Who Dat Rapper 03-12-17


Who Dat Rapper?

Who Dat Rapper 03-12-17

Tairrie B started off her career as  a brief member of the 80’s dance duo Bardeaux.   Their music had that vintage 80’s sound.  She then landed on the Ruthless Records subsidiary, Comptown Records.  Under the tutelage of Eazy-E, she released her first album in 1990, The Power of a Woman.  She was definitely recognizable: a white, blonde that could spit with any female at that time.  Lets revisit her career.


The Power of a Woman

Swingin Wit T” was the albums intro and showcased her rhymes skills over a cascading organ loop.  Tairrie B hit us with 4 verses of her battle raps.  This QDIII production was a great way to start the evening. Eazy-E showed up on the Schoolly D produced “Anything You Want.”  The album didn’t have great success commercially, but spawned two singles “Swingin Wit T,” and “Murder She Wrote.”

Tairrie B – Swingin’ Wit “T”

Eazy also showed up on “Player” along with additional vocals from Dr. Dre and The D.O.C. Tairrie got busy on this one as she describes her version of a player and its not what you think.  It’s a “fake casanova”, a “sugar daddy”…a dude who is practically begging for a chicks company in other words;  thirsty to the extreme.  Her Ruthless brethren vehemently denied they are anything like this at the end.  The random horns throughout make this one of the more enjoyable listens.

Tairrie B – Player (with Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, The D.O.C.)

Another standout on the album was the tale of “Vinnie Tha Moocha.”  Our host told the story of Vinnie; an aggressive fan who suffered an unfortunate fate. Everlast, who was her boyfriend at the time also showed up on the track.  The real story to this tune was the sample from the iconic blues and jazz singer Cab Calloway’s “Minnie The Moocher.  This is definitely worth a couple listens.

Tairrie B – Vinnie Tha’ Moocha

Tairrie B’s highest charting single was the mob influenced “Murder She Wrote.”  She let us know she isn’t to be intimidated by anyone and flexed her rap skills.  She even addresses the color of her skin and lets us know she is still a rap force to be dealt with:

For the blonde bombshell from hell
And if you call me a devil… well, I’m Italian
But if you want to step and get wild
I’ll take your ass out mafia style………

Not brown or black, as a matter of fact, I’m white
So believe the hype

The schizophrenic beat and the Eric B and Rakim vocal sample were the perfect match for her battle rhymes.  The vintage 1950’s video with the Easy E cameo was awesome!!!

Tairrie B – Murder She Wrote

This album finishes with the scathing diss track “Ruthless Bitch”. Tarrie B gave us 5 verses in 8 minutes. Damn, she went in on Dr. Dre and some chick name Linda. Apparently there was a confrontation at The Grammys between Dre and Tairrie so our host went to booth and lit his ass on fire.

I produce myself so I brag is

Go back to wearing sequins, cause you look like a faggot

World Class?  You got no class

So when they said that you’d produce me, I said I’ll pass

As for the Grammys, Ill put that on the shelf

It takes a punk motherfucker to play himself

Your best show was weak, I didn’t need no stitches

Get this straight, I aint one of your bitches

TAIRRIE B – Ruthless Bitch

Power of a Woman was a pretty solid release and offered something unique at the time.  Unfortunately the album didn’t chart on Billboard and she went on to work on her sophomore album, Single White Female.

Single White Female

The title track “Single White Female” was definitely my favorite on the album.  Over an extremely head nodding beat which she produced, Tairrie B addresses all those who doubt her skills because:

the competition is dying to see me fail, cause my skin is pale


TAIRRIE B – Single White Female

One of the strongest cuts on the album was “Respect Yourself.”  Tairrie B shared a message about abortion, safe sex, drug use and domestic abuse directed at the ladies.   She even touched on a bit of her personal life to help empower women.

TAIRRIE B – Respect Yourself

Rhythm Method” was classic 90’s.  The faint saxophone in the background was heaven in my ears. Tairrie B kicks some battle rhymes on groovy “Lets Get Funky.”  “Rhymin with a Devil” highlights our host airing her frustrations on people that judge her because of the color of her skin, despite her skills.  This song had a distinct rock flavor and foreshadowed what was to come next in her career.  The album was recorded in 92/93 but was never released.  Half way through the album, she changed her musical direction and the album was shelved.  She finally  released it via her bandcamp website in 2010.


Tairrie B formed the metal band, Manhole in the mid 90’s and released All Is Not Well.  One of the singles, “Pull Your Head Out” clearly lets us know about her Pro-Choice stance. This was some powerful shit, regardless of what genre of music you listen to.


MANHOLE – Put Your Head Out

Manhole changed its name to Tura Satana and released their second album, “Relief through Release”.  Tura Satana disbanded and Tairrie B formed the alternative metal band, My Ruin and released 8 albums from 99-2013.

Vintage Curses

Tairrie B returned to her hip hop roots in 2015 with the release of Vintage Curses.  She showed a new direction, a dark and witchy figure that can still spit those flames.   That’s evident in her 3 videos from the album, “BTCHCRVFT”, “Down as Dirt” and “Beware the Crone”. The new album has a slight rock feel along with some  80’s hip hop .  Definitely a breath of fresh air and unique from today’s music scene.


The rest of the album has pretty much the same vibe.    “Devil May Care” starts off with

Crows cawing, then she kicks rhymes like:

I crafted, carefully designed this track abstract and introspective
For the Coven of a witches collective
Strange brew and my crew’s objective
Introduce a new perspective
Subversive, subjective
For the love of the art and reflective

Wicked Witch on the West Coast” and “Spirit Queen” are also standouts.

Tairrie B has an eclectic discography and definitely creates her own lane.  She embodies women empowerment and that has bled through her catalog for over 20 years.

So you may see a white chick in a video with Eazy-E with a “magnum like a microphone, murdering MC’s.”  Then you may see her on stage in metal band thinking she looks familiar.  Who Dat Rapper????  And heavy metal singer???…..   That’s Tairrie B.

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Who Dat Rapper 03-12-17


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