2Pac – “Me Against The World” Anniversary Album Review

2Pac – “Me Against The World” Album Anniversary

2Pac released his critically acclaimed third studio album “Me Against The World” on March 14 1995.  The album was released while 2Pac was in prison and debuted on the number 1 spot on the Billboard Charts.  The album was produced by various producers including Easy Mo Bee, Shock G, Pizarro and others.  It is said by many that this is his best work and his lyrics are more mature and soul-baring due to the fact that he wrote the majority of songs in prison.


The first track “If I Die 2Nite” starts with the lines, “A coward dies a thousand deaths, A soldier dies but once”.  As soon as you here this, and the beat comes in, you know this album is going to be a classic, courtesy of Easy Mo Bee!  Again, he predicts his death with lines like these,

“Pussy and paper is poetry power and pistols
Plottin on murderin motherfuckers ‘fore they get you
Pray to the heavens three-fifty-sevens to the sky
And I hope I’m forgiven for Thug Livin when I die
I wonder if heaven got a ghetto for Thug niggaz
A stress free life and a spot for drug dealers
Pissin while practicin how to pimp and be a playa
Overdose of a dick, while drinkin liquor when I lay her
Pistol whippin these simps, for bein petrified and lame
Disrespectin the game, prayin for punishment and pain
Goin insane, never die, live eternal, who shall I fear?
Don’t shed a tear for me nigga I ain’t happy hear
I hope they bury me and send me to my rest
Headlines readin MURDERED TO DEATH, my last breath
Take a look picture a crook on his last stand
Motherfuckers don’t understand, if I die tonight”

The first single “Dear Mama” is dedicated to his mother Afeni, and is in heavy rotation not only on Mother’s Day but everyday!

But don’t sleep on the “Dear Mam” B-side.  “Old School” had 2Pac reminiscing about the old school days when he used to live in New York.  He remembers,

“I remember Mr. Magic, FLASH, Grandmaster Caz
LL raisin hell but, that didn’t last
Eric B. & Rakim was, the shit to me
I flip to see a Doug E. Fresh show, with Ricky D
and Red Alert was puttin in work, with Chuck Chill
Had my homies on the hill gettin ill, when shit was real
Went out to steal, remember Raw, with Daddy Kane
when De La Soul was puttin Potholes in the game
I can’t explain how it was, Whodini
had me puffin on that buddha gettin buzzed, cause there I was
Them block parties in the projects, and on my block
You diggi don’t stop, sippin on that Private Stock
Through my speaker Queen Latifah, and MC Lyte
Listen to Treach, KRS to get me through the night
With T La Rock and Mantronix, to Stetsasonic
Remember “Push It” was the bomb shit, nuttin like the old school”

So on every album, Pac gets serious but always has songs for the ladies.  On “Temptations”, he does just that! Easy Mo Bee does it again with a low and sexy beat,

“Will I cheat or will I be committed, heaven knows
Gettin weak and I wanna hit it, so here I go
in my ride and I’m all in, gettin high
I can hear the people callin, I’m passin by
Everybody knows I’m ball-in, and to God
Gotta keep myself from fall-in, but it’s hard
All the cuties know I’m under pressure, what do I do
Gettin shaky when she pull the dress up, and say it’s cool
Should I stroke or should I wait a while, you decide
If you tell me that you don’t want it, that’s a lie
Move close and let me whisper, some dirty words
in your ears as I kiss ya, on every curve
Slow down baby don’t rush, I like it slow
Can’t hold it any longer, so let it go
Open the gates, do you wanna fall up in heaven
Don’t worry, I let myself in, all I heard was…”

On “So Many Tears” we get that caring 2Pac once again.  We get him talking about himself and all the bad things he’s done and his resting place, accompanied by a clever Stevie Wonder harmonica sample.

Back in elementary, I thrived on misery
Left me alone I grew up amongst a dyin breed
Inside my mind couldn’t find a place to rest
until I got that Thug Life tatted on my chest
Tell me can you feel me? I’m not livin in the past, you wanna last
Be tha first to blast, remember Kato
No longer with us he’s deceased
Call on the sirens, seen him murdered in the streets
Now rest in peace
Is there heaven for a G? Remember me
So many homies in the cemetery, shed so many tears”

On the title track he remains on the “conscious-tip” and on “Death Around The Corner” he again talks about death and how it’s “promised to us”.

“I see death around the corner, gotta stay high while I survive
In the city where the skinny niggas die
If they bury me, bury me as a G nigga, no need to worry
I expect retaliation in a hurry
I see death around the- corner, anyday
Trying to keep it together, no one lives forever anyway
Strugglin and strivin, my destiny’s to die
Keep my finger on the trigger, no mercy in my eyes
In a ball of confusion, I think about my daddy
Madder than a motherfucker, they never shoulda had me
I guess I seen too many murders, the doctors can’t help me
Got me stressin’ with my pistol in my sheets, it ain’t healthy
Am I paranoid? – Tell me the truth
I’m out the window with my AK, ready to shoot
Ran out of endo and my mind can’t take the stress,
I’m out of breath
Make me wanna kill my damn self,
but I see death around the corner”

The one track that was left out and later released was “Hell Razor” and even after that, this album is the most mature album 2Pac has ever released.  Instead of anger in his lyrics, we see a lot of soul searching and positivity in his lyrics.  RIP Tupac Shakur


-Al E.





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  1. Love this article. This is my favorite album from 2Pac. I still listen to it reguarly. In my opinion the younger generation needs to hear this one and peep game, they’ll definitely learn something!

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