Junior Mafia-Players Anthem

“Niggas, grab ya dick if you love hip hop.  Bitches, rub ya titties if you love Big Poppa!!!!” 21 years ago Junior Mafia created one of the most memorable hooks in hip hop history.  Everyone knew and loved this vulgar yet catchy hook. My grandmother even had something to say about it.  The summer of 95 gave us a lot of heat, but nothing quite grabbed our attention like the Junior Mafia debut single, “Players Anthem”.  Earth was still in the midst of the prime of the greatest rapper ever, Notorious B.I.G and we kept wondering who the hell this Junior Mafia was he kept talking about on his debut.   Junior Mafia was a collection of a few smaller groups he grew up with.  B.I.G. got them all together and released their debut album, “Conspiracy”.


JR Mafia profilePlayers Anthem was the lead single and definitely a standout on the album.   B.I.G. blessed us with a verse over a jazzy vibe and bass combo.

This was our introduction to  Lil Cease and The Queen Bee herself, Lil Kim. The 3 standouts of the group boasted of their new found fame and riches.  Cease certainly held his own, but was outshined by the queen.   She had a style that was different at the time and actually sounded like a female biggie.  He flow was so tight, you really didn’t care when you realized that B.I.G. wrote her lyrics.    DJ Clark Kent cooked up a nice soundtrack to their bragging.  He sampled 70’s funk and R&B group, New Birth’s  “You Are What I’m All About”


A video was released for Junior Mafia’s first single and it was nothing short of cinematic.   It highlighted all of Junior Mafia going about their business while under the close surveillance of the FBI.  Kim sure didn’t care as she just continued with her shopping.

The remix during the 90’s were a special treat.   You knew something special was about to happen.  Many remixes added additional MC’s or featured changed verses.   However in this case, only beat was switched up.  The remix to Player’s Anthem was based off a Minnie Ripperton’s “Back Down Memory Lane” and was one of the most hypnotic things I have ever heard.  If either version is not on your playlist, add it immediately.  The album had some bangers on it as well, but that’s for another time.





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  1. Nice article. I must’ve missed this one. This song was epic in it’s time. As a teen, couldn’t wait to get back to school to dissect the lyrics with my friends.

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