KMD – Mr. Hood

KMD released their debut album “Mr. Hood” on May 14, 1991.  The album was produced by KMD and Stimulated Dummies and was released on Elektra Records.  KMD (Kausing Much Damage) consists of  members Zev Love X, Onyx and DJ Subroc.

When I first heard of KMD and Zev Love X, it was on the track “The Gas Face” by 3rd Bass where Zev rips it with lines like “Is I’m talkin coffee or cocoa, is you loco?
/Cash or credit for unleaded at Sunoco/KMD and 3rd Bass is just ace in the hole
/I mean soul, so make the Gas Face”.  After that, I saw “Peachfuzz” on Yo! MTV Raps and I was convinced these guys were more than just a “flash in the pan”.   If the xylophone didn’t have you bobbin your head, then you must’ve had an ear infection.

By the hairs of my chinny chin chin, gots many plus plenty
String by string, I think I counts like twenty
If you loan me a ear, I’ll return it with interest
If not, I’ll simply twist the wrist
So listen up closely, with thoughts to recoup me
Cause I hope to gross like ten cent per groupie
Now only if I had two G’s per strand
Ask my anchor banker, he understands
I used to wrap my hand around a cold gold can
Someone once said health is wealth, so check self
I gots a perfect check-up, ‘cept for a hiccup, roll with no stick-up

The track was dope but KMD wanted to kick their afro-centric rhymes and on the posse cut “Nitty Gritty” they do just that with the help of their fellow 5 Percenters Brand Nubian.  All 3 remembers of each group represent on the mic making it one of the greatest posse cuts of all time.   Zev Love X comes hard with lines like these:

Check it out!
Born again, my soul then, blends
K.M.D. and Brand Nubian, friends
X tends to grip palm in cousin calm
In this knowledge of self, so commence to bombin’
As alarmin’ as a beep from your beeper
What you needed was a wake-up call to the Sun, you sleeper
You don’t wanna get wolfed by the wolf, does ya? [Naaah]
Good guessin’ – switch the pitch up
Another session from the infamous God Squad
See, we’s all peas in the same pod, god

On the cover of the album and in the inserts there is a picture of a black faced cartoon character named “Little Sambo” that they interact with on the album.  On “Who Me?” they even recruit Bert from Sesame Street to drop some dialogue on this track while Zev Love X drops some knowledge on racism with lines like these:

Holy smokes! I see it’s a joke
To make a mockery of the original folks
Okay, joke’s over, but still it cloaks over
Us with no luck from no clover
This, irritates X, so goes into my text
Tolerates one N-word complex
Subroc, etched the fuzz of what once was
In eighty-deca, the joke’s on cuz
Those on top of my head stand seven thick
Hairs that even if I wanted to I couldn’t pick
Pigment, is this a defect in birth?
Or more an example of the richness on Earth?
Lips and eyes dominant traits of our race
Does not take up 95 percent of one’s face
But still I see, in the back two or three
Ignorant punks pointing at me

If you look closely, you’ll see Phife Diggy getting his hair shampooed at the same time styling a perm in the video.  Funny cameo and anything Phife is worth pointing out! RIP Phife Dawg

Bert makes a second appearance on the album on the song “Humrush” where Bert hums over a dope piano riff while ZLX and Onyx represent on the slow flow.  After a while you start to think, “I wonder if the cleared the sample from Sesame Street“. Whether they did or did not, we all now know that Bert is down with the Hip Hop movement as ZLX gives him props when he says, “Yo Bert, you gets props, G!“.

You could have sworn I was a WHAT? A Penn Station penny begger
I gots more songs than your neighborhood bootlegger
Swingin hard like a forty-deuce on a hooker
Cuter than Booker, a real good looker ( * Bert laughs * )
Yeah, a brown man is gettin down and
To this funky sound and you’ll check it out, Subroc’s the sound man
I’m just the R&B’s beats kickers kickin lingo
Til comes, my payday, if rap was soccer I’d be Pele (* humming ends*)
Scorin hard I eat no porkchops or lard
So trust in me becaue you, trust in God

Lastly on “Gasface Refill“, the take the original and remix it without MC Serch and Pete Nice.  The track is nice with Zev Love X returning to the scene of the crime when he spits,

And I’ma kick it like this (uh-huh)
A Gas Face, can either be a smile or a smirk
When appears, a monkey wrench to quirk one’s clockwork
A jerk threw a wrench, I thought it missed
Made me so pissed I felt a ball in my fist
To drive to place a blister on that certain mister
That’s one more on my list of scrubs lined up to kiss
The very X on my Swatch watch ticker
Every second on the second, I kick a rhyme to wreck it
Every minute, catchin the bag, I’m fin’ to skin it
One of the more than one ways it pays to stay in it to win it
Mike is riffin, think I’m gonna pay my bill still?
On your grill you gets a Gasface Refill
Ill, I hit and bend, what’s up to style
The owner of the hand, I never ran a mile
In your shoes, sang blues with the so-called jewels
You claim no lose if you choose to snooze
You’re just another Gasface Victim

Preacher Porkchop“, “Boogie Man” and “Mr. Hood at Piocalles Jewelry“/”Crackpot” round up the album and leave you asking for more.  “Nitty Gritty (Remix)” Featuring Brand Nubian & Busta Rhymes was dope and as we waited for their second album “Black Bastards” to drop, Onyx the Birthstone Kid left the group and sadly on April 23, 1993 after being hit by a car while attempting to cross the Long Island Expressway,  DJ Subroc (ZLX’s brother) passed away from his injuries and ultimately bringing KMD an end.  Zev Love X went on to have a successful solo career as MF Doom sarting in 199 with his debut “Operation: Doomsday“. This album is one of those albums that grows on you like a fungus and is so creative it flies almost everybody’s heads!

-Al E.

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