Muddy Waters Turns 20 Years Old

redman-muddy-waters-turns-20-years-old-back-in-the-day-buffetMuddy Waters Turns 20 Years Old

Redman, wake up… wake up Redman wake up this is album three”   exclaims Dr. Trevis on the intro.  Then we hear about 2 minutes of craziness:  dinosaurs, heavy machinery birds chirping, crickets and some cult like chanting.  In what sounded like the soundtrack to end of the world; Redman was just getting us prepared for his combat zone, his swamp, the Muddy Waters of New Jersey. 1996 had a ton of classics, and Redman capped off the year with the release of his third album.  The funkiness of Whut, Thee Album combined with the dark feel of Dare Iz A Darkside help fuel the energy for this album.  Erick Sermon once again was the maestro for the majority of the album. Released on December 10th, 1996, Muddy Waters turns 20 years old. Let’s revisit.

Muddy Waters

Redman gave us an appetizer after the intro on the short “Iz He For Real?” over a lovely Roots sample. This clearly is lyrical war and The Funk Doc is taking no prisoners. That’s evident when he rhymes:

Somebody light the fuse so I can bring bad news

To all these crews who cant NBA Jam with the shoes

That double shot Hennesee got my mind trippin

Drunk enough to start a campaign on ass kickin

With my nigga Keith who give assists like Scott Pippen

For MC derelict whippin, cap or cock twistin

Only thing wrong with this is song is its only one verse.

Pick It Up

redman-pick-it-up-back-in-the-day-buffetWho can forget the classic single, “Pick It Up”?  Over head nodding production, an energetic Redman drops tons of metaphors and discusses what you should do if you find a bag of weed on the ground. The video was hysterical as it showed you exactly what to do if you happen to find cash on the street.  We even saw the world’s first mannequin challenge.

Redman – Pick It Up 

Whateva Man

redman-whateva-man-back-in-the-day-buffetRedman gets into his weed habit on “Whateva Man,” the biggest single from the album. Erick Sermon stepped from behind the boards and kicked some rhymes.  The video payed tribute to The Blues Brothers and featured the antics of Red and Meth.

Redman – Whateva Man

 Do What U Feel 

backcoverMethod Man joins the party on “Do What U Feel” to continue their chemistry they’ve shown the world.  This is one of their earliest and greatest collaborations; Ill put this right next to “How High”.  Forgotten Fugee member Pras cooked up a nice soundtrack that takes a back seat so the duo can kick some rhymes.  Redman rhymes:

Ha, yo, suck my dick out of animosity
The velocity will fly that head and freeze yo’ camps like pottery
To give lobotomies to all you rap colonies
And shut your million dollar investment, to economy
And possibly might be the one in black leather
Name tag sayin “Caution when wet by the track wetter”
The hash spreader,I love the grimy shit

Even my girl did grimy shit to me and I went back with her.

Redman- Do What U Feel

–>> NEED MORE Redman?? Click HERE for all things Funk Doc <<–

Yesh Yesh Yall

Yesh Yesh Yall” is a tour through Redman’s warped mind over what sounded like a simplistic and mysterious video game with a dope Snoop vocal sample.  Not a diss at all, Erick Sermon created a funky sound on this one.  “Da Bump” is another smooth ride that showcased some vocals from a lovely lady in the background.

Soopaman Luva 3

redmandudeRedman blesses us with a third installment of the “Soopaman Luva”.   He was able to flex his storytelling chops on this one and brilliantly incorporated JANE from EPMD stories. This was yet another hilarious tale.  Erick Sermon’s sample from the jazz group; The Heath Brothers only accentuated the story.  This was the same music Nas used on Q-Tip produced “One Love” but this version is a lot slower and actually warps  you to a jazz joint.

It’s Like That (My Big Brother)

redman-its-like-that-back-in-the-day-buffet K-Solo drops by to verbally spar with his Hit Squad comrade on “It’s Like That.” Over one of the hardest beats ever (Just-Ice’sCold Getting Dumb”) they trade rhymes with K-Solo bragging he’s “loquacious and gregarious” while Red makes shit crystal clear with the statement “You battle me, you won?  You might of, but then you woke up

Redman featuring K-Solo – It’s Like That (My Big Brother)

Da Ill Out

Redman invites his Def Squad brethren, Keith Murray, Jamal (now Mally G) and Erick Sermon to get busy on the albums finale, “Da Ill Out

Redman’s blunted metaphors and brain-scrambling clever lyrics mixed with the addiction production from Erick Sermon help create one of the best albums of 1996.  Now excuse me; I’m outta here to enjoy Muddy Waters 2. 

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Muddy Waters Turns 20 Years Old


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