Too $hort “Cocktails”…20 Years Ago

It’s amazing to think that by 1995 Todd Anthony Shaw aka Too $hort already had eight albums under his belt.  One would think that by this point an artist would just be producing the same old music- old and outdated; however, in Too $hort’s case his ninth album “Cocktails” proved to be one of his best and a definite West Coast classic.  “Cocktails” surprisingly is not filled with songs solely dedicated to sexual deviancy but instead sees $hort trying to show his range by rapping about life and success while coming to battle on other tracks.  Too $hort gets introspective on the track “Thangs Change” featuring Jamal and Malik from Illegal and Baby D.  “Rappers like me always disrespectin ladies, Wonder why its like that, well so do I, But I just turn my back and then I go get high, Cause I get paid real good to talk bad about a bitch, And you bought it, so don’t be mad I got rich.”  Too $hort never claims to be the best rapper but songs  like these show the man’s got some lyrical talent and an ability to bring it when he needs to.  The other tracks featuring artists like Ant Banks “Can I Get A Bitch”, 2Pac, MC Breed, Father Dom “We Do This”, and The Dangerous Crew “Giving Up The Funk” are all hard songs that really showcase the guest artists more than Too $hort.  The only song with a guest artist that stands out is “Game” featuring Old School Freddy B.  Too $hort and his high school buddy kill it, reminiscing about women and old times. The best songs on the album Too $hort saves for himself, the title track “Cocktales”, “Top Down”, and my favorite “Coming Up $hort”.  The song just gets in your head and you’ll be singing the chorus long after your done listening.  My only complaint for the album is many of the songs run a little to long, the average track is over five minutes long.  The Platinum selling album is a must have for all fans of that Oaktown funk from the Godfather himself.

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