Ludacris “Ludaversal” Album Review Ludacris aka Christopher Bridges released his 9th studio album on 3/31/15 by Disturbing tha Peace and Def Jam Recordings. Luda originally announced it would be released on September 11th 2012 (his birthday) but was pushed back almost 3 years. Many well know producers helped to mold the album from Alex da Kid, Mel & Mus, Just Blaze, David Banner, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Kyle Justice, Dj Toomp, Dj Pain1, Bigg D, Steven Q-Beatz, T-Minus, 1500 or Nothin’, SykSense, !llmind, Frank Dukes, Mike Will Made It, Rico Love, Giorgio Tuinfort, Da Internz, Jeff Dixon, Chaka Zulu, to Luda himself. Two singles have been released from the album, the first being “Burning Bridges” with Jason Aldean and the 2nd is “Good Lovin” featuring Miguel.

Reviews have been” generally favorable” as far as Metacritic is concerned who gave it a 62/100. Its opening week the album sold 73K copies and was 3rd highest album in sales that week, and followed it up with being #3 its second week falling just short of Fast and Furious 7 soundtrack. A couple weeks after an album release is when I feel you can get a true feeling of how the album is doing and for Luda that’s not a good thing with this album. Billboard 200 album sales for the week of April 25th, 2015 has Furious 7 Soundtrack at #1, and Ludaversal at 18, but for Luda fans the album is still entertaining despite it showing a more serious side than in the past. He still has lines that will make you laugh out loud and he floods the second half of the album with big names in the music industry such as Big K.R.I.T., Miguel, Monica, Rick Ross, Cee-lo Green, Jason Aldean and John Legend.

“Grass Is Always Greener” goes into the highs of being famous and lows that come along with it as well. Luda talks about all the changes he has made and then how he reverts back to his old ways. He raps about settling down with one chick, quitting drinking /smoking, spending time with his kids, and buying a new Ferrari. Then contradicting all his changes and how he misses groupies, getting hammered /lit, partying all night long, and his old Acura.

On “Call Ya Bluff” the hook says it all, Luda is calling everyone out who has dropped his name in their songs “ I see that liquor got you loose, when you see me nigg@s say it like you said it in the booth”. “Lyrical Healing” gave me my new favorite word which is tweefing (twitter beefing), the song is a quick verse with some funny lines on how rappers are sensitive nowadays.

Next up is by far the best jam of the album “Beast Mode”. Get the repeat button ready, this is the classic Luda that we all love, and takes me back to the original songs and hilarious videos that got Luda fame. I could basically quote the entire song, but here are a few of my top lines from the song that had me rolling. “You niggas think you hard, I think you better come harder, I leave rappers confused like’s barber”, “And a whole nother house for my cars is on my checklist, because to fit them in one garage is like a nigg@’s playing Tetris” “guess I was a thief that got away with these words slanging chickens out my whip like I’ve been playing angry birds” “ and I sleep with the John Dillinger, and always keep an eye half open like Forrest Whitaker “, “Watching CBS in Cadillac DTS, I plan to reach the world your plan is metro PCS”, “ My name is still ingrained in these books will be the outcome, and this one verse is hotter than a lot of Nigg@s albums” – aint that the truth! Next up is a Viagra skit that seems a lil out of place, but maybe the skit was made 3 years ago when recordings started on the album. “Get Lit” is all about Luda getting banged up on whatever it may be that day, liquor, weed, sizzurp, and bragging about everything he has. “Come See Me” starts w/ Ludacris arguing with his girl, before he jumps in his whip and splits. The interlude has Luda kicking a verse that’s comparing his girl and his Acura, which then transitions into the second half of his album. Big K.R.I.T joins Ludacris on “Come and See Me” a Mike Will Made it production in which they two go back and forth about bad bitches and their bad rides. The jam sounds like it could be a down south classic and the hook warns “Don’t make me pop my f%cking trunk”. Miguel grabs the hook off the next song “Good Lovin’” produced by Da Internz which is a smooth radio ready song and was the second single on the album.

“Oceans Skies” features Monica and is a song dedicated to Wayne Bridges, Luda’s father who battled alcoholism. When Ludacris won the best rap album he thanked his father who was in critical condition at the time. “You left the day after I put you in my Grammy speech”. Usher is featured on the next track “Not Long” a positive song about reaching for the stars and accomplishing your dreams. “Charge It to the Rap Game” talks about the ups and downs of the rap game. Best line in the song is “Yeah I done smashed some video vixens and some actresses, but brand name pussy don’t feel any different on my mattresses”. He raps about the highs and lows along with haters and doubters and overcoming it all on “This Has Been My World”. Rick Ross assists Luda on the next track “Money” produced by DJ Pain 1. Ross and Luda dive into the issues that come along with money in this jam. Luda drops the classic line “Mo Money Mo Problems” quote before he dives into money issues with family members, government, IRS, and some bitch he never met before- but she wants a paternity test. He says once you get money everyone wants the easy way out and that money is the root of all evil. Ross tells a similar story about how he was just looking for a little “entertainment” but all she wanted was some litigation. “Problems” has a guest appearance from CeeLo Green who contributes with a catchy singing hook “I wish my problems would go away”. On this track Ludacris gets into how he gets money and loses friends because all they want is his cash and handouts. John Legend graces us on the hook for “In My Life” as Luda talks about buying all the cars from fast and furious 5. He also gets into how people believe what they read on the internet about him and how you can’t always believe what you hear. The last track has a deep hook by Jason Aldean on “Burning Bridges” which appears to be a crossover single featuring the country star. Luda finishes off the album with this tale about kicking people to the curb for their disloyalty.

Although the album hasn’t received the best reviews, and is falling in the charts I still find it enjoyable. It’s much deeper than any of the stuff we have heard in the past from Ludacris, but still has some songs with the funny vibes that we all enjoy about Luda. On a 1-5 rating with 5 being the highest, I would give the album a 3 with the hottest track being “Beast Mode”.

Johnnyv V 5/3/15

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