Live Squad – Heartless b/w Murderahh

Live Squad – Heartless b/w Murderahh

In 1992 Tommy Boy Records released the double A side single “Heartless b/w Murderahh” by the New York trio of Stretch, Majesty & DJ K-Low, otherwise known as Live Squad.

Although the band’s output was limited and largely overlooked they managed to put out an effective song with “Heartless.”

Live Squad “Heartless”

A moody but upbeat track with Stretch & Majesty trading verses over a rumbling bass line, catchy beat and laced with funky synth keys fitted perfectly with it’s low-budget, gritty but somewhat comic video.

The Scarface sample used in the chorus lends it some star quality but the track never lacks lyrically and delivers a potent message with some heartfelt lyrics like

“You see what happens to your life when you’re born in New York?”

after telling us the tale of a kid who goes off the rails and goes buck wild after years of abuse at the hands of people and the situation around him. Throwing in several Slick Rickisms helped soften the blows but never changed the hardcore wordplay.

Sadly the group never got the right backing and only success came with the production & cameos by Stretch on various 2Pac songs. Stretch’s untimely passing was sad and the band will be remembered for this song, which is a testament to their hard work and is an enduring gem of a tune that is still as fresh today as it was in ’92.

Live Squad “Murderahh”

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Live Squad – Heartless b/w Murderahh

Written by Andy McNeill for Back N The Day Buffet

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