Organized Konfusion 25 Year Album Anniversary


Organized Konfusion 25 Year Album Anniversary

On October 29th 1991, Organized Konfusion dropped their self-titled debut album “Organized Konfusion”.  It was also self produced by Pharoahe Monch and Prince Poetry which also do some major damage on the mic.

The album is probably one of the most “slept-on” LP’s in history!  “Fudge Pudge” was a hit but it looks like Hip Hop fans purchased the single and not the album.  For those that love underground Hip Hop that will never “cross-over”, this album is tailor made for you!  Just like the featured artist on this album, O.C.’s debut album also got slept on.  Coincidence?  Still, this track slams!  How can you forget,

Pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure pressure cooker
I leave the party with a mass amount of hookers
Slip and slide, I sling the sludge
(Fudge) fudge (pudge) pudge, will never hold a grudge
Up against the wall, I caught you with the drugs
(The organisms are the jury) guess who’s the judge?
(You!) I hit the hook heavy
Ready no chitter-chatter I figure since I’m bigger why pitter-patter
Prouncin on particular poets who persist to portray professional punks
You’re just a pussy[meow]
Cat when I’m deckin you
Disrespectin you, clever whenever I select

Fudge Pudge

One of the funniest yet dopest tracks on this album is “Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?“.  Those Richard Pryor samples are clever not to mention the chicken in the background!  Using a dope Skull Snaps sample, Pharoahe reminds us how carefree life used to be when he spits,

Damn it really hurts my heart to remember these (remember these)
Days way back, in the seventies (seventies)
The only AIDS you used to know was Kool-AIDS
Corn-bread, corn-rows, and corn-br-AIDS
Pull up a chair, read a book like Dr. Seuss
Peel off the skin, eat all the meat
Nibble on the bone, and then suck the goo
Man if my mother was the Colonel, her chicken woulda sold
It even taste better THE NEXT DAY COLD
Chick-chicken.. chick-chick-chick-chicken
When I collect my thoughts I recollect
I used to listen to my moms (to my mommy)
“Damn it!” everyday
“Boy you better clean up your room before you go outside and play”

Who Stole My Last Piece of Chicken?

Prince Poetry is no slouch on the mic, and proves it on “Audience Pleasers” where he spits about his start with Monch,

Artistical formulas, label me as a hip lyric professor
Pressin to be the one a lyrical chauvanist
Study facts my brother, read all about it
Cause Prince Poetry and Monch gets on down undoubted!

Somethin smooth yes, prepare for the audience pleasers
United together, through thick and thin forever
Just for the people’s pleasure
This is something new for you
We are.. the Simply 2 Positive MC’s

Audience Pleasers

The gem on this album is “Releasing Hypnotical Gasses” where they show how lyrical they are yet so slept on!  They take 2 samples from the group S.O.U.L. (“Soul” and “Burning Spear“) to spray lyrics about gasses and viruses that will kill humanity. Monch steals the show with some unbelievable verses.  This is one song you have to hear to believe!

As you look from henceforth I come
Riding the wind, thus eliminating
Competition from bird’s-eye view, I’m
Descending in helicopters, in a village raid
Flesh will burn when exposed to the poetical germ grenade
I’m highly intoxicating
Your mind, when I’m operating
On cell walls to membranes, cytoplasms to protoplasms
Disintegrate ’em eliminate ’em now no one has em
In battle I display a nuclear ray that’ll
Destroy bone marrow in cattle
Thereby destroying the entire food supply
That’s crawling with AIDS, maggots, flies
It’s ironic, when a demonic, government
Utilizes bionics and a six million dollar man
To capture me: clever, however
You could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram
Who’s determined to fight solely
To defend in wars a land of the holy
I threw a rock and I ran
Cause I couldn’t stand anymore within the depths of the sand
So don’t ask me who’s sane
Cause the hypnotical gases are eating my brain

Releasing Hypnotical Gasses

They do it again on “Prisoners of War” where they show us how lyrically dope they are! This is not your average Hip Hop track either.  They rap a mile a minute over a dope Babe RuthThe Mexican” sample and they go for theirs like nothing you’ve ever heard before!  Why did these guys not blow up harder?  Why?  I keep asking myself this question every time I play this track!  The game is unfair!

Pharoahe Monch

I stand here before the forces of evil with a style
The poetically God-gifted child
Bringin’ forth the story of a lyrical soldier
Blessed to manifest in the eyes of the beholder
Words of wisdom never abuse the lines
They increase, as I release a phrase like a uzi 9
From the larynx
Shot in repitition, words never heard before
But still the rendition of rap will enable me to attack
From dawn to dusk, for liberation
Driven I will never give in to interrogation
The rank, given to me, the Pharoahe
Cause every blow flows like a crossbow
Equipped to pierce your soul with a poison-tip arrow
Any man wearing a blindfold can be misled
But wise are the ones with the eyes in the backs of the head
Here’s the key to unlock the door:
Imagine a poet without poetical flaw
Rhymes are for sure as an attack
Cause they adapt to combat for the prisoners of war

Prince Poetry

[Prince Poetry]
I drop, smash and cause a damage equivalent
To a hydrogen bomb, raidin’ villages like
A poetical soldier in Vietnam, Poetry
Releasin deadly gasses, bodies deteriorating
As they stalk past the fatal acids
As a rebel of rap, I stop, load the Luger
As I manuever with precaution as I verbally counterattack
Striking like a mad sniper cause I’m the type of
Hyperactive viper to wipe away the enemy with no remedy
Cause I’m the epitome so don’t try to get rid of me
You little itty-bitty twenty-five automatic, you’re killin me
Cause I’m a Glock 9 that will rock your mind
Distortin’ it, shorten your brainwaves
As the rhyme intertwine with the sign of the times
Don’t sleep cause I creep attackin’ from the side
That is blind, therefore I gotta be hard to the core
And I walk, as a prisoner of war

Prisoners of War

This album is a 5 mic debut.  No doubt in my mind that they brought a new style, even if it flew right above people’s heads!  It is complex yet easy to understand that these cats are not your average mc’s.  We all know that Pharoahe Monch has become an elite mc, but back then “Who was rapping like Monch?”  Better question is, “Who is rapping like Monch now?”  Good question, but easy answer,  Not very many!

Al E.


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