Lost Boyz – Legal Drug Money 20 Year Album Anniversary Review

The Lost Boyz released their debut album “Legal Drug Money” on June 4th, 1996.  The album hit hard and had multiple dope/hype tracks that were produced by Pete Rock, Easy Moe Bee, Mr Sexxx, and Big Dex.  Mr Cheeks and Freaky Tah‘s flows combine in a way that make almost every track on this album have that same amped up vibe.

The first single was released a year before the album dropped.  The track “Lifestyles of The Rich & Shameless” gives us the first glimpse of what we were about to delve into.  The Easy Moe Bee track bangs with a nicely placed Club Nouveau sample while we get stories about…well…the rich and shameless!

“Straight from cop killer Queens
a juvenile named Jack (Jack)
at the age of 17 (uh huh)
yo this kid Jack started slingin crack (started slingin crack)
he’s on the road to riches (riches)
baggin bitches (bitches)
he’s in clubs takin pitchers
drink your finger always into sess
his lifestyles buckwild honey child (yeah
got a shorty named Val (Val)
she stays on the Isle (ahhh
he started slingin at the age of 17 (uhh huh)
his hearts made of steel (eh yo)
kid his minds full of green (full of green)
he got his first ounce
made a grand 400 (hundred)
3 bills to get fresh
he other bills to get blunted (to be blunted)
and wit the letter G (G)
he bought the letter O (O)
next thing you know man
he’s rakin in the dough (rakin in the dough)
he put his people down
cuz say thats only right (aight)
for dem to get keys
dem and dem is mad tight (is mad tight)
set-up organation organize on the block organize…block
nobody’s slingin on the block
eh yo we got this block on lock
and it’s the…. (huh)”

Easy Moe does it again with the second single “Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz and Benz“.  The track bumps and the hook will get you repeating it over and over again all the way to the “right…right” conclusion!  Later, Mr Cheeks repeated the hook on Lil Kim’s “The Jump Off”.  It was that dope!

“Shout out to the Jeeps,
It’s the Lex Coups, Bimas and the Benz (and the Benz)
to all my ladies and my men (my men)
to all my peoples in the pen (in the pen)
keep your head up
and to the hoods (the hood)
East Coast, West Coast and World Wide (world wide)
Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with puffin’ on lai (on lai)
and if you’re with me let me hear you say “Ri-ght”

The Lost Boyz know how to tell a story too.  On the memorable and dope “Renee“, Mr Cheeks talks about a shorty he meets on the train, he starts falling in love with her but eventually get’s killed.  This track has to be one of the greatest fly love songs ever.  “Renee” will make you poor out a lil liquor by the time the track ends.

“Now here’s a tune about this shawty named renee
That I met one day
On my way back from John Jay
I’m peepin’ shorty as she’s walking to the train
I tap her on her shoulders
Excuse me Miss, but can I get your name
She said my name is Renee
I said I got a whole lot to say
So may I walk you to your subway
She said if you want
So yo, we started talking
I brought two franks and two drinks
And we began walking
I had to see where that head was at
Because the gear was mad phat
So we must chat about this and that
She told me what she was in school for
She wants to be a lawyer
In other words shorty studies law”

Music Makes Me High” was bangin, but the remix takes the cake.  Unfortunately this version is not available on the LP, so you had to purchase the single for the b-side remix with Canibus and Tha Dogg Pound.  The East Coast/West Coast mashup is on and poppin from the beginning!

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The only Pete Rock track “The Yearn” is one of those tracks that back in the day would make you press the rewind button over and over again, today you’d just press the repeat button!  Pete Rock takes the first 3 seconds of Gwen McCrae’s “90% Of Me Is You” and makes it funky to dance too.  The lyrics are on point as well.

“Now now now
Met this girl, just the other day
When I was up, on Rockaway
She was in Kennedy Fried (word em up)
A little kill’s breast, and I said, “Excuse me Miss…
maybe we can go and jus chat.” “About what?”
“About, about this about that.”
I bet I put somethin in yo mind
To make you heel it up bring it back come rewind
Now I’m, just a rap artist
Not sayin that I’m the best not the smartest but
But I come up wit things ya never seen
Things you never heard of like money and the murder like
Next thing you know we in the rest
Drinkin liqour, puffin on the buddha sess
I threw on me a Rough Rider
I slid inside her”

The Lost Boyz are that group that sticks to your ribs and will have you singing their hooks over and over again.  Mr Cheeks whiny but dope voice mixed with Freaky Tah’s raspy voice gives us a combo that will have us dancing 20 years after their release!  Unfortunately Freaky Tah was murdered leaving Mr Cheeks birthday party and the group was never the same again.  I can just imagine if Freaky Tah was still here, we would’ve had some more music from this dope Queens Crew!  We salute you Lost Boyz on your 20 year anniversary of your debut LP!  Props!

-Al E.


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