LL Cool J – Hey Lover/I Shot Ya (Remix)

ll-cool-j-hey-lover-back-n-the-day-buffetLL Cool J released his first single “Hey Lover” off his sixth studio album “Mr. Smith” on October 31, 1995.  The single was produced by Trackmasters as well as the b-side “I Shot Ya (Remix)“.  After the disappointing “14 Shots to the Dome” album, this was a comeback (sorry, he’s been here for years) of dope proportions!

Hey Lover” is another one of those LL love ballads that we are so used to from the Farmers Blvd. native.  He recruits the R&B group Boyz II Men to sing the hook and it becomes one of his greatest love ballads of all time.

Trackmasters takes Michael Jackson’sThe Lady in My Life” beat to set the mood and have LL put his signature love rhymes nicely on top of this classic song.  He talks about a girl he sees, wants but can never have.  The man even dreams of marrying her and making her his wife, but in reality her boyfriends love for her is way to strong for him to break.  The lyrics are nice and romantic and Boyz II Men give it that “seal of approval”.

I’ve been watching you from afar,
for as long as I can remember
You are all a real man can need
and ever ask for
this is love
this is more than a crush

It was Harlem at the Ruckers
I saw with your man
smiling, huh, a coach bag in your hand
I was laying in the coup with my hat turned back
we caught eyes for a moment, and that was that
so skated off, as you strolled off
looking at them legs, god damn they looked so soft (so fine)
I gotta take ya from your man that’s my mission
If his love is real he got ta handle competition
you only knew about 5 months (that’s right)
besides he drinks too much and smokes too many blunts
and I’ve been working out everyday thinking bout you
looking at my own eyes in the rear view
catching flash backs of our eye contact
wish i could lay ya on your stomach and caress your back
i would hold ya in my arms and ease your fears
I can’t believe it, I hadn’t had a crush in years

[2x] hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a crush
Lover, hey lover, this is more than a crush
hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a crush

I see you at the bus stop waiting everyday
your man must think its safe for you to travel that way
but i don’t want ta violate your relationship
so i lay back in the cut with a crush that’a trip
still he can’t stop me from having day dreams
tonguing you down with huh vanilla ice cream
kissing on your thighs in the moonlight
searching your body with my tongue girl all night
I wonder one day could it be, simple dreams turning into reality
Our love would come down so naturally
we would walk down the isle of destiny
what your man got his hustle on gotcha type scared
break ya off a little chump change to do your hair
that seems to be enough to satisfy your needs
but there’s a deeper level if you just follow my lead
Hey lover


Last week I saw ya at the mall
standing at the pay phone bout to make a call
I had a vision it was me on the other end
telling you come by and then you walked in
I touched you gently with my hands
we talked about traveling the distant lands
escaping all the madness out here in the world
becoming my wife no longer my girl
then, you let your dress fall down to the floor
i kissed you softly and you yearned for more
we experienced pleasure unparallel
into an ocean of love we both fell
swimming in the timeless, currents of pure bliss
fantasies interchanging with each kiss
undying passion unities our souls
together we swim until the point of no control
but its a fantasy it(that,you) won’t come true
we never even spoke and your man (still) love you
so I’m gonna keep all these feelings inside
keep my dreams alive until the right time


As for the b-side, well just like Chuck D says, the “B-side Wins Again“!  We get a remix of a song that was already bangin’ and we get featured verses from Keith Murray, Prodigy, Fat Joe and Foxy Brown.  “I Shot Ya” uses a riff from Lyn Collins “Put It on the Line” and LL has the most memorable lines that include the diss line,

What the fuck, I thought I conquered the whole world
Crushed Moe Dee, Hammer and Ice-T’s girl

As for the title, it has been said that this was a song that was aimed at 2Pac since it was similar to “Who Shot Ya?” by Biggie.  Tupac even approached Keith Murray asking if the song was about him since the track was released months after he got shot in New York.  The track is highlight of the album!

