Scarface – The World Is Yours

Scarface – The World Is Yours Album

“The World Is Yours”.  Not referencing the mantra from the Scarface movie or the classic Nas song.   23 years ago, Scarface released his second solo album, “The World Is Yours”.  His debut, “Mr Scarface is Back” was extremely dark and violent.  It tackled the usual topics of gangsta life.   He also shared his apparent fear of insanity, while he seemingly embraced it  as a crutch for the lifestyle he leads.  His storytelling matched an early Ice Cube.   Scarface definitely upped the ante on “The World Is Yours.” The story telling is still there, but he added another dimension this time around.  The majority of the music is handled by NO Joe.

scarface-the-world-is-yoursThe album starts off with Scarface choking on weed smoke.   Definitely reflective of the chronic times we all lived through.   He jumped right into “Lettin Em Know”  in which Scarface…well…let’s em know he’s not to be effed with. “The Wall” is special and examines his inner thoughts.   He commits suicide and his 2 souls meet for a tussle.   This is a gangsta tale without violence toward another person.  Scarface brilliantly is able to tell a unique story rooted in deep internal turmoil.  Different than the usual shoot em up tale that so many of his gangsta rapper brethren are known for. “Dying With Your Boots On” features a discussion on snitches, while “I’m Black” touches on police brutality.

Let Me Roll” was the first single released from the album.  This is one of those tracks that has stayed in rotation on my personal playlist for over 20 years.   Scarface himself handled the production duties on this one.  Over the funky George Duke, “Dukie Stick” sample, a slowed down bass heavy weed smoking anthem was created.

A video was shot, and is one of my favorites of all time.  Yea, I say that a lot.   The scene where Face and crew jump out of a van filled with smoke has somehow landed on my bucket list.  The ladies doing the butterfly throughout the video made my cousin T and I very happy 11th graders.

Scarface “Let Me Roll”

Now I Feel Ya” was the second single and showcased another side of Scarface.  This song clocked over 7 minutes.  Face definitely wanted to touch on a variety of topics on this smooth ride that acted as a bit of a biography.   The love for his parents, grandmother, children and his disgust for crooked cops and chicks that come after him when she knows he’s not the father are all topics.  The smooth, funky Bootsy Collins sample accentuated the ride through his world.   He even shows a bit of humility as he is aware of some of his mistakes but ends each verse after a bit of realization…..Now I Feel Ya

Scarface “Now I Feel Ya”

The 90’s highlighted a wide range of teenagers including Another Bad Creation and Kris Kross to the harder acts like Illegal and Shyheim.  Rap A Lot had a 5th Ward representative in 13 year old rapper 2 Low (who put out a solid debut album BTW)  who appeared  on “Funky Lil Brotha”.

I Need a Favor” is interesting.  While not necessarily a song, your neck will certainly get a workout listening to this.   This features dialogue as Scarface successfully talks his chick into smashing the homie.  He gets her to say “Lets get it on”, “I don’t want to do him better than I do you” and “Your wish is my command” in less than 4 minutes.   Its taking me 15 years and my chick still says no.  The funniest part is the ending where he asked his chick to pick him up from the airport, but before she most likely agrees with an emphatic yes,  Face replies quickly, “Naw…Don’t do that.”  I laugh every time.   The music is the real winner here.  An extremely funky bassline over some live keys.

Strictly For the Funk Lovers” follows the same formula without the shock value or dark comedy.   The chick that’s singing DooDoo throughout the entire song is probably the same chick Scarface offered the indecent proposal to.

Rap A Lot had a plethora of albums during the 90’s… many that may have been missed by those outside the south.  Scarface is without a doubt a legend and often appears on frequent top ten MC’s list. He is certainly on mine.  “The World is Yours” showcased a more well rounded, mature Scarface that left us with some timeless material.

Scarface – The World Is Yours Album Anniversary

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  1. Another well written article. I bet women doing the butterfly still excites you! Scarface forever a legend. Stand up H-town ?

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