Who Dat Rapper 09-04-16

Who Dat Rapper 09-04-16

Compton is the birthplace to many MC’s that shared violent tales from their neighborhood.   Hi-C relocated to Compton from Louisiana and offered something different.  He wasn’t talking about how hard he is and who he shot, instead Hi-C crafted hilarious and vulgar tales about women in his high pitched delivery.  Imagine a combination of Slick Rick and Too Short . He befriended DJ Quik and 2nd II None in high school.  Hi-C’s debut “Skanless” was released in 1991 and gave birth to a couple singles.  Quik and Tony A handled the production.

Hi-C “Skanless” (1991)

hi-c-skanless-back-in-the-day-buffetHi-C flexed his story telling ability on “Sitting In The Park”.  This hilarious tale was sampled over Chicago’s legendary soul singer Billy Stewart’s song of the same name.   Hi-C excitedly decided to meet his chick at the park. He even stopped to get her some flowers and ice cream. How nice.  While sitting there, he came across everyone including, random sexy chicks, and his crew……but Hi-C hid the flowers from them….Fresh Prince Style.   He didn’t know how to handle the chick that was apparently standing him up, but got some advice from a stranger who told him,

“Well, just slap that trick and tell the tramp it’s through”

There’s the Compton pimp we been waiting for.  For a while, I was starting to think this was a Drake love song.

Hi-C “Sitting in the Park”

Hi-C “I’m Not Your Puppet”

“I’m not Your Puppet” was another story that highlighted his experience with a young lady who moonlighted as a crackhead then stole from him.  He showed his difference from his Compton brethren when he rhymed.

I wanted to beat her. Better yet stomp her
Break out the 12-gauge and full of buckshot, pump her
But I said, nah forget it, I’m a chill

 I mean what do you think would happen to lady that stole from Cube and Ren?

There was a video released for this one as well.  It doesn’t do the song justice.  The story was chopped in half and just doesn’t match the story.  The longer, explicit version is hilarious and you can get a full sense of the crackhead broad he was messing around with.  The feel good Bobby and James Purify song “I’m Your Puppet” was sampled for this crack tale.  Classic 90’s material.

Hi-C “I’m Not Your Puppet”


Straight Outta Locash CB4 – Chris Rock

After his debut album, Hi-C became cemented in American Cinema History.   CB4 was one of the most underrated comedies in the 90’s and featured the comedic genius of Chris Rock.  If you have even seen the movie, you know that Rock played a rapper called MC Gusto.    Hi-C is the one who was actually rapping.   Take a listen.

Straight Outta Locash CB4 – Chris Rock


He also freestyled against Jaime Kennedy’s character (B Rad) in Malibu’s Most Wanted.  Hilarious!!!



Hi-C – Swing’n (1993)

hi-c-swingn-back-in-the-day-buffetSwing’n” was his sophomore album released in 1993 on Skanless Records and was filled with more comedic rhymes about his love for the ladies.  Production was again handled by Quik, Tony A and Hi-C himself.  Samples included George Clinton, Ohio Players, Sly and the Family Stone and James Brown. His next video pretty much gave you a reintroduction to Hi-C and his love for the ladies and fun.

Hi-C “Got It Like That”

“Whats Goin On” featured an introspective Hi-C over a smooth yet familiar Donald Byrd sample.   He talked his frustrations with the violence and death in his neighborhood.  Again he ponders retaliation, but ultimately decides against it.

“But that way, I knew I’d never live long”

 He even mentions in the song that:

“I usually wouldn’t kick a song like this

But all the bullshit don’t make sense”

And offers positive solutions with:

 “So boy drop the gats and the grenades

Cause we steady dying from the crack and the AIDS”

Nice way to show some maturity and social awareness on the album.  Don’t worry homies, he isn’t preaching anymore on this album.  There are still plenty of raunchy tales left.   “Table Dance” highlights the wonderful strip club.  “Bigga and Betta” & “Devil Made Me Do It” and more fun tales from Hi C.

Hi-C “The Hi-Life Hustle” (2003)

hi-c-hi-life-hustle-back-in-the-day-buffetHi-C’s third and final album, “The Hi-Life Hustle” was released in 2003 through the legendary Rap-A-Lot label.   Damn this album has some bangers and showed a more mature Hi-C.    Together with Quik, they handled the production duties for this classic west coast sound.  Suga Free, Nate Dogg (RIP) and the master wordsmith E-40 all  show up.   James Debarge lends his signature crooning to “So Good”.  DJ Quik crafted the albums finale, “Do It”, one of the funkiest 8 minutes I ever heard.   Once the rhyming finishes, we are left with some vocoder, organ solos, and other futuristic sounds straight from The Jetsons.   Roger Troutman is bobbing his head with all the other dead celebrities that are no doubt in heaven.

Hi-C “Do it”

Hi-C is one of those artists that are often forgotten, but definitely took a different route than a majority of the gentlemen representing Compton…..a la Kendrick Lamar.   When you are feeling nostalgic for that 90’s flavor that maybe you missed, go listen to some Hi-C immediately.

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