[Verse 1: Keith Murray]
I’m here to make a dollar out of 15 cents
And let my balls hang like I’m on a toilet taking a shit
My style is all that and a big bag of chips with the dip
Fuck all that sensuous shit
I represent intellectual violence
And leave your clique holier than the 10 Commandments
Like Redman I shift with the ruck
If your if was a spliff we’d be all fucked up (Word up)
No need to ask you who is he, son I get busy
Scuff my Timbs on the boulevard of many ruff cities
(Chicago, LA, any of ’em) I’ll have to Norman Bate you
I love ta hate you cause youse a freak by nature
Can’t wait to face you, mutilate you
Drink your style down straight with no chaser
My verbal combat’s like a mini-Mac to your back
As soon as one of you niggas try to over react
The L.O.D. love good confrontation or vamp
Break your concentration, murder your camp
For tha jealous, overzealous, we fellas
Blow the the spot like Branford Marsalis
Niggas coming through and acting wild
Y’all commercial niggas better have a coke and a smile, I shot you[Verse 2: Prodigy]
I conversate with many men, it’s time to begin again
Forgot what I already knew, ayo, you hear me friend
Illuminati want my mind, soul and my body
Secret society, trying to keep they eye on me
But I’m stay incogni’, in places they can’t find me
Make my moves strategically, the G.O.D
It’s sorta similar but iller than a chess player
I use my thinker, it coincides with my blinker
While you wondered what we saying on the records real
Yeah, you mothafuckin’ right kid you know the deal
My Mobb is Infamous just like the fuckin’ title read
You get back slapped so hard make ya nose bleed
Some [def] kids feeling guilty ’bout the [space shit]
The truth hurts baby girl so just face it (Alright)
But anyway, back on the real side of things
My niggas sling cracks and wear fat diamond rings
Not only is it inside the songs that we sing
Everything is real not just a song that we sing
From my life to the paper, very accurately
Give you all of my two so maybe you can three
Prodigy will forever will S-H-I-N-E
My shit attract millions like the moon attract the sea
How dare you ever in your life walk past me
Without acknowledging this man as G-O-D, I shot you faggot ass

[Verse 3: Fat Joe]
Now who the fuck you think you talking to, I pay dues I spray crews
Look I’m Joey Crack, motherfuckers be like he’s bad news
Runnin this racket, from New York to Montego
Slaughtering people, bring a ton of keys from Puerto Rico
I’d rather be feared than loved because the fear lasts longer
These bitch-ass niggas know we stronger
Than these weaklings, seeking for respect that ain’t there
Knuckleheads beware there’s mad tension in the air
Tommy guns for fun shotties for block parties
While fresh lead heats up your insides like a fifth of Bacardi
Call the ambulance, this man’s wet
Bullets cut him down from the root up just like a Gillette
Razor, which I keep hidden in my oral
Ready to spatter at any ad out that wants to quarrel
These feds want me for some tax evasion
Mad at the fact that somebody’s getting lucci that’s not caucasian
Bullets be blazing through these streets filled with torture
Joey Crack a.k.a. Keyser Soze

[Verse 4: Foxxy Brown]
Thug niggas give they minks to chinks to down
We sip drinks rockin’ minks, flashing rings and things (What the deal)
Fronting hardcore deep inside the Jeep, mackin
Doing my thing fly nigga you a Scarface king
Bitches grab ya ta-ta’s, get them niggas for they chedda
Fuck it, Gucci sweaters and Armani leathers
Flossing rocks like the size of Fort Knox
Four carats, the ice rocks, pussy banging like Versace locspops
Want ta the creep, on the light raw ass cheeks
I’m sexing raw dog without protection, diseaese infested
Italiano got the Lucciano
I gets down fucking with Brown Fox extra keys to the drop
Boo I’m Jingling Baby
I got crazy Dominicans who pay me to lay low, I play slow
Roll with The Firm, Mafiaso crime king pin
It all real nigga what tha deal, I shot you

[Verse 5: LL Cool J]
What the fuck, I thought I conquered the whole world
Crushed Moe Dee, Hammer and Ice-T’s girl
But still, niggas want to instigate shit
I’ll battle any nigga in tha rap game quick
Name the spot, I make it hot for you bitches
Female rappers too, I don’t give a fuck boo
Word, I’m here to crush all my peers
Rhymes of the month in The Source for twenty years
Niggas scared, I’m detrimental to your mental state
I use my presidential Rolex to be the bait
Niggas fight, Glock cocked ya temple gets fucked
MC’s, that fuck with LL they gets bucked
That’s real, what’s up with that I Shot Ya deal
Light shit, niggas slip now how the bullet feel
New York appeal, in L.A. they gang bang
But if you touch a mic your motherfuckin ass hang
That’s facts, niggas don’t recieve no type of slack
Cause if they do, they ass is always runnin back
Not this time, but next time I’mma name names
LL, shitting from on top of the game, I shot you

-Al E.

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