Lil 1/2 Dead – The Dead Has Arisen


lil-half-deadLil 1/2 Dead – The Dead Has Arisen

We first heard Lil Half Dead’s name on “Little Ghetto Boy” off The Chronic.  Cousin of Snoop Dogg, Daz and Nate Dogg, this loosely affiliated Dogg Pound member dropped his first album, The Dead Has Arisen  on October 25th , 1994.  Half Dead secured  a deal via Priority on the heels of his brethren’s success.  Unfortunately this LBC representer’s debut didn’t blaze up the charts like the rest of his hombres.  Hood love, weed, and violent threats are the foundation of his debut.  The hypnotic relaxing production made his banter quite enjoyable.   Lets check out some highlights.

The production team definitely created a soothing experience to start the album.  Half Dead takes us through his neighborhood, teenage years and his introduction to the dope game on the album’s opener “Had To Be A Hustler”.  The calm whisper of the keyboards and the conservative bass create an enjoyable listen.

Lil 1/2 Dead – Had To Be A Hustler


lil_12_dead_-_the_dead_has_arisen_-_cdHostyle (made of up both Chaos and Quicc 2 Macc) join the party and land on the weed anthem “12pacofdoja”.   This Patrice Rushen sample never sounded so smooth.   Mobb Deep used the same “Where There Is Love” sample for their timeless “Temperatures’ Rising”, but Half Dead’s version was silky smooth. Something to listen to while driving 90 MPH.   I first heard this in upstate New York and had no clue what a pac of doja was.   I thought it was a new beer or the ultimate pack of condoms.  One listen and a view of the video showed me this was an ode to the beautiful Mary Jane.

Lil’ Half Dead ft. Hostyle – 12 Pacofdoja

AMG and Compton’s Most Wanted’s MC Chill show up on “St’ll” Got it” , and Half Dead spits a booty call tale on “Still On a Mission”.  Hostyle returns for an encore in “Now They Come Around”, a funky ride that highlights what happens when chicks that paid them no mind before they blew.   Think Mike Jones, “Back Then” or Biz’s “Vapors”.  Half Dead seemingly threatens everyone from Cali on the deadly “That’s What You Get”.   The Roy Ayers sample  sounds so velvety that you will almost ignore his violence.    “Deadication” sounds like a beat submitted for The Chronic that wound up in the garbage disposal.   Half Dead grabbed it, and got his homies HD and X-Con to show some LBC love on the albums final song.

Lil Half Dead may not be a master wordsmith, or the best story teller. Simplistic, generic verses of weed, chillin, broads and violence are 100% of this album.  His core audience isn’t looking for anything but a smooth, funky west coast vibes to chill, ride and smoke too.  Lil Half Dead’s more than fills that appetite.    Any fans of Warren G, DJ Quik, Dogg Pound, AMG, and never heard this album, shame on you.  Find it immediately!!!!

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Lil 1/2 Dead – The Dead Has Arisen

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