Scarface – Mr. Scarface Is Back

scarface-mr-scarface-is-back-n-the-day-buffetScarface of the Geto Boys released his first solo album “Mr. Scarface Is Back” on October 1st 1991.  The album was produced by Crazy C and is one of the greatest gangsta-rap albums of all time.

When Scarface said, “I’m legally insane, marked manic depressive” I knew that this guy would make some crazy music and lyrics (no pun intended).  I remember going to Tower Records in Hollywood California and picking up this album.  I picked up the cd and kept staring at the cover.  Willie D, Bushwick Bill and Scarface are all holding guns in a drug deal gone bad scenario.  In the middle is a dark skinned man with cocaine all over his hands but looks like a cartoon figure.  In reality it was DJ Ready Red, but he was edited out due to him leaving the Geto Boys and having a feud with J Prince.  

A soon as you pop in the cd you get Scarface singing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” but of course changes the lyrics.

Mr. Mr. Scarface from walking down the block
Out jumps some fiends and steals all his rocks
Pulls out a gun and shoots down all the fiends
And Mr. Mr. Scarface went up the block again

The lyrics are something out of…”Scarface“…the movie!  He’s a vet selling cocaine and has been laying low for a while, waiting for his comeback.  He has a squad of homies that are willing to protect his empire, but (like almost always) then a girl came by to give him “some”, so you know Scarface is not going to pass that up!  As soon as he “finishes”, the gun battle starts!  The ending is classic and it reminds us that Scarface is one great story teller as well as one of the most lyrical MC’s ever!

Then we get “The Pimp” where Scarface get’s nasty, especially when he talks about how he loves some “dookie love“.  He talks about anal sex twice in both verses (TMI?). The song is slow paced, and Scarface makes you listen to every word he drops!

I like pussy, pussy’s got me crazy
Well-shaped, light skinned, clean lady
Slapped me on a rubber, my brotha
And dived straight for the covers
One leg down one leg up
That’s the way I like to fuck
I can fill in guts
And I’m done once I bust me a nut
You can even suck it baby
Dick suckings just drive me crazy
Aw yeah, suck it fast
Now let your tongue slide across my ass
Lick the cum from my dick
Yeah, that’s it
Now turn over on your stomach
Open up, and let me run it
Get in that ass, bitch
This is what I call fuckin shit
“Oh shit, Brad”
Loosen up, and it won’t hurt so bad
I like to fuck till the rubber smokin
Switch up and keep on strokin
Bitches walk out the crib with a limp
Cuz I’m the motherfuckin pimp

On “Born Killer” Scarface goes crazy sounding like a maniac killer.  The track uses 3 samples including “Funky Drummer” from James Brown, “The Assembly Line” by the Commodores and The Nite-Liters “Theme from “Buck and Preacher“.  It sounds so good, and Scarface voice makes it believable that he is a “born killer”!

I’m a born killer, you’re face to face with Scarface
You tried to ice an ace, but that’s a motherfucking waste
You snoozed, fucked up, G
And your momma shoulda warned you bout a nigga like me
Cause I don’t eat and I don’t sleep
Save that motherfucking flack, cause talk is cheap
And uh, since you got beef
Lets take it to the streets and I’m a bring it to your ass, chief
I’m coming from the heart son
And I don’t take no shit, but I’m about to start some
Now which one a you hoes wanna jump
If you got static, then get it off your chest punk
Cause I ain’t barring none
If you’re feeling lucky then go ahead and getcha some

One of the greatest tracks on this album is “Your Ass Got Took” where Scarface raps over a dope sample of “The Traffic Cop” by Bloodstone.  Scarface is doing a hold up, and puts us right in the middle of it!  You know you got put both hands up in surrender when you here this:

