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kris-kross-young-rich-and-dangerous-back-in-the-day-buffetKris Kross – Young, Rich and Dangerous

young_rich__dangerousEveryone has guilty pleasures.  WWE, 80’s hair bands, and Barbara Streisand are just a few of mine.  The 3rd and final album from the young juggernauts, Kris Kross is another.  Young Rich and Dangerous was released on January 10th, 1996 and is certainly one of the most underrated albums ever.

Yes, we all know the story of Kris Kross.  They had the earth jumping and wearing their clothes backwards. In the early 90’s I really didn’t pay them much attention sans what I heard on the radio or MTV. I gravitated more toward Shyheim, Mobb Deep and Illegal.

Their final album featured them as young men who now had an edge, a plethora of kitty and were more fluent as rappers.  It also showcased the production of Jermaine Dupri at his absolute best.

Tonites Tha Night

kriskross179037Tonite’s Tha Night” was the first single from the album and their 4th number 1 hit. EPMD fans will instantly recognize the same sexy ass Faze-O sample from when they wanted us to “Please Listen to My Demo”.   You knew you weren’t dealing with the same little kids who wore those clothes backwards with rhymes like:

Get it crunk, get drunk and leave your house with somebody
True that, so homies don’t bring your main misses
Cause it’s real deal mackin when it comes to the Chris’s
And this could be your very last time seein her
One look at me and you better believe that I be d’n her

The video captured their new attitude.  It’s basically the Chris’s with a house full of lovely ladies.   Whether or not you bought their new persona or not, you wanted to be in that house in the midst of all those sexy beasts.  This was such a smash, Redman jumped on the remix.

Kris Kross – Tonite’s tha Night

Live and Die for Hop Hop

liveanddieLive and Die for Hip Hop” was the next single, and oh my damn what a smooth ride this one is courtesy of a sampled Regina Belle with some extra bump.  Severely underrated Da Brat ripped the mic to shreds with as much passion as Drago on the treadmill.  Mr Black and maestro Jermaine Dupri also had verses.   The preeminent part of this gem is the angelic croons of the immortal Aaliyah on the hook.   The video once again showcased a mature Kriss Kross, but WTF were they running from the cops from.

Kris Kross ft Da Brat , Aaliyah , Jermaine Dupri & Mr Black – Live and Die For Hip Hop

The good music doesn’t stop there.  Over another smooth backdrop, unknown rapper Chris Terry joins the show on “Money, Power and Fame” where they are all spitting some serious bravado lyrics.  Terry again shows up on the hypnotic “Hey Sexy” He joins the other two and again refers to the C_Connection… which is made up of the 3 Chris’s: and their intentions are out to take every woman on the planet.  “Mackin Aint Easy” is another announcement of Kris Kross’s new persona.  The beautiful Lionel Richie sample is the perfect backdrop for the duo to discuss their intentions.  “Da Streets Aint Right” features a Biggie vocal sample while Kris Kross explain why they carry around guns.  Their life aint all about partying.

Kris Kross – Hey Sexy

Young, Rich and Dangerous boasted Kris Kross’s most refined and mature content.   Fans wanted them to stay the cute kids who wanted us to jump and told stories about missing the bus.  The rest of us who enjoyed harder stuff, didn’t want to see them rhyming about how tough they were or how many chicks they smash.   Whether their maturity was natural or not, it didn’t matter.  The music from this album is hidden gem tucked deep in the depths of the Narrow Sea.

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