The Roots “Do You Want More?!!!??!”… 20 Years Ago

The Roots “Do You Want More?!!!??!” may be the bands second full length album, most people had only heard The Roots on mix-tapes or bootlegs when the album dropped on January 10, 1995. With their debut album “Organix” only being sold on the group’s European tour, this classic was for many the introduction to the band and their musical finesse.  With Questlove on the drums and Black Thought on the mic, this album finds the group still refining there sound that they finally master with “Things Fall Apart”.  Mix in beat boxer Rahzel, who supplies some beats for two songs “? vs Rahzel” and “Lazy Afternoon”, and lyricists Malik B and Dice Raw, The Roots really draw from the Philadelphia jazz influence to create a sound that is all their own in the hip hop world.  The album does lag at times with some songs like “You Ain’t Fly” and “Datskat” dragging out and becoming jam sessions or improv, but that is what also makes The Roots the amazing group they are.  Where The Roots are at their finest is creating incredible hip hop beats with live instrumentation and then channeling that effort through Black Thought, what you’re left with is songs like “Proceed”, “What Goes On Pt. 7” and “The Leson Pt. 1”  Overall for those that had this album when it came out, “Do You Want More ?!!!??!”  has aged well like a fine wine and if you only know The Roots as the “Tonight Show Band” or from the song “The Seed 2.0” then grab “Things Fall Apart” first and this later.


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