Redman – Whut Thee Album

Redman – Whut Thee Album

redman-whut-the-album-anniversary-back-in-the-day-buffet1990 was the start of the final decade of the millennium and the year EPMD introduced the Earth to Redman.   He  debuted on “Hardcore”, the second track from the incredible Business as Usual album and hip hop was never the same again.   Two years later on Oct 6, Redman dropped his debut Whut, The Album and became one of the best albums of 1992.  Red would now be able to showcase his top notch lyricism and insane style with new fans.  Not gangster, not really conscious, extremely lyrical; Redman created his own lane and released a classic debut amongst other titans that year. The production was based on a lot of funk samples and was some of Erick Sermon’s best.   Let’s take a ride through the Redman’s amusement park.

Blow Your Mind

redman-blow-your-mind-back-in-the-day-buffetRedman’s first single featured his erratic flow and even showcased him rhyming in Korean.  ‘Blow Your Mind” was his first video and the black and white imagery and grimy setting was the perfect introduction to Redman.  The shades of red was a nice touch




Redman – Blow Your Mind

Erick Sermon jumps on “Watch Yo Nuggets” and adds his trademark flow over his lazy but funky groove.  You can smell the weed smoke creep from your speakers when you hear what sounds like a foghorn throughout the song!   Redman got busy in “Rated R”.  Erick Sermon again blessed us with a funky backdrop.  The saxophone and the Rakim & Ice Cube vocal samples laid the perfect foundation for Redman to get crazy.  That’s exactly what he does as he starts with some psychotic bars.  Then he has the audacity to kill off our favorite horror movie characters.

I had a fight with Chuck, the punk motherfuck
Tried to stab me in the gut, so I dazed him with a uppercut
Snapped the neck on Michael Myers then I freaked it; cause it was August
And he was talkin this trick or treat shit
Jason my man slangs rocks like up the block
143rd and Amsterdam by the smoke shop
Norman Bates work the night shift late
Since he dresses like his momma, I pimp him and his hoecake
Bust a maneuver Freddy Kruger, dreamed about
Me havin’ him scooped up, he woke up with his dukes up
That caused me to cut the hands off the man with the chainsaw
Plus I got his brain pickled in a jar

Redman – Rated “R”

Redman continues his zany flow on “Jam 4 U” This is one of the Redman’s tracks that has a permanent place on my playlist.  This Erick Sermon production has more layers than a vidalia onion; complete with samples from Guy, James Brown, Melvin Bliss among others.

The rude Redman rip backbones and hips to bits
Then split ya from your wrist to your armpits
But true indeed, since pop’s dropped the seed
I knew I’d be, the funkiest brother that ever bleeds
Rough and rugged, more nuggets in the bucket
That’s dum dum dollars, and yes Redman love it
Pound for pound, I throw down to make ya strut

Yo E whats that funk mode?  “Get on up!”

Redman – Jam 4 U

Tonight’s Da Night

redman-tonights-da-night-back-in-the-day-buffetRedman got on another smooth, even sexy production that included an interpolation of The Mary Jane Girls’ “All Night Long”.  You know that song.   His rugged rhymes; “You wanna see me get cool, please, save it for the breeze/ cause the lyrics and tracks, make me funky like cottage cheese” are opposite of the beautiful music, but this song is pure magic.   The video again was in black and white and featured Redman rhyming with the Onyx mad face the entire video.  I remember my cousin from Jersey rocked tissue from his nose when this video came out.  Classic material here.

Redman – Tonight’s Da Night


redman1Redman was nice enough to drop his verse on “Hardcore”  from the classic Business of Usual album.  This has got to be the best use of alliteration in a song I ever heard.  “So Ruff” featured Redman with a message.   Not something we often see from him, but he still had the ability to do so in a comical way.  He warns against STD’s and ends his tale on a hilarious note.   Sorry Erick Sermon.   “Redman Meets Reggie Noble” is a concept record that has Redman rhyming against his alter ego.  Pete Rock stopped by and laid down a track based on the familiar Keni Burke sample for Redman to show us “How To Roll A Blunt”.

A Day Of Sooperman Lover” is the first installment of Redman’s entertaining series.  The beginning of this is hysterical.  There is a kid asking Redman to tell a story to which he responds “Get over here and sit yo big ass down”. I laugh everytime.    Red starts the story by showing off his heroism over a butter smooth Johnny “Guitar” Watson loop.  He rhymes about a cat that needs to be saved.

On a mission, to save this cat that was wishin’
He was in his litter, watch Fritz on channel 6n
Relaxin, feet cocked-up, just a little
With a cod cocktail and a bowl of tender vittles
I snatched him, took off through the air like a pigeon
Quick so he won’t start meowin’ and bitchin’
The letter in cat’s tag address said the projects

He finds and returns it to young tender roni. The ending will have you in cramps.   This is an unforgettable story from Redman.

Time 4 Sum Aksion

redman-time-4-sum-aksion-back-in-the-day-buffetAnd who can forget perhaps the greatest Redman song of all time “Time 4 Sum Aksion”  Over a simple Erick Sermon bassline, Red rhymes

The funkadelic devil, hit you with the rap level of 10
Then 1, 2, 3 you’re pinned
I get action, so everybody jump wit your rump
If you like the way it sounds punk,
Pump it in your back trunk
And let loose with the juice when I do rock
I’m too hot, some say I got more juice then 2pac

The B Real vocal sample just blasted this into the stratosphere.  My high school basketball team came out to this in 92 and the entire gymnasium was hype.

Redman – Time 4 Sum Aksion

Erick Sermon’s production and Redman’s lyrical prowess tossed with a comical moments, propelled this into one of the best albums of 1992.  Redman is without a doubt a hardcore MC  without being a gangster.  And he was just getting started.

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