Sampling 101 : Ohio Players – Funky Worm


Who Sampled It Best?

Sampling 101: Ohio Players – Funky Worm

ohio-players-funky-worm-back-n-the-day-buffetThe Ohio Players released their song “Funky Worm” back in 1973 and was included in their third studio album “Pleasure“.   The song has become a staple in the Hip Hop sampling world and has been associated with the influence of the west coast “G-Funk” sound.  (And to think that they are from Dayton Ohio.)

Funky Worm

Who Sampled It Best?

1.  N.W.A – Dopeman

Yo Dre!  Kick in the bass!!!”  As soon as you heard those words and that “Funky Worm” whistle comes in, you know it’s going to be “on and poppin'”.  This is one of the first tracks we ever heard using this sample and I can tell you that Dr. Dre and Ice Cube would use it over and over while sounding different and unique every time they used it! Almost 30 years later this song is still known for it’s sample and many people still think it was an original beat made up by Dr. Dre.


2.  Snoop Doggy Dogg – Serial Killa

Dr. Dre does it again!  This time, as soon as you hear, “Six million ways to die, choose one!” we get taken to an even doper level than last time!  Snoop, Daz, Kurupt and RBX all contribute to this killer track (see what I did there?), but that “Funky Worm” sample give this track it’s exclamation mark!

Serial Killa”

3.  Ice Cube – Wicked

Torcha Chamba takes Ice Cube’s “1992 Riot” inspired track “Wicked” to a funky west coast G level.  The track uses only about 2 seconds of the sampled track, so it sounds more like a siren than anything else.  As you can see so far, plenty of west coast producers and rappers utilized this sample to the fullest creating their own regional sound.


4.  Kris Kross – Jump

One of the most popular tracks that sampled “Funky Worm” was the mega hit “Jump” by Kris Kross.  It was infectious and being that they were 2 little kids rapping while wearing their clothes backwards, you know that they had a gimmick and they were going to take it all the way to the bank.  Daddy Mac and Mac Daddy made us jump over and over again while they rapped over this legendary Ohio Players track!


Sampling 101: Ohio Players – Funky Worm

The question is, which track sampled it better?   Just because N.W.A used it first, should they get the nod?  Are there better tracks than these 4 tracks?  “Ghetto Bird” by Ice Cube,Black Superman” by Above The Law or “Exodus” by X-Clan?  Let us know what you think!

Who Sampled It Best? is a weekly column that delves into the background of sampling and Hip-Hop culture by taking a deeper look at it’s roots.

Have a suggestion? Hit us up with your favorite tracks that used the same sample and we’ll break it down.

-Al E.

You thought I forgot about MC Breed?  “Ain’t No Future In Yo Frontin” not only samples this classic track, but also Zapp’sMore Bounce to the Ounce” to make it one of the most west coast sounding tracks, yet Breed is from Flint Michigan!  Now we’re done!

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