Rodney O & Joe Cooley – Everlasting Bass

Rodney O & Joe Cooley released their debut single “Everlasting Bass” way back in 1987. The track was produced by Rodney O and is considered one of the greatest west coast tracks of all time.   It was released on Macola Records, the same company that released early N.W.A releases.

The duo from Compton California made this dope-bass track with help from a couple of samples.  They took 7th Wonder’sDaisy Lady” and “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams, and created one classic track for the ride.

I remember being in 10th grade and listening to the bass coming out of the Nissan mini-trucks and it was usually some west coast artist that was providing that bass!  They would play this jam every 2 hours on K-DAY in Los Angeles and we never got sick of it!

The bass that’s in your face, sho’ nuff shrugs your face
Just like you got sprayed by a can of mace
You see your speaker is movin, everybody is groovin
My song moves along as it starts improvin
The highs will get no higher, the bass will go no lower
’cause everlasting bass, sho’ nuff moves a flower
Some people can’t take it, they try to plead the case
But you can’t get enough of everlasting bass

Joe’s as fast as Carl Lewis
He’s black, not Jewish
And when he’s on stage, he can (scratching) do it
And I’m good to go, yes Rodney O
Leader of the show, make the ladies say “Oh!”
King of my castle, causin much pain
You dumb shrimp wimps, it’s you I tame
So to the R, to the O, to the D-N-E-Y
Now what’s that spell? Rodney, that’s right

Me and Joe are on the go, movin fast, not slow
Sportin Filas and Adidas and some are Kangols
We ride on 747’s, not DC-10’s
We’ll take a 3-day vacation and we’ll do it again
Check in the hotel the day of the show
No time to play around because we got to go
You see we’re on a flight, to rock the mic
In Miami, Florida where they film the Vice

The B-side was also dope and on the “Electro-Funk” tip.  The track, produced by the Egyptian Lover, is called “Your Chance To Rock” and it had DJ Joe Cooley tearing it up on the turntables.  DJ Joe Cooley is one of the most underappreciated DJ’s in Hip Hop history.  By listening to this cut, you’ll surely agree!

They went on to release their debut album “Rodney O & Joe Cooley” a year later and became a west coast classic!  We salute you Rodney O & Joe Cooley.

-Al E.

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