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Kid Disaster

Ass, Gas or Cash is one of my favorite album titles ever.  This was K-Dee’s debut and only album he released in 1994, but his hip hop roots were deeper than that.  K-Dee, then known as Kid Disaster, first blasted on the scene in the group CIA with Ice Cube and Sir Jinx.  They became affiliated with NWA and even landed on the classic NWA and The Posse album.  nwa-and-the-posse-5527069859778Look closely at the album cover, he is standing behind Cube rocking a thick curl and a clock around his neck.  After NWA dissolved, he stuck closely to Ice Cube and became an affiliated with Da Lench Mob.

K-Dee’s first appearance was on Ice Cube’s deadly Lethal Injection in 1993.  He was the perfect yin in Cube’s yang.  K-Dee will take all your women and Ice Cube will handle any punks in the area.  This duo completely ripped “Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth”.

Ice Cube – Make It Ruff, Make It Smooth

K-Dee “Ass, Gas or Cash (No One Rides For Free)”

ass-gasK-Dee released his debut “Ass, Gas or Cash” in 1994 and oh my damn, underrated is an understatement.  He completely embodied the player persona and did so in a very entertaining way.   His debut as chock full of gems.  K-Dee remade the incomparable Morris Day’sGigalo’s Get Lonely Too” and even invited him to sing on the hook.  This song made me revisit all the classic music The Time blessed us with.

Into You” is a hilarious tale about a crush he had on his homies mother, hilariously known as Miss Parker.   K-Dee took us around South Central as he cruised around in his coupe picking up broads and dodging cops on “Hittin Corners”.   Nothing new here, but his chill, almost lazy flow was quite enjoyable over another banging backdrop.    This song may sound familiar as it landed in the movie Friday.  Look for the scene where Smokey went home to get some sugar.

K-Dee – Hittin’ Corners

One of the albums few samples is used in K-Dee’s next video, “The Freshest MC in the World” and has got to be one of the smoothest things I ever heard.    The familiar Deniece Williams song “Free” is the tapestry laid down while K-Dee lets you know no one is fresher than him.  The video was one of my favorites ever; I’m a sucker for ladies doing the butterfly and I’ve been looking for the honey dancing in front of the piano for years.

K-Dee – The Freshest MC In The World

Another memorable track was K-Dee’s ode to fellatio; the hilarious “Make The Music”.  The song begins with an introduction by a faux Barry White…then K-Dee gets into his appreciation for head.   Never has a graphic song been so mellow.   He rhymes:

Now I appreciate your soup coolers
On the one shot, big black automatic pee shooter
Rolling down the street no matter what the day is
You can blow for Miles like Davis
Ready?  No I won’t Wreck like Teddy

Sounding like the 5th Symphony
And I’m glad that you ain’t no kin to me
Cause if you was my cousin you’d still be a trick
So get the lick

Sure,  2 Live Crew and Too Short rhyme about plenty sexcapades, but K-Dee’s relaxing flow accompanied by the butter soft instrumental create a smooth and obscene ride.   Laurence Fishburne’s portrayal of Ike Turner from What’s Love Got To Do With It  was a dope addition at the end.  This lyrical porn still sounds awesome 22 years later.

K-Dee – Make The Music

The funk god, Bootsy Collins shows up on the funky title track.   Five minute of funk, Bootsy’s ramblings, angelic vocals, Ice Cube speaking in a pimp language and rhymes courtesy of our host is a great way to end this album ride. Both Bootsy and Morris Day give the album a genuine feel and help set this apart from other west coast albums released during this time period

K-Dee – Ass, Gas Or Cash

Life After “Ass, Gas or Cash”

devin-the-dude-the-dudeUnfortunately this is K-Dee’s only album, but he didn’t stop rhyming.  He jumped on projects including the mighty Ant Banks, Westside Connection, Mack 10, Da Lench Mob and the soundtrack of Dangerous Ground.  1998 was the year Houston respresenter,  Devin the Dude released his shenanigans to the earth through his self titled debut.  He invited K-Dee to jump on two of tracks off the album.  K-Dee hibernated after this, woke up in 2005 and released a single, “Back On Deck”.  Pimp and sex talk is left at the door on this one as he discusses what he’s been up too.  A great song to wet the appetite of his fans wishing he would come back to the scene.

K-Dee – Back On Deck

K-Dee jumped on west coast mc/producer Dazzie Dee’s “All Da Time”.    Released in 2012, this has a 90’s G Funk sound to it and K Dee hasn’t lost a step as he trades bars with Dazzie.

Dazzie Dee Ft. K-Dee – All Da Time

k-dee-babyK-Dee was at his best in the midst of the golden age of hip hop, so it may have been easy to have lost track of him especially with only one album.   Fans of 90s hip hop looking for something that may have been missed, find Ass, Gas or Cash immediately.   The laid back vibe and K-Dee’s confident flow combine for a worthy listen.  K-Dee baaaaaaby.




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Who Dat Rapper  11-06-16

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