Masta Ace Incorporated – Sittin’ On Chrome

Masta Ace Incorporated released their second and final studio album “Sittin’ On Chrome” on May 2, 1995.  The group consists of MC’s that  include Masta Ace, Lord Digga, Paula Perry and Leschea.  The album was released on Delicious Vinyl Records and was produced by Bluez Bruthas, Ase One, Uneek and Louie Vega.

The last (and first) album released by The I.N.C. had west coast beats over east coast flows.  It doesn’t change here!  In fact, it almost seems like they upped the ante on this album.  For instance, the first single off this bass heavy album is a song I know you’ve heard before.  Masta Ace takes his hit “Jeep ass Niguh” and gives it a west coast remix flipping the bass line from “Knowledge Me” by Original Concept.  The track is dope, but like I said before, it’s not anything new to us.

Brainiac, dumb-dumb, bust the scientifical
Approach to the course and the force is centrifugal
Can you find ya way through the lyrics that be catching em
Throw another rhyme across the room they be fetching em
And they take a loss, take a loss to the Master and I
Throws crazy blows and they knows I be plastering
All across the room on the ceilings and the walls too
Punk little suckers didn’t know I had the gall to
Come around they block with my cocked-diesel system and
Turn it up to 10 and then start to diss them and
They didn’t wanna battle if they did when they saw me
They’d a opened up they trunk but they try to ignore me
Hey little suckers I know you hear me callin you
Thought you wanted some but I see that you all into
Frontin ain’t no future in your frontin so let’s get it on
Like Marvin Gaye,(hey) take the cash and sit it on
The hood of ya wick-wack low-ridin Cadillac
Back up ya boys and let’s start the battle
Act like, ya know, the Masta Ace don’t play when it come to my bass, aahhhh

The party continues with “The I.N.C. Ride” where they take 2 incredible R&B tracks, “I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You” by Leon Haywood and “For the Love of You” by Isley Brothers, mix them together to give us a banger to play on continue while cruising thru Hollywood or Whittier Blvd in Los Angeles with your phat ride and chick on the side!  The rhymes are nothing extremely lyrical, but it wasn’t made that way to begin with.

Ain’t nobody but the A (o-kay)
And I’m not the one you wanna play (don’t play)
I’m flat like a cap on a can of flat black
Let me snap back break a nigee down with my rap
Cause this is how we do
Who is the crew coming through with the brand new
As we flex and get fly, you cry
The roof is on fire but my name ain’t Left Eye
Punks be all up on it like a Charlotte Hornet
But they full of Chicago Bull-shit cuz they don’t want it
Ooooh, don’t let me sing, I’m peaking
I’m freakin, get in that ass like a G-String
And that you don’t need
We’ll be blowin up like that movie Speed indeed you’re on a ride

The bass in these songs are crazy phat and if you don’t have a nice set on 12 inch Cerwin-Vegas, you know your in trouble or someone will call you out for having a week system.  “Sittin’ On Chrome” is an ode to the some dope chrome wheels on your ride. Back in the 90’s, you couldn’t rode on no bullshit?   The track has a deep and angry bass groove while we hear Michel’le’s voice get sampled from Eazy E’sEazy-Duz-It“. The track (shoot, the whole album) got much love and was on heavy rotation on radio especially from KDAY in Los Angeles.

Take it EZ, like E cuz I be
Lettin niggas know what time it is when it comes to me
You can’t find us here anywhere and I tear
You a new asshole, as beautiful as gold
Look at your reflection in my shine, find
Pissy hallways are always on my mind
But not tonight, I’m sittin on chri-dome
Makin more waves than my cellular phi-done
Mental energy from within keeps me higher
Than anything rolled and set on fire let me try a
Little somethin new, grand cuz what I am
Is mathematic, I must to blow your static if I can
I.N.C., Crew I thought you knew
That’s how you do well check it this is how I do

“The B-Side” sounds exactly like “The I.N.C. Ride” and maybe because it samples the same song with “I Wanna Do Something Freaky to You” by Leon Haywood. The track is nice, but we tend to live variety and this sounds almost exactly like his other track, but with Leschea, Masta Ace, Paula Perry, Lord Digga all dropping verses, you know it’s a banger.

Freestyle” is a nice east coast sounding track that actually gives Ace’s lyrical ability that shine it deserves.  Off the dome, Ace spits,

One time for your mental zone, I’m prone
To wreck this microphone, leave me alone
I’m in my own world, watch your girl
I get juice like Jheri curl, mix styles like swirl
I handle, like Pearl but it’s mics I grip
Yikes I rip, no one gets hype like I get
I rock when I skate roll and bounce, so get down
I wrecks boys to men from every H town
Watch as I pound and give MC’s the shakes
Flakes, I make more noise than car brakes
So vroom vroom as I zoom and shift gears and blaze
Amaze, and break down styles like Hyundais
So praise, this here rap skills is tight
My shit’s thick like shakes from Castle White
No switch that
And put the Castle last as I wrassle past
Weak rappers that’s more flammable than gas
So roll him around
Roll him around, roll him around
I’m holding ’em down
My lyrics grow from the ground
Until it’s gigantic, don’t panic
I’m botanic like the garden, I’m starting
To get a green thumb, and I seen some
Try to get fly like roaches from Texas
But why?
Would you want to flam and get foul like ham
Digga did you see that Grand Am?
I never seen no kit like that
Shit like that is lethal
Thems my kind of people

As for the rest of the album, tracks like “Aint No Game” and “Terror” round up the album, but it’s the bass heavy, west coast sounding tracks that people will remember from this album.  If you were cruising the boulevard back in the mid 90’s, you better believe this CD was in the player!

-Al E.


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