Scarface – The Fix Anniversary

Scarface released his seventh studio album “The Fix” on Aug 6, 2002.  The album was produced by Kanye West, The Neptunes, Tony Pizzaro and others.  The album was his first on Def Jam South and because president of the label the previous year.

When this album first dropped, I remember hearing “My Block” and thinking “I haven’t purchased a Scarface album since “The Untouchable” and I’m sure I’ll be picking this cd up!”  I was not disappointed!  The liner notes came in a “baggy” and I knew I was going to be treated to something dope!

The album starts nicely with the dope track “Safe” where Scarface kicks some knowledge over a dope guitar riff and Gwen McCrae singing in the background.  Face has some words for the youngsters with :

So listen up my niggaz, and I ain’t tryin to preach
I’m just tellin it from my side cause I’m in the streets
I done been there, done that, seen a whole neighborhood
destroyed by the government bein tipped off by one rat
He caught a dope case and they threatened him with time
He get his own fuckin people jammed and he take the five
That’s the shit there; they ain’t even catch him with dope
But they gave him thirty-five years cause the nigga done spoke
Snitchin, that’s a motherfucker, watch what you say
You don’t know no-motherfuckin-body, nigga you lame
Watch your so-called homeboys, keep to yourself
Stay away from niggaz gettin caught that get out of jail
Don’t talk about your business, keep yo’ thoughts in yo’ head
And this game it got a paper trail, watch where ya spend
Don’t write down names and numbers, it’s a memory thang
Never shit where ya sleep, keep the crib out of range
And plus you never let these niggaz know where you stay
Cause when the push turns to a shove, they hit and you say..
.. true motherfuckin game.. true motherfuckin game

Kanye West produces 3 tracks, but the one track that stands out like a green cap with an orange brim is the posse cut “Guess Who’s Back” where Beanie Sigel, Jigga and Face flow nicely over a fly “Sunrise” beat by The Originals!  The beat is crazy dope and is definitely the gem of this album!  If this ish doesn’t make you bounce, you’re probably dead bro!  Track is bananas!

On “My Block” the homie Face takes it back to the old days and reminisces about his childhood and how dope it was.  The track uses a Donnie Hathaway/Roberta Flack song and speeds it up while Face takes us back to better days.  The video is a must see and it’s one of those videos you’ll want to watch over and over again.  Genius of a track with a matching video!

On my block, everybody business ain’t ya business
What’s goin on in this house is stayin here, comprende?
On my block, ya had to have that understanding
Cause if ya told Ms. Mattie, she went and told Gladys
And once ya mama got it, it was all on the wire
And when the word got back, the set yo’ ass on fire
On my block, we got some ‘Nam vets shell-shocked
Who never quite got right, now they inhale rocks
On my block – it’s like the world don’t exist
We stay confined to this small little section we livin in
Oh my block, I wouldn’t trade it for the world
Cause I love these Geto Boys and girls
Born and raised, on my block…

Nasty Nas shows up to bless the mic and give us another great cameo on the fire track “In Between Us“.  The track is sonically and lyrically dope and the chorus sung by Tanya Herron puts the ribbon on a classic track!

Circumstances are like my first fight I lost
It was swinging, my arms bugging, adrenaline pumping
Oh shit, this little nigga’s thugging
I mean, I was thirteen, I was nursing a knot on my face
But chose another time and a place
That I would avenge my last fight cuz the same shit
Ain’t gonna happen that just happened last night
Knuckle game changed quicker than lightning
Hit ’em or slice ’em
Either stick ’em or blast pipes, its the fastlife
I try to give another nigga advice, shoot dice
Do plenty of shit cuz this life, how many you get?
How many niggas do you know get two
Besides a nigga who snitch to skip a life-bid, be one a’ your crew
I don’t respect killers, I respect O.G. knowledge
Codes of the streets got new rules, but no guidance
Lessons, detrimental to a young disciple
Focus, take care of your brothers, niggas do as I do
Keep your enemies close, where they can see you
It’s not your enemy who get you
It’s always your own people
It’s always your own people
It’s always your own people
It’s always your own people
It’s always your own people[Chorus: Tanya Herron]
Mass confusion, in my head
Killing me, driving me mad
Got me wondering, can I trust my friends?
Cuz they stick me in my back every chance they get
Am I paranoid? and if that’s the case
Is it curable? Can you help me find my place?
I can’t handle this, I’m losing it
With a loose grip I’m hanging on to emptiness
Help your brother, save him from the
Evil demons, in between us, came between us

I know you hate me, don’t you
I bet you sit and wish my time never came
You probably rather see me die in the game
You probably rather see me die in a plane
Well ya’ll see me up on top of my thang
I get my money shit changed
And niggas start looking at me different than this
I’m downplay the real of this shit to get with a bitch
But I’ma tell a motherfucker like this
You only good as what you come up against
Nigga you get what you get
Sure the grass is greener on the other side of the fence
But any attempts and you gonna need the guy in the trench
I’ma starter while you riding the bench
You saying you a player, well I’m the one designing your prints
Something to go by, to let these niggas know I
Don’t believe in letting shit slide, nigga gonna die
Best friends since high school seniors
But the homeboys are meaner, they let the bullshit come between us


Lastly, Face and Faith Evans combine for a memorable track produced by the Neptunes. “Someday” has Scarface flowing slowly over a R&B track and speaking about having faith in God and letting Him lead the way.  You can tell that Face was becoming a different person, and as we get older, we all get wiser and make better decisions.  It’s a powerful track with a powerful message.

I wanna walk with you, follow in your footsteps
Talk with you to find out where my good’s kept
I been gone away from home for so long
Seems like everything I try to do without you go wrong
I’m confused about a lot of things, but not with my fate
So I’m depending on your holy ghost to guide me the way
See I’m a sinner in the 3rd degree
Ain’t afraid to admit it, scause I seen niggas worse than me
Who am I to judge a man when I’m a man myself
In the dark, trying to get me some help
I went from pawn to king, king back to pawn
Doing my best to try to ease out the storm
I know that every tunnel’s got an end and a light
And I prepared a new beginning in Christ
My life is like a jigsaw dulling in time
And as I’m thumbing through this jigsaw puzzle of mine

This is definitely one of Scarface’s dopest releases and on this anniversary we salute you Face!  Definitely one of the greatest mc’s in Hip Hop History!

-Al E.

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