Knucklehedz – Strictly Savage

Knucklehedz – Strictly Savage

After a brief mention from EPMD on “Hit Squad Heist” on their Business As Usual, the duo known as Knucklehedz served their time as part of the original Hit Squad. They looked to be on their way to getting some much-deserved props as the newest whiteboys in the game.

After two dope singles; “Savages” and “All She Wanted,” East West Records reneged and left these two cats from Long Island high and dry. Ultimately, they pulled their major album release from circulation and sadly shelved it.

All She Wanted

Knucklehedz’ “Strictly Savage,” may possibly be one of the best LP’s of it’s kind to be unreleased. And up to today can only be found as a rarity. Largely unknown to the wider market other than true Hit Squad aficionados & underground heads alike.
An awful shame considering the true effort that was put in to the making of it with the timing of the 12″s, and a growing interest in seeing how these dudes could do and how they should’ve been allowed to cut it.
Production was shared by Erick Sermon and PMD on three tracks apiece. Resident mixer and sometime producer Charlie Marotta serving up some banging joints with ill loops, funk-fuelled beats and grimy goodness.

Aside from the singles, a whole slew of bangers filled the album. “Hed Rush” is a true highlight, and “5 Hoods in a 4 Door” a slamming cruising joint.

Hed Rush

5 Hoods in a 4 Door

Strictly Savage was a very satisfying album that was cruelly withheld but Tom J & Steve Austin can be very proud of what they made!!


Written by Andy McNeill for Back In The Day Buffet
Knucklehedz – Strictly Savage

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