Judgment Night Soundtrack

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Judgment Night Soundtrack

Rap/Rock collaborations are usually a finely-balanced art that sometimes nearly or very rarely pays off. In 1993, The Judgment Night Soundtrack was released as a companion piece to the film of the same name. The soundtrack was made of collabos between some of hip-hop’s biggest names and alternative rock/metal’s finest acts.

Sparked by the variation of Tom Petty‘s “Freefallin,” came the majestic ” Fallin,” by Glasgow’s very own Teenage Fanclub and De La Soul a whole variety of songs followed on what was a momentous success of bringing two musical styles together.

Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul “Fallin”

House of Pain locked horns with Helmet on “Just Another Victim,” Run-DMC continued their rock journey with Living Colour on “Me, Myself & My Microphone,” and Faith No More and Boo-Yaa Tribe banged heads on “Another Body Murdered.”

Faith No More & Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. – Another Body Murdered

Pairing up on further songs were Biohazard & Onyx, Ice-T & Slayer, Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill, Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot, Dinosaur Jr. & Del Tha Funkeehomosapien, Therapy & Fatal and once again, Cypress Hill alongside Pearl Jam.

Cypress Hill & Pearl Jam – Real Thing

An eclectic mix of music and styles merged at exactly the right time for one of the 90s best soundtracks. It was a real tribute made to show that Rock/Rap could really work, and barriers could be crossed to please both fan bases of artists & the film alike.
It has to be noted that the film itself was a great chase thriller packed with action and great performances. Emilio Estevez and his boys have to escape through a shady part of town to get away from the psychotic Fallon (Denis Leary at his finest) and his motley crue (get it) of thugs (including Everlast). They aim to leave “No witnesses” to a ruthless slaying that Estevez, Gooding Jr., Dorff & Piven happened upon.
The soundtrack, film & artists lent to a memorable experience for it’s time.
Judgment Night Soundtrack
Written by Andy McNeill for Back In The Day Buffet

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