Professor Griff – Pawns in the Game

Professor Griff released his debut single “Pawns in the Game” back in 1990.  The track was included on his debut album of the same name and released on Luke/Atlantic Records.  The single was produced by Kavon Shah, Kerwin Young, and Professor Griff and samples a whopping 11 tracks on a track that only last 2 minutes and 27 seconds.  The track is on a political and Afro-centric level as well as the album.

When I first heard that Griff was going to sign with Luke Skyywalker,  I thought the Miami Bass sound and Griff’s Pro-Black rhymes were going to be an odd mix.  Man was I wrong!  The beats on this album and single were as dope and sometimes even better than “Fear of a Black Planet” that was released earlier that year!

This track has 11 samples and the ones that make the beat are the drums from “N.T.” by Kool & The Gang, the bass from Slave’sSlide“, the bass guitar and horn riffs from “Free Your Minds” by The Politicians and of course the PE guitar riff from “Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved” by James Brown.  This beat goes hard and since it only lasts for 2 minutes and 27 seconds, you must hear it at least twice to get the full effect!

The album has some memorable tracks like “The Verdict“, “Suzi Wants To Be A Rock Star” and “Last Asiatic Disciples” will have you bobbing your head while Griff kicks that knowledge!

You have heard so much about him
But in a few minutes you’re going to hear from him

“Ye-eee-ah, ha ha ha”

“Y’all in awe you better get right[?]”

“Listen to me! Listen!
I don’t want your applause
I want you to hear what I have to say”

[Verse 1: Professor Griff]
This is the situation, I’ll make you understand
My place in this world and how I’m livin’ as a black man
Striving to be someone that could be respected
Put on this Earth with a gift
Cause I’m elected by the G, the O, the diggy diggy D
It’s like Gomar Oz Dubar
And I swear, (swear you understand this)
Critical, I know the subject is deep
But four hundred and thirty-four years I can’t repeat it
I teach you of the global plan
Designed and hatched by the man with the mark in his head
With the mark in his hand
Now, to the man on the board who has very little meaning
No hatin’ involved now it’s time to start redeemin’
Not makin’ it tough, but you have to use your brain
Think about it, we’re like pawns in the game

[Verse 2]
Three hundred and sixty degrees, it’s a circle
A 10 percent baby, I’ll balk ’em
Correct ’em, then I’ll leave him speechless
Caressing his ego, then I’ll teach ’em this lesson
To the so-called Negroes, the chosen people that needs to grow up
To a freer level of independence, let me tell you what it’s all about
To make it clear, to be a prime example
And to erase the fear, who put it in our hearts
I don’t mind, but I want no part
Of your total destruction, be it known
Let’s continue this function while I’m in my prime
Of letting you all know that it’s about time

(Our entertainers can’t speak out, poor pitiful things)
(But we got a plan that’s grand, see?)
(Y’all wanna hear that beat right, bring that beat back)

[Verse 3]
Pawn is the piece and the piece is controlled
But (brothers and sisters, I know you got soul)
Exodus 21 verse 16 is free and foreseen
Now you know what I mean
Now you can take this, or let it alone
The total solution is not in this song
But now it’s too late, you dun sealed your fate
Because the UPC is revealed, there is no escape
Revolution is sweeping the entire nation
Over and over and over, and guess what? (explosion)
Game’s over, checkmate

-Al E.

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