Q-Tip – Vivrant Thing Anniversary

Q-Tip released his first solo single “Vivrant Thing” off his debut solo project “Amplified” on Aug 4, 1999.  The track was produced by Q-Tip and J Dilla and the video was directed by Hype Williams.

When this track came out, it was hard to like it and not like it.  The beat was dope and so were the lyrics, but not hearing Phife Diggy and knowing that A Tribe Called Quest was gone forever was a difficult pill to swallow!  The track borrows Barry White’s “I Wanna Stay” and it’s funky enough to get up and dance to and the same time makes you listen close to the lyrics.

The lyrics are reminiscent of a couple of fly love songs by ATCQ, but in no way is it as fly as “Electric Relaxation“.  Still, the beats and rhymes make the ladies not only to stop and listen, but also dance their booties off! Just by reading the You Tube comments, you can clearly see that the ladies love them some Q-Tip!

Uh, check it out now
Uh, no doubt now
Uh, yo, check it out now
Uh, no doubt, yo

Special girl, real good girl
Biggest thing in my itty bitty world
Called her up and she made me feel right
Wish the bliss could never take flight
Sittin back with this mic in my hand
Spittin hot shit tryin to see grand
Imprinted on my mind every minute
Make my plans and you always in it, yo

You’re such a vivrant thing,
Vivrant thing, a vivrant thing

And even though we both fly
Give each other space and not the evil eye
Actin like grownups
Don’t even try to hide cause the spot blown up
Girlfriend tellin you she wanna see
I say ‘I dunno’ but you say ‘Gladly’
And when we both do hemp
We go on and on and on and on and on and
Sweeter than Ben & Jerry
Can I rhyme? Well you know I gets mine
Sittin round in my abstract part
This abstract thing goin abstract far, yo

[Chorus x4]

Gettin back to my MC status
All the willy that I kick make the other niggaz maddest
Movin, to your town and situation
Shorty thought she subtle but she really was blatant when she
shook her thing and violated
Now these wolf-like thoughts are formulated
I’m sayin, “Yo is this some heartfelt shit here?
Am I strong-backed nigga? Well shit yeah”
Plus we can hold a convo’
or go to the movies, my crib, whatever yo
Just wanna see you by my side
We on 95, know the stash is in the ride
A rappin nigga for real
You would find me in a cypher if I didn’t cop a deal
Rap slate like big grate
You buy, I sell, we split big cake
Uh uh, just move your little thing
Move it around and shake your little thing
Uh uhh yo

As for the video, I would watch it every single time the video would come on, and at one point I had to record it just to see that one girl in the video.  Funny thing is that I don’t even have to say which one it is!  Yall know!  Ummm!!!

Hate him or love him, yall know that Q-Tip is the man!  His solo projects would never be as dope as his Tribe albums, but Tip will always be one of the greatest mc’s of all time.  On this 17th anniversary, we salute you Abstract Poet!

-Al E.

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