Who Dat Rapper 10-02-16

Who Dat Rapper 10-02-16

miilk3rd Bass, Beastie Boys and even Vanilla Ice laid the foundation for white rappers to jump in the game and showcase their talents.  Miilkbone was one of those rappers that came out during the summit of hip hop creativity…..the mid 90’s.  He became infamous because he was mentioned on Eminem‘s debut.  Miilkbone had issues with this so he started blasting him on record.  This MC was so much more than some association with medium rare beef.   This New Jersey representer aligned himself with Naughty By Nature who helped him release his debut, Da Miilkrate in June of 1995.  Kay Gee even lent some of his production talents.  Miilkbone immediately proved himself as a lyricist first and foremost who had the knack to make good songs.

Miilkbone “Da Miilkrate” (1995)

miilkbone-keep-it-real-back-in-the-day-buffetKeep it Real” was the title of about 34 hip hop songs in the 90’s.   Miilkbone got on the bandwagon and “Keep It Real” was his first single released from the album.  The jazzy piano loop, smooth bassline and the AZ vocal sample on the hook made this single pure heat.   He proves he’s more than adept on the mic with rhymes like


I aint about to sit back and talk about gats and Glocks
And busting caps on blocks, cracking on practice cops
You couldnt handle when Im deep like a diver
The kooky corner conniver keeps my streets liver
I play the DL and watch the outskirts
I write an I’ll verse and never shout words that make makes my mouth hurt


milkrateThis song is no doubt his Magnum Opus, but not for the reasons you think.   Big L (RIP) and a young Jay Z jumped on the instrumental a few months later and completely eviscerated the microphone.  This has to be the fiercest freestyles ever recorded.  Not to take anything from Miilkbones fire single, but this freestyle by the two rap behemoths is legendary.  If you don’t know the freestyle I am referring to, check it out here.

Miilkbone – Keep It Real

Where’z Da’ Party At” was the second single and another banger.   Kay Gee cooked up a smooth instrumental based on the familiar Kool & The Gang song.  The video perfectly captured the 90’s party vibe and even had a few cameos.  I’ve been trying to figure out if that’s Nas in the video.   20 years later and I’m still not sure.

Miilkbone – Where’z Da’ Party At?

Miilkbone  keeps dopping those bars in “Check Me Out.”   Mufi and Buff Whip put together a hypnotic  groove that’s sounds just as fresh in 2016 as it did in 95.  The Nas vocal sample on the hook is a nice addition.   He introduces himself when he rhymes:

The people always ask “yo what the fuck your name is?”
So many thoughts on when time can make a brain steam
You get your shit broke on a quick note, you get a slit throat, fucking with Milk is just a big joke
I down a six pack,  puff a quick sack, come around the ave

talking that jazz, watch my clique crack
Delaney projects, poor developments is more evidence

I grew up, and I been raw ever since

One of my favorite lines in 95 was when Milkbone spit

Your girl rides my dick and that’s the only time I fuck up

Miilkbone – Check Me Out

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Chronic 2000 Still Smokin’

chronic-2000-still-smokin-back-in-the-day-buffetMiilkbone disappeared for a few years and popped up on Death Row Records. Random I know.   Suge Knight put together a compilation album, Death Row Records’ Chronic 2000 in 1999 that was pretty much his middle finger to Dr. Dre.   There were plenty diss songs fired at Snoop and Milkbone decided to go at Eminem in his prime.  Seems foolish at first, but he put together a couple mighty jabs.

I’m Miilkbone, blast disaster, no Mather could matter
Subtract Dre on his Day and y’all add up the Math-After
I shatter and splatter your bladded to pieces of feces
I don’t believe this — I’m gettin dissed by this musical Beavis

And goes on to spit.

Mr. Marshall, wanna watch this?
You act like you the package with these songs like empty boxes
Deliver my day to change, Miilkbone’s the remainder
I make you famous sayin, “Hi – my name is Mr. Anus”
Yo, this Eminem shit don’t melt in Dre’s hands
It melts in his mouth

The music should ring a bell.   Cube rhymed over the same track on “I Aint Tha One”  on Straight Outta Compton

Miilkbone – Presenting Milkbone

Miilkbone “U Got Miilk?” (2001)

u-got-milkMiilkbone parted ways with Death Row and in 2001 dropped his sophomore album, U Got Milk?.  The production this time around was a lot grittier.   Beef was still inside Milkbone when he released his second track coming for Eminem on “Dear Slim”.  See Eminem had a line in  “Just Don’t Give a Fuck” from his debut CD from that Milkbone took exception too and took a couple songs to air out his thoughts.  A video was released that featured a phony Eminem getting kidnapped.

Miilkbone – Dear Slim

Goodbye” featured an animated Miilkbone discussing a young lady over a real funky guitar riff.  Sounds like something Run DMC would rhyme over in the 80’s.   Not a diss at all, this is funky.   Miilkbone recruits his Brick City brethren, Chop Diesel, K Banga and Tame One(from The Artifacts)  on the cipher “A Few Good Men” to represent New Jersey.

Miilkbone “Da Miilktape” & “Voice of Reason”

miilkbone-da-miilktape-back-in-the-day-buffetMiilkbone went into hiding again and popped back up in 2014 with a mixtape Da Miilktape. His 3rd album, Voice of Reason dropped in October 2015.  Milk hasn’t lost a step.  He still has exquisite rhymes and able to effortless flow over production.  “Face-Book Love” is a beautiful song complete with a live flute and angelic vocals.   The video just accentuated this tale.  “Ask  Flex” was another stellar listen.  You can really get a feel for his history and love for hip hop.  He goes to explain his reasoning on why he a “white boy…black listed”   He even enlists the talents of Uncle Murda, Black Rob, Treach and Chino XL throughout the album.

MiilkBone – Face-Book Love

Miilkbone – “Ask Flex”

New Jersey wordsmiths Ren Thomas & Skrewtape paid homage to Milkbone’s first single 20 years later and released “ Keep It Real-2015”.  They even invited Milkbone to jump on.   This butter smooth song had a distinct 90’s vibe and each MC ripped the mic.  This is the type of stuff I love.

Miilkbone came out during the pinnacle of Hip Hop creativity…the mid 90’s. Your favorite rappers probably released their best music during that time period.  Razor sharp lyrics over jazzy production defined Miilkbone’s debut.   He is one of those artists who disappear for some time, then reemerge with some heat.   Quality not quantity here folks.   20 years later, Miilkbone is able to create original music that is refreshing while showcasing his talent for rhyming.

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Who Dat Rapper 10-02-16 (Miilkbone)

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