Spice 1 – Amerikkka’s Nightmare


Spice 1 – Amerikkka’s Nightmare

Spice 1 released his 3rd and highest selling album Amerikkas Nightmare back in November 1994.  The world was in the midst of a gangsta rap takeover, and Death Row had us all in a headlock but Spice was able to stay unique and fresh with his passionate flow and his frequent reggae muse.  Legendary DJ Battlecat and Ant Banks laid the foundation for Spice 1’s murder raps.  This album is void of partying, macking, or getting money, just raw unadulterated violence.  Lets revisit this classic!

The albums opener featured Mr Flamboyant himself, E-40.  “D-Boyz Got Love For Me”.  Every time E-Fonzorelli jumps on a track, his unique vernacular propels the song to another level.  Spice 1 and Method Man blessed the amazing “Nuthin But the Gangsta” from MC Eiht’s debut We Come Strapped earlier that year.  Method Man decided to join forces with Spice again on “Hard To Kill” as both MC traded verbal threats.  The immortal Tupac dropped a classic verse on “Jealous Got Me Strapped

Spice 1- Jealous Got Me Strapped

Spice decides to slow things down on “Face of a Desperate Man”.  Producer Ant Banks cooked up a nice instrumental based on Roy Ayers “The Memory”.  A tale is told about someone getting out of jail, and then gets right back into things.

Smellin stale, fresh out the county jail
Coppers gave me hell in the cell
but now it’s mo’ murder to make mail
They thought my heart was playin’ life at a different pitch
but I stick to the script: dump a snitch in a ditch
It’s ’94, I can’t be fuckin’ around
Paranoia of a jack, so I’m quick to draw down
The only way I gets my mail is to be off in yo ass
with a A.K. or a Uzi screamin’: ‘Gimme yo cash!

The hook showcases our host displaying his gangsta reggae influenced rhymes.

Spice 1 – Face of A Desperate Man

Producer BlackJack crafted the violent tale, “Nigga Sings the Blues” that found itself on the Jason’s Lyric soundtrack. The vocals of the lovely Levander on the hook made this one unique in the midst of all the bloodshed this album had to offer.

spice-1-strap-on-the-side-back-in-the-day-buffetBlackJack also created yet another classic sound on the Spice 1 single, “Strap On The Side”.  Versatility was shown on the track.  Not only did he spit his murder raps with precision, he was also able to incorporate some melodic crooning in the middle of the song and on the hook.  Think Nelly or Domino.  The content is self explanatory, but after a couple listens, you can’t help but sing along while Spice serenades us:


Rollin with my muthafuckin strap on the side of me

Don’t fuck with East Bay G

Spice 1 – Strap on the side

Doncha Runaway” is yet another Ant Banks producers gem and once again, you will be harmonizing on the hook with Spice 1

Doncha runaway

From My Nine

Theres no place to hide

Im gonna get you by and by

The violent content is easily overlooked on this one. You’re too busy singing about the gun you don’t have.  Spice 1 invites his crew the 187 Fac to drop some murderous rhymes on “Give The G The Gat.”  DJ Slip of Comptons Most Wanted produced “Stickin to the G Code” featured the vocals of Rosa Knight.

Spice end the murder show on lighter note and shows a sense of humor.     Well he just puts all his focus on Pooh Man on the scatching diss track, “You Done Fucked Up” Pooh Man had a falling out with the Dangerous crew in the 90’s which resulted in a few songs between the two camps.   He starts his assault by yelling over a funky Ant Banks production.

You fat ass pudgy muthafucka, yeah, what up now nigga

Then Spice rhymes

You was lucky to be signed with Jive

They dropped your ass when your record stopped at 135

All your songs is rinky dinky

Just a fat ass nigga who had one too many twinkies

And I’m gonna watch that belly explode
When I catch ya in the street, unload the 4-5 and reload
Bend over and the hoes will laugh
Cause you show a big fat stanky crack in that ass

Spice ends each of his 3 verses with

Don’t nobody record company want ya
You know you done fucked up don’t ya?

Spice 1 – You Done Fucked Up

The Pooh Man impersonator at the end is hilarious.  The song title is actually a nod to the classic Menace II Society.   Remember this scene?

You know you done fucked up right? You know that right?

Gangsta Rap was in full force in 1994.   Spice 1 crafted his third consecutive gold album in the midst of this era.  Now, even Stevie Wonder can see that Spice 1 has limited topic range.  Still the hits on this album keep coming, the guest appearances keep surprising and the beats keep pounding while we get to witness what one of the fiercest West Coast MC’s has to offer.  I’m off the shoot fools on Grand Theft Auto V.

Spice 1 – Amerikkka’s Nightmare

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