Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most Wanted Album Anniversary


Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most Wanted Album Anniversary

Ice Cube formerly of N.W.A released his first solo project “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted” on May 16 1990.  The album was produced by the Bomb Squad of Public Enemy fame and is regarded as one of the greatest Hip Hop albums of all time.  The question is, “Is this the best Ice Cube album of all time?“.  The debate between this and “Death Certificate” will go on forever.

The album opens up with the skit “Better off Dead“, where Cube is asked for his last words before going to the electric chair.  Cube answers, “Yeah I got some last words. F*ck all yall!”  and as soon as we here “SWITCH” we know we had been elevated to a new level!  We hear the electricity flow through and the next thing we hear is,

“I heard payback’s a motherfucking nigga
That’s why I’m sick of gettin treated like a goddamn stepchild
Fuck a punk cause I ain’t him
You gotta deal with the nine-double-M
The damn scum that you all hate
Just think if niggas decide to retaliate
They try to keep me from running up
I never tell you to get down it’s all about coming up”

After you rewind “The Nigga Ya Love To Hate” about 100 times, we move to the title track where Cube tells of a story where he’s seen on an “America’s Most Wanted” poster.  Now he knows he’s not the hunter but the hunted!

“Word, but who the fuck is Herb?
It’s time to take a trip to the suburbs
Let em see a nigga invasion
Point blank on a caucasian
Cock the hammer then crackle, smile
Take me to your house, pal
Got to the house, my pockets got fat, see
Crack the safe, got the money and the jewelry
Three weeks later, I’m at the P-A-D
Had a little fly ass bitch wit me
Sittin in a den, yo it couldn’t be
(Whattup G?) Saw my face on TV
Damn (oh shit!) I didn’t know I lucked out
Struck out, I gotta get the fuck out
Pack my bags and tried to hit the dough when
the ol’ bitch down the street must’ve turned me in
Cos the feds was out there ten deep
I got hassled and gaffled in the back seat
I think back when I was robbin my own kind
The police didn’t pay it no mind
But when I start robbin the white folks
Now I’m in the pen wit the soap-on-a-rope
I said it before and I’ll still taught it
Every motherfucker with a colour is most wanted”

What They Hittin Foe” is a dope but short track about playing in a dice game (and it feels like you are right in that circle losing your money to Cube) and “You Can’t Fade Me” is a tale about a girl Cube crept with and supposedly got pregnant. When he drops the 40oz after hearing the allegations, you will check your shoes to see if they got wet!  My shoes always do!

Ice Cube is known for his storytelling and he’s in his prime on “Once Upon A Time In The Projects“.  He describes the room so well, that you can not only see the people but smell the dirty diaper and the blunt the girl’s mama was smoking!  No lie!!!

“Once upon a time in the projects, yo
I damn near had to wreck a ho
I knocked on the door – “Who is it?”
It’s Ice Cube, come to pay a little visit to ya
And what’s up with the niggas in the parking lot
She said fuck em, cause they get sparked alot
I sat on the couch but it wasn’t stable
and then I put my Nikes on the coffee table
Her brother walked in he’s into gangbangin
cause he walked up and said “what set you claimin”
I don’t bang I write the good rhymes
The whole scenery reminded me of Good Times”

Turn Off The Radio” is about putting some Hip Hop on the radio. “Top 40, Top 30, Top 20, or Top 10, until you put more Hip Hop in”.  The last track on Side A is the incredible”Endangered Species” where Chuck D lends a hand (voice I should say) and delivers a memorable verse.

“Standing in the middle of war, In the minute we flex
When we die, we won’t make Jet
Ebony can’t see to the lightside
The term they apply to us is a nigga
Call it what you want, cause I’m comin from the corner
Same applies with a Ph.D.
Who’s black – don’t wanna role – sells his soul
Watch his head go rollin
Who the fuck are they foolin?
Nobody knows, but I suppose the color of my clothes
Matches the color of the one on my face
as they wonder whats under my waist
(Standin on the verge) of them gettin brown
thats a fact got a fear of the bozack
Run, run, run, their ass off, they can not hide
Yet Cube, they can’t fuck with the darkside!”

Ice Cube invites Lil Russ to join him on “A Gangsta’s Fairytale” where he explains to the kids exactly how their favorite fairy tales truly end.  Andrew Dice Clay would be proud of this song!  The track is hilarious and dope at the same time.

“Little boys and girls, they all love me
Come sit on the lap of I-C-E
And let me tell ya a story or two
About a punk-ass nigga I knew
Named Jack, he wasn’t that nimble, wasn’t that quick
Jumped over the candlestick and burnt his dick
Ran up the street cause he was piping hot
Met a bitch named Jill on the bus stop
Dropped a line or two, and he had the hoe
At that type of shit he’s a pro
So Jack and Jill ran up the hill to catch a lil nap
Dumb bitch, gave him the claps
Then he had to go see Dr. Bombay
Got a shot in the ass, and he was on his way
To make some money, why not?
Down on Sesame Street, the dope spot”

I’m Only Out For One Thang” partners Cube with Flavor Flav and on “Get Off My Dick And Tell Your Bitch To Come Here” Cube tells the fellas that if you meet him, shake his hand and break north.  The songs get’s another verse on the “Kill At Will” EP since this song left you asking for more.

Rollin With The Lench Mob” and “The Bomb” are both crazy dope but it’s “Who’s The Mack” and “It’s A Man’s World” that close this album with a ribbon on top.

On “Who’s The Mack” he talks about girls that come to L.A. to be a superstar but end up getting pimped.  The second verse is about that guy that is pan-handling asking you for change.  The track is funky slow that compliments Cubes slow delivery.

“Macking is the game and everybody’s playing
And as long as you believe what they saying
Consider the a M.A.C.K. and with no delay
They are gonna get all the play
But when it comes to me, save the drama for your momma
It’s Ice Cube and you know that I’m a
Mack in my own right
When it comes to rhyme and rap
’cause all i do is kick facts
Unlike Iceberg Slim
And all of them be claimin’ be P.I.M.P.
No, I’m not going out that way
I’m just a straight up N I double G A
Next time U get over on a fool
And you did the shit like real smooth
Thank Ice Cube for giving up the facts
And ask yourself
Who’s the Mack?”

It’s A Man’s World” is a “battle of the sexes” track with newcomer Yo-Yo!  The track is of course a rework of James Brown’s classic track and the chemistry Yo-Yo and Cube have on this track is undeniable.  Who wins?  It’s a tie, but we can appreciate both sides.  Yo-Yo kills it with her verse,

“Hell no because to me you’re not a thriller
You come in the room with your three-inch killer
Thinking you can do damage to my backbone
Leave your child in the yard until it’s full-grown
I’m a put it like this my man
Without us your hand would be your best friend
So give us credit like you know you should
If I don’t look good you don’t look good”

The album is a certified classic and in my Top 10 Hip Hop albums.  It’s the best of both worlds.  Lyrics from the west side!  Beats from the east side!  A perfect combination! You can’t beat that with a baseball bat!  We salute you Cube!

Can’t Get Enough Ice Cube??

-Al E.


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