10 Hip-Hop Summer Party Songs of the 90’s

So memorial day weekend is here, and I can’t think of a better way to start it off than with some hot jams. This list is in no particular order but this is MY top 10 list of songs best suited for a weekend BBQ.  While you guys are smashing your faces with hot dogs, listening to the latest Drake album, I have a list that only 10% of the population would argue with. These 90’s hits will bring back memories, and I’m pretty sure the new generation will like it too. No BBQ is a hit without the songs that made outside get-togethers an ultimate party smash. Instead of people freeloading in your backyard, everyone will be taking the time to mingle while dancing to the 90’s playlist. Time to get to it, and no – DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith’s “Summertime” is NOT on the list. So tell me your top 10 for the perfect BBQ, here’s mine.

 1)      2Pac: I Get Around: From the album “Strictly For My N.I.G.G.A.Z” was released June 1993

2)      The Notorious B.I.G: Juicy, from his album “Ready to Die” was released  August 1994

3)      Snoop Dogg: Gin and Juice: From the album “Doggystyle” was released January 1994

4)      Ice Cube: Today was a Good Day, from the album “The Predator” was released February 1993

5)      Digital Underground: The Humpty Dance, from the album “Sex Packets” was released January 1990

6)      Ghost Town Dj’s: My Boo, from the album “So So Def Bass Allstars” was released in May 1996

7)      LL Cool J: Around The Way Girl, from the album “Mama Said Knock You Out” was released November 1990

8)      Wreckx-n-Effect: Rump Shaker, from the album ” Hard or Smooth”  was released  August  1992

9)      Junior Mafia featuring Notorious B.I.G: Get Money from the album “Conspiracy” was released September 1995

10)   DMX: Ruff Ryders Anthem from the album ” It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” was released May 1998


Have a great long Memorial Day weekend with all the people you love and don’t forget to share and give back to the people less fortunate. Hot Dogs and Burgers for everyone!

Top 10 Hip-Hop Summer Party Songs of the 90’s

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