Sid & B-Tonn – Deathwish

sid-b-tonn-deathwish-back-n-the-day-buffetSid & B-Tonn released their debut track “Death Wish” back in 1990 and it had major air play on Yo! MTV Raps, Rap City and Video Music Box!  The 12 inch single came with two version, but it was the video version that people remember.  The track was produced by S.I.D. and released on Columbia, Rush Associated Labels.

I had a daily and weekly routine of recording Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City on a VHS tape to watch later when I had the chance.  One Saturday I was watching Fab Five Freddy do his thing on YO!, when this song appeared. As soon as i heard the sample Eddie Kendrick’sKeep On Trucking“, I was hooked!  It was the same sample Raheem used earlier on his track “Dance Floor“.  I had heard the Rakim took them under his wing and made the call to Lyor Cohen to get them signed, I was ready for a full length album.  It was not to be.  I’m not sure what happened to them, but I will always remember this track.

S.I.D. went on to produce tracks for Freddie Foxxx, World Renown, Slick Rick,Nefertiti, LeShaun, ApacheQueen Latifah, Naughty By Nature, Nikki-D and R & B and Pop acts like Color Me Badd, Zhane, REM, Casserine and many others.

The video for this track was on that old school gangster flick tip and had B-Tonn flowing nicely over that “Keep on Trucking” bat.  There is no hook but the break piano beat is funky as they come.

[Verse One: B. Tonn]
I’m like Dirty Harry
You couldn’t fuck around with my man
Too nice and swift with his hands
But fool, whatever come
Aiming to get some
Waving his gun, is he dumb?
Yeah he got some
Whatever the circumstance
Sid would take chance
Agree to freelance
My mind to enhance
[I certainly?] try to catch me on on some old ill shit
(What up?) Sid ain’t with it
So when the next day come
All hell break loose
For the people screamin’ and yellin’
Claim they got juice
My competitors?
Took ’em by the dozen and done ’em
One by one, used my stun gun to stun ’em
Left marks, many feelings of pain
But you pay the price if you play the game
So step up, relieve, deceive
And ever see if I miss
And I’mma hit you with my deathwish


[Verse Two: B. Tonn]
I got a death wish
To hit, get off my chest
But hold the pets
A rainy day won’t bring no sunshine
But you get one cause you’re dead like pig swine
But brother
[Do and I] could take another
Before you discover
But it ain’t the right way to try to do me
You’re in the new school, so how could you school me?
But time after time you let the boys get you up
To play the part
When you know it puts fear in your heart
The man with background
You want my new sound
‘Cause you can’t get down, I hang in one round
Ungh. The pleasure, the sights of glee will never come
When you roll against number one
So somebody please come get this child
‘Fore a brother have to break buckwild
And the “Danger” sign is about to get lit
That’s when I wish
The next one out there who appear on my list
They get hit with the deathwish


[Verse Three: B. Tonn]
Al Capone used to hold his own
Now I got things sewn
To run my own zone
But if some beef comes, ain’t no problem
One solution will surely solve them
I call up the mob on the Mafia phone
I tell who to kill, who to leave alone
Then the job will get done
So watch the next chum
Who tried to catch some
Be out and on the run
So I asked this brother why
Did he ever think he could put fear
By yelling words in my ear
I know you’re either in the mist or […]
But that won’t help none to keep on rippin’
Especially when I hear a booty MC who really can’t rap
(Can’t rap)
I gotta break his back
But let the mob handle whoever come up next
And flex, to break the hex
I sit back with no tax
And wait for the next to get me pissed
So I can hit ’em with a deathwish

-Al E.

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