Who Dat Rapper 02-19-17

Who Dat Rapper 02-19-17

It’s Party Time….OOOOO Its Party Time.

We’re having a party!

Many Facez

That song you weren’t able to escape in 1997.  “The Theme (Its Party Time),” was unleashed on the planet and pandemonium ensued.  Philly representer Tracey Lee’s debut single spent a decent amount of time on the charts.  The song did so well, a remix featuring Busta Rhymes further pushed Tracey Lee’s buzz. As a result, his debut Many Facez was released later that year.

Tracey Lee – The Theme (It’s Party Time)

Tracey Lee feat. Pirate & Busta Rhymes – The After Party

Another standout on the album was the soothing “On the Edge”.   Our host describes the struggles he encountered early in his career.  Food stamps and getting fired were all highlighted. The hook perfectly captures the essence of the entire song.

I walked on ice, but I never fell

Was living the trife life, but I never fell

Seems like im headed for hell with ways like this

Its like that yall, that yall livin on the edge

I walked on ice, but I never fell

Was living the trife life, but I never fell

My life was hell, but it through him I found strength

The mellow beat courtesy of an Isley Brothers sample perfectly matches the struggle he depicts.   The DMC vocal sample “I walked on ice, but I never fell” is also incorporated from the classic “King of Rock”.  That last minute and  a half was celestial.  No rhymes, just an accompanying violin flowing with the sample.    This is some beautiful shit.

Tracey Lee – On the Edge

True, Tracey may have a smash hit single with “The Theme”, but the best song on the album had 3 verses from the immortal Notorious BIG.   He clearly shreds the mic on “Keep Your Hands High” when he rhymes:

I got a new mouth to feed, I’m due south with keys
Y’all pick seeds out y’all weed, I watch cowards bleed

Bitches get naked off Get Money, Playas Anthem
Don’t forget One More Chance and, my other hits
Other shit niggas spit be counterfeit

Robbing come naturally, in and out like fuckin rapidly
Pass the gat to me
Make his chest rest where his back should be
Fuckin blasphemy, blast me, your family rest in coffins
Often, Franquiza, far from soft or fragila
Play hard like Reggie Miller, rapper slash dope dealer
Slash guerilla, slash illest turn iller

Tracey Lee feat. The Notorious B.I.G. “Keep your hands high”

Big Will”and “Whos Crew” show Tracey Lee can floss with the best of them.    “Repent” is definitely worth a couple listens.  Over an ominous track with a shit talking preacher in the background, Tracey discusses his disgust for current rappers.  If only he heard the radio today.  Tracey Lee’s second single was a battle of the sexes, “Give it up Baby”.   Female rapper Ericka Kane adds a nice amount of sass throughout.

Tracey Lee – Give It Up Baby

Tracey Lee put together a solid debut and it cracked the Top 25 Billboard charts.   He was now a rising star and jumped on songs with CRU and the lovely Changing Faces.  He even found himself on a track with Queen Pen; “Rock the Body” which landed on the soundtrack of 1998’s Hav Plenty.  Tracey released “Evolution 3000” in 1999 and invited heavyweights, Black Rob, Buckshot and Kurupt to spit some murderous bars.

Live From The (215)

2001 Mr. Slap Your Favorite DJ, Kay Slay put out a sampler for Tracey Lee’s next project, Live From The (215) Sampler.  Unfortunately that album never materialized and Tracey Lee went back to school.

Free Consultation Mixtape Series Vol. 1. 

Tracey Lee reemerged in 2007 as Tracey Lee, Esq.   He is now an lawyer specializing in contract and entertainment law. He also runs a production company, film and book publishing company with his wife called Lleft Entertainment.   Music runs through his veins, so he was unable to go too long without rhyming.    2011 , Tracey Lee released a mixtape entitled Free Consultation Mixtape Series Vol. 1.  Production included gems from D Dot, Young Guru and D-Dot.  A much more mature Tracey Lee blazes this 9th Wonder produced “It’s Just Pretend

Tracey Lee feat. Kenyaflow – It’s Just Pretend

Tracey Lee ESQ. The Revelation

Tracey Lee released his next album in 2014: Tracey Lee ESQ. The Revelation.  This project is grown and sexy hip hop at its finest.  Perhaps the realest song of all time, “Vision” is basically the reason why Tracy became an entertainment lawyer.


Anyone who went to an HBCU will instantly fall in love with “Howard Girls

Tracey Lee “Howard Girls”

There is plenty of good music throughout this album.  There is a distinct R&B vibe throughout.  Tracks like “Back Home”, “The Hunger” and “Its About Time” are all amazing records.  Any fans of Tracey Lee who forgot about him need to get a copy of this album immediately.   If you ever hear a song where someone is yelling “It’s Party Time” and think Who Dat Rapper?…..That’s Tracey Lee.

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Who Dat Rapper 02-19-17

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