Top 5 Kurtis Mantronik Produced Tracks

Top 5 Kurtis Mantronik Produced Tracks

Kurtis Mantronik is one of the greatest producers in Hip-Hop History, yet he seldom get’s the props he deserves!  KM met MC Tee in 1984 and created the electro-funk group Mantronix.  Along the way he has produced tracks for Just-Ice, T La Rock, KRS-One and others.

When I first heard of Mantronix, I heard a track called “Fresh Is The Word” on a compilation album and I was hooked.  “Baseline,” “Scream,” and “Ladies” had me getting every single and album they dropped.  Finding 5 tracks that have doper than dope beats was as simple as Simon, so let’s start there!

Top 5 Kurtis Mantronik Produced Tracks

5.Simple Simon” by Mantronix

“Simple Simon” was released off Mantronix’s third studio album “In Full Effect.” It had such an infectious beat and was the gem off this album.  That guitar riff is what makes the song!

4.  “Bass Machine” by T La Rock

Bass Machine” is a track off T La Rock’s debut album “Lyrical King.” Kurtis drops a crazy electronic beat and cuts it in and out on top of a nice bass track.

3.  “Cold Gettin’ Dumb” by Just-Ice

When I first heard “Cold Gettin’ Dumb” by Just-Ice, it was on a mix-tape that had been played on KDAY.  I searched everywhere and could not figure out who this rapper was, until one day I stepped into a record store and heard it playing in the background.  It is one of the filthiest beats I had ever heard and for Redman to reuse it was absolutely understandable!

2.  “Listen to the Bass Get Stupid Fresh Part 2” by Mantronix

“Listen to the Bass Get Stupid Fresh Part 2” was one of those Mantronix tracks that had you pressing the rewind button over and over again.  That harmonica sample had you asking, “Where he get that from?” Well…it’s from Area Code 615’sStone Fox Chase” and is one unforgettable Mantronix jam!

1. “King of the Beats” by Mantronix

The title “King of the Beats” says it all!  As soon as the sirens start, you know this track is going to be the ish!  As a former DJ, this is one of those tracks that I would use to start my set.  It is one of the first songs to use the “Amen Brother” track by The Winstons.  It contains a total of 10 samples and it is my favorite Mantronix track of all time.

We salute you Kurtis Mantronik!  No need to ask but I’ll do it anyways, “Do You Like…MANTRONIXXXXX???”  I do!!!

Top 5 Kurtis Mantronik Produced Tracks

-Al E.

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