Queen Latifah – All Hail The Queen


Queen Latifah – All Hail The Queen

queen-latifah-all-hail-the-queen-back-in-the-day-buffetQueen Latifah dropped her debut album “All Hail The Queen” on November 7th 1989.  The album was produced mostly by Mark and the 45 King.  It reached as high as #6 on the Billboard Rap Charts and released on Tommy Boy Records.

When I started to listen to Hip Hop, I remember liking MC Sha-RockFinesse & Synquis, Roxanne Shante, Sweet Tee and of course Salt N Pepa.  Seeing a lady rock the mic was pretty damn sexy!  But when MC Lyte and Queen Latifah dropped their debut joints, the world of Hip Hop changed dramatically!  They gained respect not only from the Hip Hop Heads but from other fellow male mc’s.

“Dance For Me”

The albums first track starts off with “Dance For Me” as Queen Latifah raps over a Sly Stone and the Family sample of “Dance to the Music” and it’s a perfect blend! The song with help of the video put the Queen on the map!

It’s a fact I’ll attest to, mess around and I’ll arrest you
I ain’t playing, you know what I’m saying?
This ain’t the best you’ve ever hear coming from a female MC
But you know what I mean? (Hail to the Queen!)
This MC stands for “Microphone Commando”
When I command that you take a hand
And throw it up in the air, yeah, just like that now
Chill, and watch me rap cause I’m flowing (Flowing)
Just like water I slaughter (Slaughter)
A battle, put me in it, I win it
The mission is music and rhythm
Rhythm backed by words, all in my system
System by techniques, techniques I got my heart in
Heart into the music, music I take part in
One try, one God, and one destiny
Just dance for me

“Princess of the Posse”

On “Princess of the Posse” she raps in a slow ragamuffin flow over a dope Collage sample of “Get in Touch with Me“.  As soon as you here this track, you know this young lady was not going to be a one hit wonder!  Versatility and creativity was what separates those one hit wonders from the veterans of Hip Hop!

“You try to dissect my rhymes to see if there’s a pattern
I bounced it all around you like the rings around Saturn
Let me know now if you’d like to protest
And proceeding a greeting, or would you rather progress
Onto a higher plateau, to the peak and I’m taking it slow
Enough for you to see the knowledge and to know”

“Ladies First” ft Monie Love

The highlight of the album is the mega-hit “Ladies First” where her and Monie Love break it down for all the lady fans of Hip Hop.  Monie Love steals the show with her fast pace flow and her English accent that will make any guy fall in love with her instantly! Or was that only me?

Ayo, let me take it from here, Queen…
Excuse me but I think I’m about do
To get into precisely what I am about to do
I’m conversating to the folks that have no whatsoever clue
So listen very carefully as I break it down for you
Merrily merrily merrily merrily hyper happy overjoyed
Pleased with all the beats and rhymes my sisters have employed
Slick and smooth throwing down the sound totally a yes
Let me state the position: Ladies first, yes? (Yes)

“Wrath of my Madness”

My favorite track and gem off this album is “Wrath of my Madness“.  Over a dope “Chicken Strut” beat sample by The Meters, Lati goes for broke with lyrics like these:

My melody was kicking flavor
The R.E. posse said “Yo Latifah we can do this”
So I paused and took a thought
Then my brillance I caught
And I agreed because I already knew this
Now you should want to flex
Cause I’m in full effect
Queen Latifah is five-oh on this set
You’ve been begging and dying
For somebody’s rhyming to set you free
For God so loved the world he gave you me
I’m coolin’, teaching those needing schoolin’
And the mic? This mic in my hand? I’m rulin’!
So prepare your mind for my lifeline
And meet the new Queen of Royal Badness
Latifah has the spirit so head for the water
And dive into the wrath of my madness

I remember playing this song over and over again and when I would go to sleep, I would repeat the chorus in my head in that melodic ragamuffin sound!

Cost of living getting higher
Cause them to run away
Queen Latifah getting higher
Cause them to run away

Queen of Royal Badness

After a while you forget that this is a female mc.  She’s just a dope mc with styles for days.  On “Queen of Royal Badness” she gets busy over a dope Kool & The GangRated X” sample!  She raps like she’s got to get revenge on a sucker mc that was stealing her style and flow!  Tell you the truth, if I was an mc in the 80’s, I’d be afraid of her!  Just to think of a female mc beating a male mc in a rap fight, it would surely end that guys career!

Let me remind you of how to unwind your body
So dance and shake and just keep in step
Understand, draw a clear picture
What I’mma hit you with is truly def
These are the words of a Queen of a Queendom
All competitors, I simply cream them
One by one, I dust and brush them off
If you have any more, bring them
Up to the front so they can show me what they got
What they got, it better be hot
Cause if it’s not, I’mma simply knock them out the box
And they’ll be put in a spot
The style I use will surely amuse
The party people to a state of gladness
What I mean is I’m on the scene
I’m the Queen of Royal Badness

Come Into My House

The one song that feels like it doesn’t belong at all is the house-influenced  “Come Into My House“. I never understood the fascination with house music, but I’m guessing it was hot in the clubs back in the day!  The album is one of the greatest Hip Hop debuts, and not just because The Queen is a lady!  She went on to be a great actress and with that, her rap career was took a backseat!  No matter what, Queen Latifah will go down as one of the greatest female mc’s of all time.  All Hail The Queen…Latifah!

Queen Latifah – All Hail The Queen

-Al E.

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