Get em up motherfucker this is it
Hold them up where I can see them, or take a slug, bitch
Cause if you make a false move it’ll cost ya
No need to cry for help, the world just lost ya
Hell I don’t give a fuck about no witnesses
Witness this (gunshot)
Make it so you can’t be fingered out
If you gotta kill a bitch, let them bring her out
Have no mercy when you jack
Dress the whole motherfuckin family in the black
Fuck a five-oh, you gotta bail out
Or your black ass is headed for that jail house
People all the judges wanna bust you
The D.A. doesn’t hang any degrees because he’s fuckin up
Ain’t no redneck judge gonna boot
A nigga like the Brad cuz a nigga like the Brad shoots
Don’t be afraid my brother
Put your finger on the trigger, close your eyes and squeeze the motherfucker
Fuck the press, you gotta pop a chest
If they don’t cooperate, grab some hostages
Kick an old bitch in her pouch
Skull an old nigga, knock his motherfuckin dentures out
Push an old man out his wheelchair
He’s still there and squeals there, he gets killed there
If it’s left up to me I’ll bury em
They got a nigga livin in a sanitarium
A real thief goes by the book
And that’s the first example of your ass being took

The gem of the album is “Diary of a Madman“.  I pressed the rewind button so many times, I think the button fell off.  The song has some crazy bass and if you don’t have the correct speakers, you’ll be buying some new one’s pretty soon.  He get’s extremely descriptive and it almost makes you feel nauseous.  He later wrote a book with the same title and it describes the troubles Scarface went through and even the 4 times he tried to commit suicide.  Nope…he wasn’t joking!

Dear diary today I hit a nigga with the torch
Shot him on his face and watched him die on his front porch
Left his family heartbroken
Flashbacks of him laying there bleeding with his eyes open
I can’t put the shit behind me
I’m know I’m here somewhere, but I can’t find me
I used to be a drug dealer
On the for reala, now I’m a born killer
And it ain’t no changing me
It used to be hard, but now it ain’t no thing to me
To go up to a niggas house
Put a pistol in his mouth, and blow his fucking brains out
No doubt if you cross then I’mma take ya
Cause I’m a fucking killer by nature
You got an M11, bring your weapon
Huh, I got an AK-47
It’s gonna be a bloody Sunday
Cause your fucking with a nigga like Bundy
And I was taught not to care
Like a Vietnam vet with a thousand yard stare
So welcome to the slaughterhouse nigga
Redrum and I’mma be the grave digger
And if you want to cap, come cap me
I’m trigger happy like my great-grandpappy
Just watch for the chrome in my right hand
My second entry from the diary of a madman

Two videos were made for this album, but they weren’t the one’s I wanted.  Looking back, it is clear to see that all of his songs on the A-side were way too “explicit” to be made into singles.  The one thing we Hip Hop Heads do not like is censorship!  “Money and the Power” and “A Minute to Pray and a Second to Die” were both dope tracks that had Scarface rapping in a more slower pace and making us think about social issues in our world.    As we can later see, Scarface moves more towards these types of tracks than the ultra-violent one’s especially with this album and earlier Geto Boys albums.

This album was so incredible, it deserves 5 mics!  I love the majority of Scarface’s releases, but this one is my favorite.  Just listening to “Murder by Reason Of Insanity” and listening to the last verse gives me chills.  Straight classic banger!!!  We salute you Scarface!

Pulled up in a Rider, trailer full of niggas
Mack 10, Tech 9’s, all with fingers on the trigger
Backed in the bitch like I was staying
Opened up the trailer, *gunshots* South Park started spraying
Bullets flying everywhere, niggas getting struck
Had dope in the village, but I didn’t give a fuck
Shoot the bitch up, then I’mma leave her
If I can’t sell my dope, then you can’t either
Now here’s a valuable lesson to learn
You fuck with mine, you get burned
Headed for the nigga who shot my partner
*Gunshot* Shot his father
Walking through the living room, tearing up shit
He’s loading up his pistol, ain’t that a bitch
You should of had it loaded, he said “Come on Scarface, hold it
I won’t do it again man” Yeah, I know it
I told you when you take mine, I take yours
Hands in the air, fell to the floor
“Please don’t shoot Scarface”
I looked him in the eye – then I shot him in his face
A sucka’s way out is to steal ’em
Dad said “Always look a man in the eye before you kill him”
It had to be a murder, them hoes couldn’t handle me
“What’s your reason man?” – Insanity

-Al E.

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