Showbiz & A.G. – Soul Clap

Showbiz & A.G. released their debut EPSoul Clap” back on March 17th, 1992.  The album was produced by Showbiz and one track that was produced by Diamond D. The album was released on Payday Records.

The first track I ever heard from these guys was “Soul Clap“.  As soon as I heard that Fred Wesley and The J.B.’sMore Peas” sample, I was hooked.  The tracks starts off nicely with piano riff also from “More Peas” followed by a funky dope drum pattern from Miami’sChicken Yellow“.  The track also has an old school feel to it as they take vocal samples from The Fantastic Five and The Furious Five.  From there, Andre the Giant takes over in a major way!

The Giant is greater, so step back
I got a jam that’s so fat
This one’s called Soul Clap
And I’mma keep climbin G
With beats that’s fat
Cause that’s Showbiz and Diamond D
Don’t believe all the hearsay
Cause I’mma get the airplay
While the fans say “Yeah ‘Dre!”
And I’m on the lyrical tip
For you to whip the Giant
That’ll be a Miracle Whip
So obey the rules
Cause when I start slayin’ crews
Everybody’s payin’ dues
I prevail never fail or fall
Even as a underdog I were wonders y’all
Step up and get with it
You try to get fat
So my stats will say “Forget it!”
Yeah I’m rappin’ that’s what happenin’
Cuties with booties is one thing
I’m actually likin’
You see me comin’ hold your breath
And hold your wifey
Back up, give me some space and
Hold your honey or bet money I play chasin’
Here to win one-on-one of old rap
Me Showbiz and Diamond D yeah we got the Soul Clap

“Party Groove” has that deep bass that will rattle your trunk, and has A.G. doing what he does best.  The instrumental is crazy dope and starts off nicely with a saxophone sample borrowed from Brother Jack McDuff’sStrolling Blues” followed by Chuck D saying “Hear the drummer get wicked” as Showbiz cuts it up nicely on the one’s and two’s.  Makes you wonder why they didn’t use the original beat.

And it’s the party groove, it’s the groove of the party
So girls fix your weave and come shake your body
I’m a lady to me, like crime is to Gotti
If you can’t afford Moet, then drink Bicardi
Cause it’s all the same there is no shame
I’m a sit back, relax, grab a girl, and kick game
And Dre pass the fifth, and that’s only if
I crew hold they head, no beef and don’t riff
Cause gangsta images Show can’t get with
And I don’t understand (Understand what?)
The ignorance (the ignorance) I said the ignorance (The ignorance)
And now it’s time to prove I make you dance to the party groove

Giant in the Mental” sounds like a dedication to James Brown with 2 tracks sampled, “The Boss” and “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved“.   A.G. then describes the track name perfectly when he spits,

A giant in the mental, anything else is half as cease
Whenever in doubt, I break out with a masterpiece
Thoughts are kept in my head, they’re never written down
I start getting down, opponents are sitting down
Chill, and be a witness, this LP with slamming tracks
In fact yours is hitless
Step on the scene, get mean cause I’m the Jolly Green
Go ahead and doubt me, but you probably fiend
Put out a head or two after which you’ll need medical
Attention, did I mention Showbiz is incredible?
The Rain Man, scoop your girl with a gameplan
Hit her up, did her up, now Dre’s the main man
Stick y’all, thick like a brick wall
Take a quick fall, aww shit y’all
Let’s flirt, let’s see who has the best work
Whether the ladies, the mic, the fights, Dre is an expert
Come on strong but not gentle
Just remember, I’m a giant in the mental

On “Catchin’ Wreck“, Showbiz borrows a jazzy sample from “Cry Baby Cry” by Ramsey Lewis on top of a dope drum beat from Lou Donaldson’sOde to Billie Joe“.  A.G. shows off his rhyming skill when as he…wait for it…catches wreck!

Ready, ready as can be, to make my debut on the M-I-C
Showbiz is my name I’m down with the Goodfellas
I be down to average bootleggers
For selling my tapes on 125th
If they said I was weak I show and prove that’s a myth
Cause show is what I give em, and “biz” is short for busy
If a nigga thinks he’s great step up, who is he?
I have him slaving to the rhythm like Toby Akeze
I get him dizzy, I toss his ass like a Frisbee
In other words a kite as his head takes flight
I’m not the type (Mike Tyson gets paid to fight)
So cut the bull, make sure your pockets are full
And stop trying to prove you got pull
Cause it’s a simple beat that me and jay put together
It’s time to catch wreck, yo Dre now or never

The gem on this album is the aptly named track “Diggin’ in the Crates” where Diamond D, A.G., Showbiz and Lord Finesse all represent on the mic and spit over a dope trumpet sample from “The Creeper” by Young-Holt Unlimited.  It is one of those posse cuts that people forget about and along with “Giant in the Mental” is left out on their debut LP “Runaway Slave” that dropped later that year.

This EP was just a taste and when the full album dropped, they continued the crisp production and dope beats and gave us another great effort from the D.I.T.C. crew!

-Al E.

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