The UMC’s – Blue Cheese 25th Year Anniversary

The UMC’s released their first single “Blue Cheese” off their debut album “Fruits of Nature” back in the summer of 1991.  The group was composed of Haas G and Kool Kim and their acronym meant, “Universally, Mystically, and Conceptually“.  The track and album was produced by RNS  and released on Wild Pitch Records.

The track hit hard in the summer of 1991 thanks to some clever samples that blended perfectly!  They used the drum beats from Funkadelic’sYou’ll Like It Too” with a splash of “Oh Honey” by Delegation.  But the true “clever” sample was a vocal sample of Solomon Burke’sGet Out Of My Life Woman“.  The jazzy vocal sample made us sing this hook over and over again.

Get out, Get out/I don’t love you no more

Put all three samples together plus some UMC’s lyrics and you got a major hit on your hands.  The rhymes are not complex, but funky enough to get you moving and grooving! They had a very “De La Soul-Esque” type of vibe and their album was as slept on as a goose-down pillow.

[Haas G.]
I can definitely hold (hold) a title
Drink a beer and fold, the suckas are legit
Who told (told) the public that we weren’t bold
(Now that’s a definite disgrace)
Disgrace (yeah)
So I have to give the public what they want
(Fear) is just a total disruption of my stunt
(You’re being very blunt)
Now I’ll unto a method that’s new to start a hunt (How?)
Well, I kick it like so you see, I’m a UMC
Giving giving blows three forces of nature
Earth, wind, fire, let’s negate the
Good cause I’m bad with the skill to create the
Quite slick, various tricks of the know how
Of a master like Col. Powell

[Kool Kim]
Kick up, now that’s just a common expression when I pick up
And start to teach my first lesson
(Arithmetic, reading, and writing) Not too exciting
I’ll pick up on teachings that orchestrate my kingdom
Based upon elements of lyrics I bring them
Stone by stone (but did you build it alone?)
No kid was prone to seek it alone
From the kid who did, sell a party well
(Do tell) Oh well, I done told on
(Wait up hold on) Nah, watch him flow on
So on, so on, watch me grow on
I keep growing til I start to sneeze
(What’s Mark salad’s G’s?) Blue cheese

[Haas G.]
Blue cheese is the topic at hand
Cheesy blue (true) elements can’t stand
When I elaborate on the fake calobrate
Non potent forces of a food for a rodent
(Jokes?) Nope, just comes later
The procreator, I’m the one that saved the
Year of 1991, made it obvious for the entire world to find the fun
Or better yet we (kind of clever) get
The level said “check” all hands on deck
For the source of my skill is all real
Fashioned to eliminate the weak who are marked with the seal
Of blue cheese

[Kool Kim]
Now back to the nest at the foot of the tree
One for the hype MC, the cool in me
The Kim, the cooling, I’m a slave for no man
Stand like low pants, slam like Rodan
Who can? (You can?) Damn, I’m grand dad
Step off the runway, I’m preparing for landing
Three-point drop turn stop and freeze
Spin 360 degrees for blue cheese

What does “Blue Cheese” mean?  Well, it’s an updated “Sucker MC’s” where the “rat mc’s are cheesy”.  It’s not that difficult to decipher, but what was behind that colorful video is the real question.  The blue monster in the video must be the “blue cheese sucker mc” and by the end of the video he get’s captured and taken away.  The song is a definite banger and for that we salute you (UMC’s) on this anniversary!

-Al E.

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