“My Love Is Like Wo” Mya Song Anniversay

“My love is like (wo) My kiss is like (wo) My touch is like (wo) My s** is like (wo) My ass is like (wo) My body’s like (wo) And you’re kissin it so whatcha think of it?

When will you come through ‘Cause I’ll be waitin’ up right here Can you bring some Belvedere So we can pop the cork and cheers Please have no fear (Have no fear) I just wanna love ya right I hope ya have an appetite So baby will you come and spend the night?”

Seriously, 13 years ago? This was my jam as a teen and every female was feeling themselves when this single came out. The song was popular not only for the ladies but for the fellas too, every guy looking at her video wishing they could see what that “Wo” was all about. This newfound sex kitten was only in her early 20’s (she already had three top 20 singles) when this track came out. “My Love Is Like… Wo” was from her third studio album, the highly anticipated “Moodring” which was released June 10, 2003. Missy Elliott both produced and co-wrote for the song.

Mya wasn’t sure if she wanted to record the song because of the explicit lyrics, it took her almost a year to make up her mind. We all know this song was a bit sexy for the girl next door, but she was able to pull it off with no problem. Her video was sexy, showcasing Mya with different wardrobe changes throughout.  My favorite scene was the tap dance towards the end. She really shows off her dance skills in her video, which was choreographed by Travis Payne. The video really does a good job in highlighting the versatility Mya has as an artist: she has a perfect mix of beauty and talent.  Her ability to sing and dance all the while looking absolutely gorgeous seems so foreign to today’s female artists. Mya is completely mesmerizing in the video, with the perfect combination of provocative lyrics and sultry scenes you never get bored. The funny thing is – she is the only person in the whole video. The video was filmed and produced by Paul Hunter who also had a hand in the “Lady Marmalade” production with lil Kim, Christina Aguilera, and Pink.

“My Love Is Like… Wo” peaked at #13 on the Billboard Top 100, spending four consecutive weeks on the charts and #17 on the Billboard R&B Singles charts. The single boasts about self-love, feeling highly confident in how you look, but most importantly her confidence in her sexual conquests. The single was nominated for the MTV “Best Dance Video” and the “Best Choreography in a Video.”

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