Lord Finesse – Funky Technician

Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth released their debut album “Funky Technician” back on February 6, 1990.  The album was produced by Diamond D, Showbiz and DJ Premier and dropped on Wild Pitch Records.

I need to admit that I slept on this album at first.  I loved the D.I.T.C., but I wasn’t until “Return of the Funky Man” that I went back and took a listen to this LP.  The first song that comes to mind is the title track that samples the sample track Das EFX sampled for “They Want EFX” two years later.   James Brown’sBlind Man Can See It” has that beat that will have you bumping up the volume.  The lyrics are on point and equally dope is the beat.   “Mm mm mm, ain’t that something?”

Now I’m the man with intellect, no one to disrespect
I kick a rhyme and make MC’s wanna hit the deck
And give it up and use they rhymes as a sacrifice
Brothers try they best, they ain’t even half as nice
They try to kick it, by using that softer rap
Me sound wack? Nigga please, come off of that
I’m mystical, musical, I might confuse a few
Lord Finesse gettin funky as usual
Releasin some fresh words, sparkin the neck work
Cause I’m the expert, wearin sneakers and sweatshirts
Jeans and hoods, there’s no doubt that I rap good
I walk with a bop with my hat turned backwards
To many, I may look like a hoodlum
But I’m a rapper and a pretty damn good one

Slave to My Soundwave” has DJ Premier using the drum pattern from “Do the Funky Penguin” by Rufus Thomas with the horns from “Itch and Scratch (Part I)” by Rufus Thomas to bring this track to life.   As for the rhymes, Lord Finesse has those bars that will make you smile and recite his lyrics from start to finish.

Suckers are gettin rich with no type of written hits
But when approached by me they start shittin bricks
I’m not sayin to jump or be scared of me
But in a battle, just prepare to be
Dissed and beaten, ripped up while I warm up
Or step in range, and get that ass torn up
Or get a beating like Kunta Kinte
Cause ain’t nothin happening steppin over this way
Lookin all in my grill, don’t even know when to chill
Grabbin the mic, soundin like a imbecile
A sucker, a pussy, a chump, a dodo
Gettin booed, goin out like a homo
Shut your trap, as I begin to rap
Lord Finesse got skill, so just remember that
Rhymes I say, express and send with force
I get you hyped, like sexual intercourse
Eat MC’s like a dinner from Swanson
Spring into action like the man Charles Bronson
Step in my way you will get played
When you’re tunin, to the Lord Finesse soundwave

This has only one special guest appearance with A.G. making an appearance on “Keep It Flowing” and “Back to Back Rhyming“.  On “Keep It Flowing” Premier takes the guitar riff from Dennis Coffey and The Detroit Guitar Band’sScorpio“, while A.G. and Finesse trade off rhymes and pass the baton to the finish.

I create and make funky rhymes for a hype tape
Brothers try to get with Finesse but they lightweight
I preach and teach just like the man Farrakhan
Get so much run on the mic, call this a marathon
Motherfuckers who dare try to get with me
I light that ass up yo just like a Christmas tree
In a battle, you’d better pray for help
Straight up and down troop, don’t even play yourself
Lord Finesse in effect with the fly shit
I’m 19, crazy nice, I’m only 5’6″
Make MC’s lay low as soon as I say so
Many try to hang, but that’s okay though
I’m the man that works hars for his cash flow
Short for my age but I’ll still bust that ass though
MC’s need to clean up they act with a handcloth
I get smooth like my man Luther Vandross

Lastly on “Strictly for the Ladies“, Premier takes the great Lee Dorsey’s track  “A Lover Was Born” to let Finesse spit some game to the ladies.

So when you’re done or you’re bored with your stupid zero
Contact me and I’ll save you like a super hero
Please your needs and get all close to you
And do you right like a man is supposed to do
Knock your boots until I begin to sprout
Give you something to brag to your friends about
After a date I’m the type to get pissed
When y’all girls want to front on a kiss
I let ’em know I’m not slow or work late
Y’all front the role (I don’t kiss on the first date)
Baby please, don’t give me that feedback
Straight up and down, you expect me to believe that?
I’ll take a kiss or a peck with a tight hug
I’m not the type to go out like a lightbulb
Or go crazy or go insane or get fed up
I’ll get smooth and fuck your whole head up

Tracks like “Baby, You Nasty“, “I Keep the Crowd Listening” and “Track the Movement” roundup this incredible debut.  Whether on his next two albums or on other D.I.T.C. members albums and various guest appearances, Finesse goes on to perfect his flow and give us some dope bars and punchlines.  The man wastes no words and bars on this album and with the great production from Showbiz, Premier and Diamond D, you know this album was and forever will be a classic.

-Al E.

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