Too $hort – Shorty The Pimp Anniversary

Too $hort released his forth studio album “Shorty The Pimp” on July 14, 1992.  The album was produced by Too $hort, Ant Banks and one funky track by D’wayne Wiggins of the dope group Tone! Toni! Tony!.

The album is similar to the previous 3 studio albums where Short Dog raps about his interactions with those certain types of “ladies”.    It is what makes ever Too $hort album predictable yet dope at the same time!

The album starts off nicely with the bass heavy “In The Trunk“.  It sample Barry White’sI’m Gonna Love Just A Little More Baby” and it is vintage Too $hort on the mic!

I sold tapes every day me and Freddy B
Been famous since 1983
Give me ten dollars, and you straight get blessed
A rap all about you called the special request
Oakland, you know I go way back
To coug nuts, fal stangs, and cadillac’s
When homeboys put vogues on any car
With 6 by 9’s smoking burners
Everybody got addicted to my dopefiend beat
Whole town fucked around and started smoking D
Every rap I ever made was about this town
I made 7 whole albums with no James Brown
And even though I love his music, I just can’t stand
The way they used it all up and didn’t pay the man
And after 2 platnum albums, you call me weak
Cause I don’t sell records in the East

I Want To Be Free” is that slow jam that will make you stop and chill and smoke one if you have it.  The track is one of the tracks that short does almost every album where he takes time out to talk about the social issues in the world.  He talks about getting pulled over by OPD asking “where the dope at?” when everyone knows he’s “knee deep in the rap game”.

When I rapped, I did the same damn thing I do now
Grab the microphone, and show you how
But I was broke, the only thing I had was game
I started makin money and knew things would change
Bought a Benz, thought it might earn respect
But the OPD, found it hard to accept
I got jacked by the Task and jacked by the Vice
Face down on the ground keep my hands in sight
Put the handcuffs on backseat I’m in it
Illegal search for about thirty minutes
Askin me, where’s the dope
Where’s my gun, but I don’t know
I said I’m rappin, they laugh like I told a joke
And to this day they think I’m sellin coke

My favorite track off this album is “Hoochie” where D’wayne Wiggins not only sings the catchy hook, but also produces the track with a funky piano hook to boot!

I say baby, why you wanna do all that?
Sleep with a brother just because I rap
You keep lookin in my eyes, and you just won’t stop
All damn night you been on my jock
But I’m no fool
Cause you’re sprung on my house and my swimming pool
Call me a dog, I got several freaks
When I do my shows I can’t get no sleep
Cause you keep knockin at my hotel door
I was there to sleep, and can’t get no more
Sleep, so why you wanna wake me up?
When I told you once I don’t wanna fuck
So get on, girl, won’t you mind your own
I’m tryin to sleep, so just leave me alone
Next time I see you, I do my duty
But tonight, I got another hoochie

The album also includes “So You Wanna Be a Gangster” that was previously included in the Juice soundtrack and the almost 12 minute posse cut “Something To Ride To” that features Ant Banks, Goldy and Pooh-Man.

Lastly, Too Short comes with the funk with the funky and nasty “Step Daddy” sampling the great Parliament’sAgony of Defeet“.  There is nothing like a westcoast rapper flowing on a funk beat!

Gold-digging bitches in the City of Dope
Got it going on like a daytime soap
She’s so freaky, she’ll make you shout
One on the way and got two at the house
Three different daddies, and all is well
As long as them brothers keep making mail
And it’s cool, when I come through
Play step daddy for a minute or two
And then fuck her, that’s how it’s done
It’s not my daughter and it’s not my son
So what if your kids start tearing shit up
I really don’t give a fuck
I never get mad about the shit they break
When I’m around, we eat steak
I let the motherfuckers act bad
Buy ’em toys when they’re crying and sad
Could you be ’em? Your baby’s momma
Turns me on in her freaky pajamas
I come through and make the whole house happy

The album is dope and will rattle your speakers live every single Too $hort album ever made!  The man never changed his formula and kept real from day one.  Of course the word “biiiiiitch” and the way he says it is what makes us smile since before “Born To Mack” but it’s his dirty rhymes and bass heavy beats that makes us come back for more. We salute you Short Dog!

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