Krush Groove – Original Movie Soundtrack

krush-groove-ost-1-back-n-the-day-buffetKrush Groove Original Movie Soundtrack dropped on October 25th 1985.  The soundtrack (as well as the movie) has appearances by Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, The Fat Boys, The Beastie Boys and Sheila E. The album is mostly songs that had appeared on the artist’s albums for the exception of a couple of debuting tracks.

I can’t believe this movie and soundtrack is more than 30 years old!  I was lucky to have seen this movie in the theaters and also brought home a copy of the soundtrack.  It is a mix of R&B, pop and rap tunes that is worth checking out.

LL Cool J has one line in this movie, yet steals the show.  When he says, “Box!” and he starts to lip sync his song, you know this guy was going to be large!  The short version of “I Can’t Live Without My Radio” is track #2 on this album!

The next track is the classic Kurtis Blow track “If I Ruled The World” that Nas later sampled for his version of the song!  The track is memorable for not only the beat but it’s message!  At the same time, he would love all those ladies.  Might as well, right?

If I ruled the world, was king on the throne
I’d make peace in every culture, build the homeless a home
I’m not running for Congress or the President
I’m just here, to tell the world, how my story went
You see – first it was a dream, I was living in Rome
And then I moved to London, bought a brand new home
And everywhere I went, I drew lots of attention
Like a stretch limousine, one of those new inventions
It took a few years ‘fore the day had come
But I was ruler of the world ranked #1
So I headed towards Washington to claim the crown
Let the whole world know that, the King was in town
As I arrived the crowd started to cheer
And then someone yelled out, “The King is here!”
So I headed toward stage, to make a speech
About the new style of living I was gonna teach, uh-huh

I loved the Fat Boys as a kid for not only their lyrical and beatbox ability, but their were some funny and hilarious dudes!  You don’t know how many times I rewound the part where the go to Sbarro and eat everything including the walls!  “All You Can Eat” is one of their greatest tracks in their catalog!

Holly Rock” is the lone Sheila E track, but I gotta admit, if Prince produced it, you know its slammin’!  I would’ve preferred “A Love Bizarre“, but this will do!  That Prince/Sheila E combo was lethal!

Feel The Spin” by Deborah Harry was one of those tracks that sneaks up on you and makes you love from the first listen!  It is one of Blonde’s greatest hits in my book!  It was also produced by the legendary John “Jellybean” Benitez!   This track was made to make you dance in the clubs!

The Beastie Boys contribute a song that was not included on their debut album “Licensed to Ill” and was even accompanied by a video.  The song “She’s On It” produced by Rick Rubin is a typical guitar heavy b-boy track that has the Beasties rapping about girls and that there is “no confusion in her conclusion“.  Hmmm?  In reality, not one of the Beasties greatest hits!

Then we get to the gem of this great album!  The Force MD’s drop their greatest track they’ve ever done on this album.  “Tender Love” is a song that baby’s are made from.  I am a hardcore Hip Hop Head, but I can tell you that this song is better than any rap track on this album.  It is lyrically and sonically perfect and it’s that perfect song to put on when…well you know!  Simply an incredible song by and incredible group!

The album ends with the crazy dope posse cut “Krush Groovin‘” by the Krush Groove All Stars!  A posse cut that includes the Fat Boys, Run DMC and Kurtis Blow has to be legendary!  The only downfall, is that they let Sheila E rap!  Just sing the hook girl!    Legendary song still!

Other songs appear on this movie, but if you have all of the Fat Boys, Run DMC and Kurtis Blow albums, then you are not missing anything! Dope album and movie, that reminds us how dope and fresh Hip Hop once was!

-Al E.


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