Who Dat Rapper-10-09-16

Who Dat Rapper 10-09-16

big-melloBig Mello was one of the finest to come out of Houston.  His strong voice sounded like it was interlaced with the music.  There were many Houston rappers in the late 80s and early 90’s who were able to impress James Prince;  CEO of Rap A Lot Records. Big Mello was one of them and was promptly inked to a deal with the juggernaut record label. This time period was hot for the legendary label so work began asap on Big Mello’s debut.


 Bone Hard Zaggin

big-mello-back-in-the-day-buffetBone Hard Zaggin was Big Mello’s rookie album on the mighty Rap A Lot label in ‘92.  First things first. The production on this album was flawless.  Lots of familiar samples were the foundation for this album.  Tupac and Nas fans will instantly recognize two of the songs.  “Love Don’t Love Nobody” was Mello’s version of a love song but you instantly think to keep your head up.  “Gank Move” was a bloody tale that was a perfect contradiction to the lovely sample courtesy of The Gap Band.  “Don’t Let The Name Fool You” was the ultimate introduction to Big Mello.   He may have Mello in his name, but don’t let it fool you.  Over a butter smooth disco sample, Mello lets us know he has a short fuse.

Big Mello-Don’t Let the Name Fool You

Big Mello invited his Rap A Lot brethren, The Convicts on the wonderfully misogynist “I Don’t Truss Em”.  The hook explains everything you need to know.

“I got a lot of bitches, but I really don’t love em.

Why is that why is that

Cause yo, I don’t truss em”

The music is the real winner here.   The memorizing violin sample throughout the entire song sounds like the most thugged out symphony one would ever attend.  You can’t help but just give your neck a workout.  Just don’t let your lady hear you rhyme along.


The album ended with a posse cut that seemed to rival the grandiose “Bring It On” from the Geto Boys’, Till Death Do Us Part album.  “Straight From The Clarke” featured Big Mello’s crew (including the charismatic Lord 3-2 and a hyper Jamaican) repping their hood; Hiram Clark. Over 8 minutes of funk here folks!!!

Big Mello – Straight From The Clarke

Speaking of “Bring It On”, Big Mello jumped on that in 1993 with seemingly all of his Rap A Lot partners .  This is one of the longest, hardest posse cuts ever!!

Geto Boys & The Rap-A-Lot Family – Bring It On


big-mello-back-in-the-day-buffetBig Mello dropped Wegonefunkwichamind in 1994 and was another smooth ride through the world of Big Mello.  Familiar funk and old school R&B samples were prevalent, but Mello decided to add some range to his lyrics.   His debut featured the usual; threats, chillin, mackin’ etc.  This time around Mello added a few more layers.   He got his singing on the short ride during the albums first song, “Afros & 84’s

Back Do Akshun” was a musical experience complete with horns and some crooning in the background. Big Mello flexes his story telling chops on the sincere “Charge it TO The Game”.  Cadillacs and his love for them were the focus on “Ride 4 Yo Azz”.  No rapping on this one, he just talks over another funky sample.   Was the perfect into to perhaps one of the funkiest things Big Mello ever created, “Funkwichamind”.  No lyrical wizardry here, just his love for candy coated caddys and his lack of love for the ladies.  A video was shot for this and the beginning featured that singing Big Mello mentioned earlier.

Big Mello – We Gone Funkwichamind


Family Affair ‘94” is another soulful ride that doesn’t include any rapping.   Big Mello ends the show with another hard hitting posse cut.  A bunch of crazy MC’s were recruited and got together on “Southside”.

Big Mello – Southside

This is one of those albums to put on when you have a road trip planned.  This album is one of the most underrated musical rides of the 90’s.

South Side Story

big-mello-southside-story-back-in-the-day-buffetMello left Rap A Lot and in 1996 reemerged with South Side Story.  If you thought he disappeared, Big Mello addresses this in the polished “Intro”.  He chats with a couple honey dips about where he’s been over a head bobbin treat.  “Sucka Free” sounds quite lovely over the sample, courtesy of the rock gods The Rolling Stones.   “Stacking Paper” over the bluesy guitar loop is another standout track.  He’s letting you know he’s getting paid in any way possible.   There’s a couple singers on the hook which only accentuate his goals.

Big Mello- Stackin’ Paper

The Gift

big-mello-the-gift-back-in-the-day-buffetBig Mello was working on his forth album, but unfortunately lost his life due a traffic accident in June of 2000.  Production continued and his next two albums were released posthumous.  2002 marked the year, The Gift was released.   Houston legends, Z-RO and Trae jumped on “TSouthside” over a schizophrenic piano loop. “What Goes Around” addresses his haters over an upbeat happy loop.   Tis is another track where he isn’t rapping.  Sounds like he is channeling Nate Dogg on this one.

Big Mello – What Goes Around

Done Deal

last-melloBig Mello’s final album, Done Deal was released the following year.  Devin The Dude, Big Moe and Lord 3-2 all contributed verses.   We were very fortunate to receive 2 full albums after Big Mello’s unfortunate passing. Big Mello’s legacy continues with his son, Andrew aka The Aspiring Me who has decided to pick the mic up and create his own lane.

 The Aspiring Me – Not Today

 RIP to one of Houston’s finest and thank you for the gems!

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Who Dat Rapper 10-09-16


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