Who Dat Rapper 11-9-15

Who Dat Rapper 11-9-15

Who Dat? Kevin Madison or, as we know him, K-Solo (Kevin Self Organization Left Others).  Before getting into the hip hop scene, K-Solo (Born April 17th, 1968) served 16 months in the Suffolk County – Riverhead Correctional Facility after being wrongfully convicted of an assault in the 80’s. While incarcerated K Solo befriended future hip-hop star DMX and developed the flow that was used on one of his biggest hits “Spellbound”. Later K-Solo accused DMX of jacking his style while the two spent time in the facility.

After being released he spent time with longtime friend that he grew up with in Brentwood, Long Island – Parrish Smith. Parrish, one half of the group EPMD, was fresh off the success of their debut album “Strictly Business”, certified gold within four months of its release, and actively looking for new artists to mentor. K Solo was the first rapper to make a guest appearance on an EPMD album. It was their second album “Unfinished Business” on track # 10 “Knick Knack Patty Wack” that featured a Joe Cocker sample “Woman to Woman” that K Solo first appeared on.

It was EPMD’s third album “Business as Usual” on track # 13 “Hit Squad Heist” that first mentions Hit Squad. The Hit Squad was formed by Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith better known as EPMD. The squad featured East coast artists DJ Scratch, Redman, Das EFX, Keith Murray, EPMD, Knucklehedz, Hurricane G, Top Quality, Jesse West and K-Solo. EPMD’s fourth album “Business Never Personal” featured the single “Headbanger” with K-Solo and Redman. The single climbed as high as #11 on the Hot Rap Tracks Billboard and soon became the group’s signature song.

The Source Magazine released an article in 1992 publicizing the tension that was brewing within the Hit Squad. Smith was at the center of the controversy and rumors were that the Hit Squad questioned his management of their money. Smith’s home was broken into by armed men whom most believe were goons hired by the Hit Squad. Not much was said about it after but Erick Sermon was arrested and detained for questioning but nothing came of it. The split of the Hit Squad came in January 1993, Das EFX and DJ Scratch remained with Smith’s management while Redman and Hurricane G rolled with Erick Sermon, and K-Solo went his own way. With the Hit Squad and EPMD in shambles it opened the door for the creation of The Def Squad with Sermon, Redman and Keith Murray.

K-solo dropped his debut album “Tell The World My Name” in May 1990 which had all tracks except for one produced by Parish Smith while the other track was produced by Erick Sermon. The album featured his two biggest hits “Your Mom’s in My Business” and “Spellbound”. His second album “Time’s Up” dropped June 2nd 1992 and it featured production from Sam Sneed, Erick Sermon, PMD, & Pete Rock. The two singles “I Can’t Hold It Back” and “Letterman” received only mild chart success and never reaching the hype his first album brought.  K Solo also has had a small acting career starring in 2Fast2Real in 2004, 2Fast2Real3 in 2008, and Beef II in 2004.

Who Dat Rapper 11-9-15

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