Who Dat Rapper 01-08-17


Who Dat Rapper 01-08-17

Dangerous Music was an Oakland crew put together by legendary Too Short.  The crew included;  live musicians,  a team of rappers including Spice 1, Father Dom, Goldy, Bad N-Fluenz Clic (Rappin Ron & Ant Diddely Dog), FM Blue and the severely underrated producer/rapper Ant Banks.  Pooh Man was another rapper that was part of the crew from its inception and certainly carved out a name for him. Beefs, acting, incarceration, movie soundtracks and the best album cover of all time are all a part of Pooh Man’s legacy.


Pooh Man first showed up on the sappy “Teardrops” in 1988.  Over a clearly 80’s instrumental, MC Pooh(his first moniker) gets his LL Cool J on. The ladies on the hook and his talking at the end make you feel like he licking his lips in the booth while maestro Babyface gets busy on production.  Don’t worry, if this is too lovey dovey for you, he will soon change his image drastically.

MC Pooh “Teardrops”

Life of a Criminal (1990)

pooh-man-life-of-a-criminalPooh Man’s then released his debut album, 1990’s Life Of A Criminal which features some of Ant Banks earliest production. Upon first listen you make comparisons to Too Short and DJ Quik, a high pitched flow talking incessantly about hoes and weed.  The album is only 8 songs deep and takes you through a tour the streets of Oakland.


Funky As I Wanna Be

poohmanPooh Man’s magnum opus was no doubt his second album, Funky As I Wanna Be. This was my first introduction to the rapper. The album  cover as every teenage boy wet dream and I thought I was going to hear something to get me harder than a roll of quarters.  I had to get it.  The album begins with “Niggas Aint Playin” and sounds quite lovely over the smooth instrumental. Pooh Man’s label mates, Ant Banks and Too Short stop by to talk about the ladies on “Racia”. Flint and The Bay collaborated on the MC Breed assisted “Don’t Cost A Dime”. His production team was able to craft one of the smoothest tracks from the album on  “Mellow Man”.  Our host rhymed about the ladies jocking him and daring fools to test him.  The real treat on this one is the live music.  Easily my favorite in his catalog.  The title track, “The Projects” and “Player Haters” are all self explanatory and enjoyable thanks to Ant Banks signature production and the live music.

Pooh Man “Mellow Man”

“Sex Money & Murder” (Juice Soundtrack)

juice-movie-soundtrack-back-in-the-day-buffetPooh Man contributed “Sex Money & Murder” to the mighty Juice soundrack in 1991 which also showed up on his album.   Over one of the funkiest things Ant Banks ever produced, Pooh discusses the hip hop trinity.  This move thrust him into national prominence as he was able to jump on the same album as the immortals: Rakim, Big Daddy Kane as well as popular new jacks at the time, Naughty By Nature and Cypress Hill.

Pooh Man “Sex Money & Murder”

Pooh Man even got a chance to flex is acting chops the following year in the classic Menace II Society film.

Menace II Society – Caine was beatin yo ass

Judgement Day

pooh-man-judgement-dayThen beef happened between Pooh Man and the rest of the Dangerous Crew. Pooh Man started the onslaught on his second album Judgment Day.  Run Nigga Run” was a single that generated a little buzz on Rap City, but the real story was his many disses toward his former brothers.  He started firing at Ant Banks and Too Short on “Bring It 2 Em”.  He then tossed his hate towards Spice 1 on “Studio Gangster”.  The rest of Dangerous Music weren’t having it.  Ant Banks fired back with “Fuckin With Banks” off his second CD, The Big Badass.  The ladies on the hook were a nice touch.  Too Short had something to say about his former brethren on “Get In Where You Fit In”; a funk filled 9 minutes that featured Rappin’ Ron and Ant Diddely Dog.   Spice 1 even got some venom in against Pooh on his 1994 genocidal Amerikkas Most Wanted album on the hilarious “You Done Fucked Up.

Pooh Man “Bring It 2 Em”

Pooh Man “Judgement Day” (feat. Jet)

Ant Banks – Fuckin’ Wit Banks

Too $hort – Get In Where You Fit In

Spice 1 – You Done Fucked Up

Aint No Love

pooh-man-aint-no-loveThe verbal war against Too Short continues throughout his next album, Aint No Love.   He saves his harshes words for the title track.  Over a beat that sounds like a Dr Dre throwaway, Pooh rhymes


I ain’t gonna bust ya
I rather ride up and drop ya
Battle rappin is weak shit
And I’m down with this street shit
And you ain’t shit but a weak bitch
The ugliest nigga in rap

Ouch.  The entire albums isn’t about The Dangerous Crew, he reads letters from peeps that are incarcerated to their family member on “Letters From The Pen”  Money B from Digital Undergound shows up to discuss the ladies on “Down Low.”  “In The Gutter,” the albums opener is a slow and dark trip through his neighborhood.  “Just Another Drive By,” “Murder Rap” and “Gangsta” all showcase a more aggressive Pooh Man than we have seen before.  “Back Breaker” is another strong cut, due the bouncy beat.  Your lady is surely to do the butterfly to this, while rhyming along with the hook:

If a fool want to his meet his maker

I got the back breaker, double pump rump shaker

If a fool want to his meet his maker

Step to the front, and fool ill take ya 

Pooh Man “Back Breaker”

State V Pooh Man Straight From San Quinton

pooh-man-the-state-vs-poohmanPooh Man found himself locked up for a local robbery then came back in 1997 with State V Pooh Man Straight From San Quinton. The entire project was his thoughts while locked up. Pooh Man definitely took a smoother approach this time around.  This is evident on “Mama Used To Say” and “Use Ta Be My Homie,” the latter featuring Rappin 4 Tay.  He even has a heart felt letter to his wife that he wrote from prison on “Baby.

Pooh Man “Baby”

Fuckin With Dank 2001

pooh-man-kaos-theoryPooh Man patched up the differences he had with his Dangerous Crew and in 2001 released Fuckin With Dank 2001.  Spice 1 and Ant Banks appeared throughout the album and helped Pooh create the magic they had in the early 90’s.  This is the year where Pooh Man got caught up in a bank robbery and did 13 years in the federal penitentiary.   He kept writing, so the moment he got out, he got to work and released Kaos Theory in 2014.  With the beef being left in the 90’s, Ant Banks appeared on the single, “Mesmerized.

Pooh Man “Mesmerized”

Pooh Man is still dropping music.  He provides some social commentary on the powerful “No More Tears” released in early 2016.

Pooh Man “No More Tears”

If you ever see his name on a soundtrack, see him in a movie, or hear one of his diss tracks and wonder “Who Dat Rapper?”  That’s Pooh Man.

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Who Dat Rapper 01-08-17

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