The Show OST – Anniversary

The Show” was a Hip Hop documentary presented by Russell Simmons and produced a soundtrack that was released on August 15, 1995.  The album was produced by various producers such as Easy Mo Bee, Erick Sermon and Warren G.

The movie was dope and included rare behind the scenes footage as well as interviews and concert footage.  Some of the memorable moments include Warren G racking up $180 bill at Burger King and Method Man having a verbal spat with Ghostface Killah.  It was also dope seeing Run DMC bring the house down again, but watching Russell Simmons visit Slick Rick in jail and bringing him some shell-toes was a sad reminder of the errors we make in life and the consequences we pay.

The album is full of snippets from the movie but more importantly it brought us some dope tracks from LL Cool J, Warren G, Snoop Dogg, Onyx and others.  One of the dopest tracks is “My Block” by the late great 2Pac.  Over a slow flow, Pac raps about his dedication and love for his block.  The calm and sincere Pac is my favorite Pac alter ego.

Shedding tears, reminiscing on my past fears
Cause shit was hectic for me last year
It appears that I’ve been marked for death, my heartless breath
The underlying cause of my arrest, my life is stressed
And no rest forever weary, my eyes stay teary
for all the brothers that are buried in the cemetery
Shit is scary, how black on black crime legendary
But at times unnecessary, I’m getting worried
Teardrops and closed caskets, the three strikes law is drastic
And certain death for us ghetto bastards
What can we do when we’re arrested, but open fire

Life in the pen ain’t for me, cause I’d rather die
But don’t cry through your despair
I wonder if the Lord still cares, for us niggas on welfare
And who cares if we survive
The only time they notice a nigga is when he’s clutching on a four-five
My neighborhood ain’t the same
Cause all these little babies going crazy and they suffering in the game
And I swear it’s like a trap
But I ain’t given up on the hood, it’s all good when I go back
Hoes show me love, niggas give me props
Forever hop cause it don’t stop… on my block

The gem of the album (to me) is the dope “What’s Up Star?” by Suga (Sweet Tee). This lady has been down since her “It’s Tee Time” album back in 1988.  She comes back with a more rougher edge to her lyrics but still sounding dope on this smooth pounding track.  She never sounded so gangsta after listening to this track.

Hit the carwash to get a fresh shine
I don’t know how you buy yours but that’s how I like mine
Think girls don’t style, how ya figure
One arm’s on my steering wheel, the other arm’s around my nigga
This pocket’s phat, don’t get offended cause
Somebody makes it so somebody’s gotta spend it
I take it from the boardroom to the boulevard
Troopin’ all the players like I play cards
I pump up my Jeep and get hot
And once I put my tape in the slot my speakers hit the jackpot
Time time for some action, I got to be the main attraction
Blowin’ up like Toni Braxton
Pick my girls up to check the party uptown
I leave my shorty home cause I’m tryina fuck around
At the sportsbar, honeys everywhere are lookin’ mink
What’s up star, let’s get a drink


The biggest and most memorable track is Method Man and Redman’sHow High” track.  This would be the first time that these 2 artists collaborate and thankfully not the last.  The track is produced by Eric Sermon and has these two lyrical heavyweights going toe to toe on a slow bass heavy beat, but’s its Reggie Noble that steals the show with these memorable lyrics,

While the planets and the stars and the moons collapse
When I raise my trigga finga all yall niggaz hit the decks!
Cause aint no need for that, hustlers and hardcores
Raw to the floor raw like Reservoir Dogs
The Green-Eyed Bandit can’t stand it
With more Fruitier Loops then that Toucan Sam Bitch
Plus, the Bombazee got me wild
(Fuckin with us) is a straight suicide

Method Man comes back with his own flava with,

10 9 8 7 6 5 4
3 2 Murder 1 lyric at your door
Tical bring it to that ass raw
Breakin all the rules like glass jaws
Nigga, you got to get mine to get yours
Fucka, we dont need no rap tour
Id rather kick the facts and catch you with the rap-ture
More than you bargained for
Tical, that stays open like an all nite store
For real, I keeps it ill like a piece of blue steel
Pointed at your temple with the intent to kill
And end your existance, M-E-T
Aint no use for resistance, H-O-D

Summertime In The LBC” by the Dove Shack is one of those tracks that will make you go outside and get the grill going and chill with your homies on a hot summer day!

On the R&B tip, Puffy takes the same beat he used for Biggie’s Hip Hop remix of “One More Chance” and has Mary J Blige sing over the track on “Everyday it Rains“.  I truly love Mary J Blige and anything she does sounds dope to me!  I’m biased…what can I say?

Everyday Thang” by Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony is another banger off this album and as they always do, they flow way faster than the beat but still come off on point!

Lastly we get hit hard with a Q-Tip track (it’s labeled ATCQ track) that has his producing and rapping the whole track on “Glamour and Glitz“.  The beat is bananas and sounds more like ATCQ beat and less a Q-Tip solo track.   The lyrics are vintage Abstract and go perfect with the beat.

Yup yup yup
To the North to the South to the East to the West
I don’t discriminate boy I bring it to your chest
If you oppose, then your soul will decompose
Strive to get money and I’m not no ho
Fresher than the air that you’re breathing through your nose
Fuller than the kicks that you’re puttin on your toes
You can ask Bo but yo that nigga don’t know
About the dominant factor the accurate rapper
Here’s the next chapter, page ninety-five
Niggas so hard it’s a wonder they alive
But yo we still survive through the danger that lurks
My eyes remain wide while you ask like Urk
And yo my Family Matters, so all you mad hatters
Put your thinking caps on and motherfuckin brainstorm
Cause I got the plan that wins and can’t lose
Your man knows who’s nice say Tip he’ll say “True”
A lot of these jokers out here is blase
I’ll be rockin mikes until a horse says hey
Some are preoccupied with glamour and glitz
Actin all boogee and making big movies
But I’ll be in the cut call me Incognito
Busy makin joints that will bump for my people
You’re listening to a man who was something for nothing
Stay in me forever head, never be frontin

I picked up the album back in the day solely for the Tribe, Redman/Method and 2Pac track and found so many other dope tracks on this LP.  The album is dope and for that we salute you Def Jam and Russel Simmons!

-Al E.

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