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kid-n-play-2-hype-1-back-n-the-day-buffetKid ‘N Play released their debut studio album “2 Hype” on October 21, 1988.  The album was released on Select Records and was produced by Hurby Luv Bug and The Invincibles.

When I first heard of Kid ‘N Play, I was watching Yo! MTV Raps and I was blown away not by the music, but by the dancing.  The music was good (don’t get me wrong), but the dancing was phenomenal!  It’s the type of dancing you want to immolate, but can’t quite get the moves correctly.  These guys were the full package and if you saw them live, you got your monies worth. 

When I first say their video for “Gittin’ Funky“, I memorized the song in about half an hour and tried over and over again to get the moves correctly but failed every time!  The song is dope and borrows 2 songs from The Blackbyrds (“Reggins” and “Runaway“) to make you want to get bump and dance.

We’re not profilin, we’re freestylin
Got you dancin in the aisle and, you be smilin
From ear to ear, let’s make this clear, dear
Ridin the range on the rap frontier
Here, is where we stand by popular demand
Let’s have a hand for the 4 man band
Other MC’s in the dust trailin
We got quick on the horns just wailin around
So if you’re feelin down we’re gonna cure that
With the hyped up sound makin sure that
A troopers gonna say at the end of the night
That the boys were right and they rocked the mic
Gittin funky

The one track people remember most off this dope album is infectious “Rollin’ with Kid ‘N Play“.  The chorus of “Oh La Oh La Aaa” will have you saying it over and over again even when the song is not even on.  Hurby loves to sample DC’s Go Go Music and this song is no exception.  He takes samples from three Go Go tracks by Chuck Brown, Trouble Funk and Slug-Go to give it that DC feel to it!

Do This My Way” was another dope track that had that boom bap feel with a beeping sound that was sampled from a groovy Maceo & The MacksCross the Tracks” song.   I remember listening to this track on my headphones and having to lower the volume because of that beep sound, but after a while I couldn’t even hear it anymore.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

This sympathy;
Was composed by me;
Know you rest’s at jeopardy
Like the kiss of death to my foes;
MC’s all fallen like dominoes
Oppose me;
You must be a little crazy;
Gonna unleash the sounds and the furry;
The Mic real quick;
It’s a habit I just can’t quit;
And when I’m though getting loud, the crowd will be of ecstasy;
Rush the stage to get next to me;
Let me pick the girls giving sex to me;
It’s time to collect my feet;
Play’s by my side;
Rip it;
Run it;
Stick it;
Gun it;
The boy’s just stunning
Herb don’t instruct this;
Where’s the trumpet?;
Give me the beat and I’ll pump this my way



They are not really known for their storytelling, but on “Last Night” they talk about a night where they go on a double date but Play’s date is not as “easy” as Kid’s was, all over a dope sample of  Esther Williams  “Last Night Changed It All“.

(Last Night) At the house we just maxed
The girls came out ready to attack
Mine was dope, but his was wack
Play looked at me and said…

[Play] “Yo, I ain’t with that, I’m outta here…”

He wanted to lose her
We got in the car, he began to abuse her
Broke on her face, said it was a crime
He said…

[Play] “Your head’s so bald I could read your mind!”

Aha ha, I covered my ears, tried not to listen
Laughin’ so hard at how Play was dissin’ her
All the way to Union Square
Hip-hoppers and coppers were everywhere
I have to admit it was quite a scare, y’all
(Brooklyn! Brooklyn!) Yeah, that’s right
Was terrorizin’ the Square


When you see the video for “2 Hype“, you can tell that they were destined for Hollywood and motion pictures.  They show their funny side all the while taking care of a cute baby.  The track is more for the radio than for the headphones or the ride, but it carries that Kid ‘N Play mystique so you can’t go wrong with it!

It’s a dope debut and other albums followed, but 2 Hype was way hyper than the next 2 albums.  They went on to give us some great movies and made us dance in the aisles!  Back in 1988, you had groups like Public Enemy and N.W.A that were bring culture and politics to rap music yet groups like Kid N Play and Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were able to survive and flourish.  Sometimes we just needed a break from all the seriousness and these guys were just the guys to take us there.

-Al E.









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