Big Daddy Kane – Looks Like A Job For… Album Anniversary Review

Big Daddy Kane released his fifth studio album “Looks Like A Job For…” on May 25 1993.  The album was the follow up to “Prince of Darkness” which failed to garner the acclaim of his previous 3 albums.  The album was produced by Easy Mo Bee, Mister Cee, Trackmasters, Large Professor and Kane himself.  Two more albums were to be released after this album but “Looks Like A Job For…” is his best after his first 3 releases.

The album starts off with Kane spitting fire over a “Synthetic Substitution” break, and you know the man has flow and metaphors.  It’s as if he was trying to make up for what he didn’t do on the last LP.

“Nobody move, nobody get hurt
And I won’t have to do no-body work
The minute I come on stage and take position
A demolition, where rappers catch a bad decision, huh
I start to swingin it, puttin my bad thing in it
Soon as I start flingin it, girls’ll start clingin it
People’ll start singin it, noise oh I’m bringin it
To show and to prove to the people
The man that really is the king in it
Cause I take the cake like Hostess
No, not the one you wanna play high post with
Warm it up Kane, warm as a snorkel
Snatch the microphone and do a nigga somethin awful
I give him the rhythm-a-jazz pizazz finesse and yet
The flavor to jam and slam the land
I flip the script like nobody can
It’s like they lack the crowd to get live
And raw from all the brothers who smothered the mic
They’re frank with force, cause you know, Kane comes off”

The second track “How U Get A Record Deal” continues the BDK onslaught!  He comes after the sellouts the same way EPMD did with “Crossover” and Gang Starr did with “Mass Appeal“.  He’s still flowing on the same break beat (slowed down) but still comes off with the tongue twisters!

“A lot of rappers today, wonder
should I ask Kane to write rhymes for me to say?
Well you’re god damn right you should
Cause my rhymes are like spandex, they make any ass seem good
So act like you know Baby Pop
when I riggedy rock the higgedy hip-hop non stop, as I
freak the funk and flip the flavor to flow with the flyest
A fury full force in the flames of the fire, now
may these MC’s rest in peace
Because when I come to town, the population decrease
I leave em finished, dead and that’s that, huh
Not even Pet Cemetery could bring em back
I slay my pray, A to K, I tell em like Jennifer Holiday
No no no no no noooooooooooo way!
That you could ever touch this, no you know how I feel?
I think you bought your record deal!”

Even when the man is freestyling acapella, you know BDK comes off like panties and bras in a porno!  He demonstrates this on “Prelude“.

“Gangster or prankster, define yourself, huh
And put that rough talk on the shelf
You talk all that robbery shit, but it’s lame
You wouldn’t steal first base at a baseball game
Never sold drugs, you never was a thug
But you’re talking ying-yang like as if you’re in a gang
I mean for goodness sake
The only beef you ever had was a sirloin steak
You wanna question me and all the words I say
Well, you can bring the noise any fuckin day
I rock a rugged-a-ruff rhyme to besiege ya
And if I see you at a party, put up your dickbeaters
By time I get through wreckin your jaw
You be callin Patti LaBelle and Barry White hardcore
Why should I give up for gangster contrast
When I can rap about gettin some ass
To prove that I’m a gangster only brings me trouble
But the proof that I’m a lover * sound of a zipper *
It’s that easy but still you insist (yeah)
That I do this (what?)”

Right after that, we get “The Beef Is On” where Kane samples a dope guitar riff from Rufus Thomas’s “I Think I Made A Boo Boo” and goes after to mass murder all sucker mcs!  This track is bananas!  To put the finishing touches on the track, you have Ice Cube’s lyric sample “once again it’s on” and Kool G Rap “You got beef?  You better save it for the muthafuckin meat market!”

“Many screamed about a homicide
But when I came to shut em down all the drama died
I plead insanity when I got a jam with me
And we roll like the Corleone family
I bring the boys that’ll bring the noise
In the aftermath everything’s destroyed
Like a crew of barbarians
And brothers that want beef, I make them vegetarians
So don’t even front and try to put it as if you’re ruff
Cos soon as I see ya, best believe i’ma call your bluff
And everyone else that tried to press up on me tuff
Have fallen and they can’t get up
My game is a ill one
Cos i’m a real one
Lorda mercy
Nuff controversy
A gangster, a con
A pimp and a don
Waitin for the beef to be on”

Stop Shammin” continues the message-in-the-music lyrics where Kane has an axe to grind with his peeps!  Easy Mo Bee provides the beats and Kane goes to work!

“So why you wanna be what you’re not?
and claim to have things that you know you ain’t got
you’re just a fantasizer — spendin all your money
on Luster’s pink oil moisturizer
just to make your hair curly and thin
you say, “black is beautiful,” but then you go and bleach your skin
money you’re worse than Yacub
cause their are eight stages of graft and you broke down to two
plus you got a bad case of jungle fever
and nmmana-nah-nah i just can’t believe ya
it’s quite obvious you don’t wanna be a black man
so what’s next – you’re gonna join the klu klux klan?
you sold out to your race and it’s a big disgrace
you can’t look your own people in the face
you wonder why it ain’t no black schools or hospitals
you’re makin millions of dollars and it’s pitiful
that you can donate to leukemia all the time
but you can’t give the Nation of Islam a dime
they mention muslims, you change the subject
you can’t even shake Farrakhan hand in public
that whole busy att*tude is a sham
umm bro, umm brother, umm. brougham, stop shammin!

On “Rest In Peace” Easy Mo Bee does it again with the production sounding more like a BB King guitar session, while Kane slays and murders mc’s.  Get it?  The way he flips words and syllables will make you say, “Damn!”

“Rappers I get em and hit em and slit em and split em and rid em
Acquit em, when I get wit em, you can tell that I did em
I take em and shake em and bake em and ache em and break em
And rake em, you can’t awake em from the comatose way I make em
Cause when you’re messin with me — you know what?
You can swallow a live grenade and you STILL won’t blow up!”

The Large Professor produced “Niggaz Never Learn” is dope and “Very Special” with Spinderella was a crossover hit and makes this one of Big Daddy Kane’s best work!  Kane is one of the greatest lyricists in Hip Hop History and definitely “Sets it Off” on this album!  We salute you Kane!

-Al E.

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