Threat – Sickinnahead

Threat – Sickinnahead

Police corruption, the LA riots, baby momma drama and gang stories all got the Deadly Threat treatment and caused a minor hit in the golden state. Threat released his debut (and only album) “Sickinnahead” in 1993. DJ Pooh, Bobcat & Suede laced several heavy funk-fuelled head nodders and for a short while this L.A. player got some love from his homeboys & hardcore aficionados for his lyrical dexterity & depth to his rhymes.
From “Sucka Free” to “LA Zulu” to “Let the dogs loose” and “Shuta Fuck Up.” Threat had his moment in a golden era for hip hop from the West.

Threat “Sucka Free”

When Threat came on the scene with his memorable verse on Ice Cube‘s ‘Color Blind’ off the Death Certificate album he brought some real West Coast hotness to the mic.
“Killa Cali, the state where they kill
Over colors cuz brothas don’t know the deal
And they’ll cap you, not if they have to
But if they want to, first they might confront you
But every nigga on my block can’t stop
And he won’t stop and he don’t stop
Not to the bang bang boogie, but they like to gangbang
And rookies ain’t the only ones that drop
Some say the little locs are gettin a little too loc’ed
And when it comes to dust, they kick up the most
Say the wrong word
then whistle down the street to your homies like a bird
Bust a u-turn, come back and get served nigga
For the women, it don’t matter how loud they blouse get
But men, the wrong color outfit, could get your mouth split
It’s a shame, but it ain’t no thang to me
Cuz I slang these thangs like a G
It’s on, is anybody killin for the summertime
I gotta get another nine, even though I’m color blind”

Ice Cube “Color Blind” ft Deadly Threat, J Dee, Kam, King Tee & WC & The Maad Circle

After this he put out another solid slice of hardcore street-hop. Although they didn’t sell a ton of units, it did garner a following as an underground west coast classic backed by serious players.
Written by Andy McNeill for Back In The Day Buffet
Threat – Sickinnahead

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