Who Dat Rapper 01-29-17

Who Dat Rapper 01-29-17

The mighty Rap A Lot records was the first major southern Hip Hop label and responsible for the iconic Geto Boys. The early to mid 90’s offered a plethora of artists signed to the label. A majority of the artists repped Houston. Artists like Seagram and Big Mike represented Oakland and Louisiana respectively.

The DetriMental Ganxta aka DMG haled from St. Paul, Minnesota and hustled his way in front of Scarface, who promptly signed him to the label.  You can certainly hear DMG’s strong resemblance to Scarface in style and voice. We now have another potent product that’s served by Rap A Lot records. DMG promptly got ready for his debut: 1993’s Rigormortiz.  Production is mostly handled by Rap A Lot’s  in house production team which features  NO Joe and Mike Dean.


DMG drafts Bushwick Bill on the spoken intro. He eloquently describes the meaning of  Rigormortiz; you don’t have to be dead to feel the effects of rigor mortis.  And DMG is about to show you this by taking a tour through his surroundings . “Prelude to a Murder” featured the familiar sample based on Stevie Wonder’sPastime Paradise.”  This deadly track made Coolio’s “Gangstas Paradise” seem like Sesame Street.  Oakland rapper Cozy-K added a murderous verse.  “One in the Chamba” and “Behind The Wall” both have a bit of reggae influence.  “I Aint Bullshittin” features a relaxing backdrop as DMG discusses racial injustices.  DMG is probably most known by his single, “You Don’t Hear Me Doe” where he lets us know he has “slugs that catch up with Carl Lewis on the track meet.”  His deep voice is perfectly complemented by the the frequently used Gwen McCrae sample.  This is vintage 90’s Rap A Lot right here.

DMG – You Don’t Hear Me Doe

DMG shows a bit of range on the “Rest in Peace”.  This was a change of pace from all the aggression from the rest of the album.  Over a smooth backdrop and some crooning on the hook, DMG pays homage to his cousin and his other friends that were killed.  You feel the emotion here with rhymes like.

Why my niggas had to be the ones to go

And for the people that they grew with and love the most

The list is getting longer as I go

Its got me paranoid, thinking will I be the one the next to let it go

I try to do for my kids while I’m here

Cause when im gone, daddy gone,

So hold your head up and continue on

And to the niggas that I chill with

Show a nigga love and show em that you down till its over with

I beggin Jesus Christ please

Lets us chill at ease

And let my dead homies rest in peace.

Geto Boys and Convicts member Big Mike blessed us with the final verse.

DMG – Rest in Peace

Bring It On” is one of the mightiest posse cuts ever.  It was the final song on The Geto Boys, Till Death Do Us Part that dropped just a few months before Rigormortiz.  The track featured 10 Rap A Lot artists including DMG killing everything in sight.  DMG used a similar formula and invited, 2 Low, Scarface, Big Mike, 3-2, and the 5th Ward Boys on the albums deadly finale, “Buck Em Down

DMG – Buck Em Down

Geto Boys & The Rap-A-Lot Family – Bring It On

Don’t Wait

DMG had plenty guest appearances on other projects throughout the rest of the 90’s.  In 1998, he dropped the final verse on Devin the Dude’s ode to hoes on “Don’t Wait” off his spectacular self titled debut.  Spice 1 also joined the party and actually slowed down on killing and had some things to say about the lovely ladies.  Been a Spice 1 fan for years and don’t recall ever him rhyming about broads.

Devin The Dude “Dont Wait” ft DMG & Spice 1


A few years later, DMG was drafted in Scarface’s super group; Facemob.  Scarface put together a collective group of MC’s from around the country.  Devin the Dude, Smit-D, 350, Chi Ray and Scarface himself completed the team.    They had a few songs on soundtracks such as High School High and Tales From The Hood.   1996 was the official album debut of Facemob.   The Other Side of the Law was the album title and lead single.

Facemob – The Other Side Of The Law

Facemob released Silence in 2002 and was their final album.  Devin chose not to participate this time around. His stock as a solo artist increased after being featured on Dr. Dre’s 2001 album a few years prior.

Black Roulette

DMG released his second album Black Roulette in 2003 and again takes us through his world.   The album opener, “All Balls No Brain” lets us know over a nice piano laden beat that he has “balls is as big as basketballs”.  Songs like “If I Only Knew,” “I Wish,” “Who am I” and “No Friends,” put the murder to the side and show a reflective DMG.  Yukmouth from The Luniz joins DMG as they get aggressive on “Head Hunter”.

The album strongest track is “My Destiny” where he discusses his career and family.   Producer Domo cooked up something heavenly for DMG to get introspective on.

DMG- My Destiny

Snow Bunnies

Black Roulette was DMGs’ final album.  Since then he has sporadically appeared on different songs, most recently in Yukmouth’s album in 2014, Gas (Grow & Sale).

Bay Area legend Dru Down joins the pair as they recruit white chicks to help them move weight on “Snow Bunnies.

Yukmouth – Snow Bunnies

DMG only blessed us with 2 full albums, his work with Facemob and a handful of features. He was able to show us his violent side on debut, but a more mature DMG on his follow up a decade later. So if you ever seen him in a video and think, Who Dat Rapper? That’s the Rap A Lot representer DMG, the DetriMental Ganxta.

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Who Dat Rapper 01-29-17

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